KBH 2019/2020 Announcements

09.07.2020: We are all at a juncture where we must decide: an anti-social "social" life, or pre-armageddon posse and cloister. Here at the KBH we are working to maintain our service and connection to all interested in the Rastus Jones plan for eternal red-neck bliss. We are always open to devotees and simply men outside the NPC box. Armegeddon could arrive around 2030, this is a rational and logical position. Travel for White men is now difficult or impossible, and will always remain that way, but you are always welcome to stay at our improvised though essential ark.

04.07.2020: Happy July 4th to all! May this be a rememberance day of our forefathers who established a land governed by propertied, White males.

It's very interesting to note that (((official))) archeology and egyptology are completely denying Exodus ever happened. The imminent professor Dr. William Finck has very logical, clear concepts which explain why Exodus not only happened, but is fundamental to our Faith. You simply cannot find anyone else more faithful to our People and Traditions who knows more about the relevant archeology, theology, and classical languages. As supplementary material and discussions, those of Heiser are cucky but otherwise informative. There is also Rohl's chronology

04.06.2020: Concerning the Floyd thing, it seems far too coincidental that he and Chauvin worked in the same bar for 17 years, and in Texas, not even Minnesota, of which neither are even residents. Floyd has pron vids and rap group promotion online, which would seem like a clear skype mafia/hollyweird connection. Apparently the first video of the incident was put out by BLM and Soros, but oddly there was no video from the cops or their cars as is required by law until very late, and now it's all redacted. Alex Jones notes drugs. Later in the vids, Floyd is no longer cuffed, but pretending to be. Floyd would be an easily blackmailed felon

As for Chauvin, perhaps he is an actor, Chautin. He grew up near Floyd, so maybe they are life-long friends. At the very least both are pretending not to know each other throughout the whole video

Armageddon. One day for God = 1000 days for us (Psalms 90:4, 2 Peter 3:10), and the end is told in the beginning (Isaiah), so it's reasonable to ask if every day of the creation story represents a millenia in our history and future. It seems as though human history is about six thousand years old now, as is the history described in the Bible of our People. So what would it all mean?

Day 1: God says let there be light (before the sun and moon part) and separated it from the darkness, i.e. Adam and Eve sin and begin to define good from bad. Day 2: God defines the waters above from the waters below (Noah's ark, the second millenium, the saved floating up, the damned drowning beneath). Day 3: Splitting the waters and revealing dry land (Moses saving our People and giving us another chance). Day 4: Jesus (the sun) and John the Apostle (the moon). Day 5: God sends waters as the life force (Holy Spirit, the pentacost) to create fish (Cristians) and birds (the saved). Day 6: The creation of the beast (antichrist) and the man (his human form), plus his *image* (strangely in Revelation John talks about what seems to be hologramming or bodydoubling of the antichrist). Day 7: Sabbath, the day of rest (another reason why it is key to determine a correct Enoch calendar and use it). [video] Everything goes in sevens and is cycled as such

27.04.2020: De Sade started the French Revolution? Pron and lust (the novel "Justine") caused the storming of the Bastille on De Sade. When the revolution (massacre of Shem's people, the Huegenots) stopped, De Sade reignited it with prono theater performances citing passion as the necessary element of the mass decapitations. Want to learn more? Incredibly interesting discussion by geocentrist (flat earther) and catholic scholar in every positive sense of the term, E. Michael Jones here

30.03.2020: Two gnu KBH projects: correction of digitized «Curse of Canaan» by Eustace Mullins. No book will be more important for your understandin of who we is and who is our enemies. Two, a mahdifahd text version of William Finck's «100 proofs the Israelites were Whaat». The 'riginal seems intolerably long, and there is many additions and redactions possible to make the material more lahk a buckin bull

An intriguin part of the proofs: 1) Any folks universally claiming to be the Israelites cannot be them folks. Biblical prophesy shows that we should generally forget our origins when we is separated from Gawud. Other biblical prophesy shows also that any people claiming to generally and magically remember these origins (and worse, being a very perverted, Godless, sinful buggers) cannot in any way be interpreted as being the lost sheep. 2) Any group claiming to speak the original Hebrew that Abraham spoke cannot be his people, for the same reasons, i.e. that Biblical prophesy forbids it. The original and true Hebrew, even the skyped-out, hymie programmed linguists universally admit, is dead. We have to admit that these here reasons we'd never before reckoned

In these here works, perdition is a specific term meanin forgettin who ya is and where ya done come from cuz ya done separated yosayulf from Gawud. So "lost sheep" refers to our godlessness, forgettin we're Israel, and our distinctive quality of bein gullible suckers, relaxed and willin at the slaughter. Whah, look at this here "clown walrus" "kamikaze organism" everyone is all fussed up bout. The canaanite has caged, stripped and bullied the people of Shem into corners and we ain't even puttin up a faht!

13.03.2020: Clown virus continues to ravage addiction-imprisoned goyim everywhere

10.03.2020: Cropped hymie member has actually scientifically proven to be a great prophylactic against the corona vermin. donald trump has not only pledged to suck on not just 14 scars of rempham, but 20, putting up a strong public example to the other 330 million other americans, 400,000 of which have been infected with the clowna whyrus.

Going beyond personal example, Dolatard Dorlorumphensump has taken bold initiative in the last week, hiring the greatest street pooper HB1 visa minds to set up a high-tech, space-ready public platform where baby fellatio experts can meet shiksa and goyim oral corona vaccine needs, now expected to be skyrocketing and in high demand, experts report.

Meanwhile in Bumphuc, Thighland, government health safety officials are heroically putting all Thai non-jews in extra-safe solitary-confinement, windowless, solid-concrete cages where they can literally absolutely never pose a threat to anyone. This marks a swift response to the 0.00001 cases reported, 0.04% killing heavy tobacco users and pornography consumers over the age of 95.

In spite of his swift and effective response, democrats in congress and blue-haired snowflake crybaby soyboys everywhere have criticized glorious leader Donardloo Troymph simply because they have “Droyph Derangemente Syndrome” and are irrationally resisting to MIGA.

(Yoshi Greenberg of Breitbart.com has contributed to this story)

07.03.2020: The embarassing history of (((medicine))): Benjamin Rush, founder of it all in the USA, poisoned his victims/patients to death with gold and silver, cut them open and bled them, often to death. Scurvy: thought for 100 years to be contagious, then discovered to be poor diet. Epilepsy: thought to be contagious, victims kept in quarantine for decades, then discovered to be tape-worm nests in the brain. (Last epileptic colony closed in Ohio in the 1970's - imagine that!) Radiation used in dentistry, rotting out teeth and bones in and around the mouth for decades. Circumcision. Abortion. Vivisection. 700,000+ "iatrogenic" deaths in the USA alone every year. Is there any mass atrocity that doctors and skype medicine have not authored? Today rumors of a clown virus have shut down the major political and economic threats to the Jew.S.A., China and Italy. For we Italians in this situation, are we really scared of clown-400, or a return to the carpet bombings, mass rapes and genocide of 1945?

28.01.2020: Gnu perfected version of latin glorious mysteries rosaries. Recite this until you start getting what Mary is about. Then call on her to smash the viper's head with her bare feet. When bad thoughts, nightmares, succubi or spiritual vampires strike, ask Her help, with the force gained in rosary practice, and 100% success is guaranteed

Spiky CGI balls ravaging all of China. Their problem is totally not sucking fags, eating sewer oil or wanking their brains out. Don't you see four people are already dead from anti-viral drugs against these vicious CGI balls? They're very spiky and often published in fairly high resolution

06.01.2020: Ricky Gervais Golden Showered the Globohomo Awards (watch it while you still can)

02.01.2020: More damning evidence against "Table Talk": it has four or more authors/editors disagreeing on what they thought AH said the earliest the day before. Extensive research has been performed by Swedish post-doc researcher Mikael Nilsson, and the conclusion is that nothing in that book can be claimed as a direct quote from AH Himself (though there are certain lines of continuity between these various liberal testimonies). The alleged recollections and edits of what unseren Fuehrer said "against Christianity" were in fact promotions of Positive Christianity as an alternative. This is relevant because TT is the go-to quote-source for pagantards and other pedosatanist infiltrators into the alt-right when blaspheming His Christianity

btw I'm loving reading these based speeches

01.01.2020: Imminent professor and biblical translation expert Michael Heiser confirms that the bible is a FE book. His discussions are generally recommended reading

29.12.2019: The theme of today's liturgy was Joseph and Mary's escape to Egypt. The historical chronology dating Jesus' birth to 3 BC and Herod's death to 1 BC supports this story. It also explains why dating Jesus' birth has been so difficult: it was being kept secret to avoid assassination

BTW Dubay and "Zeitgeist"'s promotion of the Sol Invictus origin of Christmas is the opposite of the truth: Emperor Aurelian was copying the Christian's already-known (liturgical) holiday on the 25th around 270 to make a chimerical patriotic holiday (Rome fell shortly after). It wasn't ever even declared a pagan holiday, but was supposed to celebrate the rebirth of the roman empire (lol)

I wonder why Matthew states that Joseph chose Nazareth as Jesus' home to fulfill prophecy. But weren't Yehushua's parents already Nazarenes?

27.12.2019: Sam Hayude caint get no pussy

16.12.2019: Whachy'all thank of the calendar issue? That anti-pope Gregory done stuck us with a calendar which screws up dates for key natural events and religious festivals as to keep us from them co-mayundments? I figured the real clanedar at least on a natural level would have to be 13 28-day months, but Jeff Cash told me no, in fact - the real calendar is of Enoch [1]

It's very important to understand Herod died in 1 BC, then to correct the date (with modern and accurate tools) of Christ's birth, which seems to make a LOT of sense as being on 9/11 3 BC (whereas Dec. 25th would be the date the Magi presented their gifts)

It seems the best two models agree with 364 day years, with another day added for Job's birthday, but then one adjusts the years automatically by calling New Year's the day after spring equinox, while the other waits until a full moon arrives with the equinox, and at irregular intervals adding a full week. Calendar two gives a lot of reading material, but in the end perhaps overstates the scriptural basis for the added-week "Jubilee years". Calendar one at the moment is this author's favorite style for its simplicity - which I believe the concept of putting God and nature above (((man))) would entail. In any case we'll keep y'all poasted

12.12.2019: Some thangs to remember

12.12.2019: Happy full moon, brethren. Did y'all know: the Essenes (kindred of Jesus' Nazarenes), living in the heart of darkness at Je-ruse-alem, condemned the Pharisees mostly for their use of a materially (of the sanhedrin)-controlled calendar, when God and Nature are superior to man, and the divine passage of time is perfect the way it is. The real calendar puts thirteen-months of 28 days and four 7-day weeks for each year. Perfect every year, perfect the way it is

In the above link, Heisman states that Jesus' birthday was probably September 11th - interesting, no? I've seen this calculation from other very credible sources. It would explain why pharisees are obssessed with these numbers and this date. Other important points: early Christians didn't really care about the birth (nor birth that much in general) and were much more concerned with the correct date of the ressurection (Easter). Also, the commonly-parroted (((idea))) that Christians borrowed this date from pagans is exactly the opposite of the truth - sole invictus was a holiday invented by a roman emperor Aurelius around the year 272 AD, copying the popular 25th of December date to *celebrate* the birth of Jesus from Christians and attempting to usurp it as a patriotic, "rebirth of the roman empire" (lol) celebration. So in that sense it wasn't even pagan, and to boot, the calendar of pagan holidays never had Dec. 25th as a holiday on it (when something like every four days was a holiday)

We can't have a real calendar? OK boomer

14.11.2019: Up to 30% of fathers are raising children who aren't their own. Also, don't forget to take the MAGA challenge

05.11.2019: Gnu KBH rosary pdf available

02.11.2019: To our greatest Teacher, guide and benefactor, Rastus Jones - inventor of astrocartography, mystic, and founder of celibacy.info

01.11.2019: Merry All Hallow's Day to every night. God bless all our loved ones who are passed away, and may the be living well as angels in Walhalla, Amen. Remember our Savior, who let us live free for 12 whole years, even as we have been close on the heels of armageddon. May His soul live forever in glory

23.10.2019: The KBH latin Rosary, recited from memory in 30 minutes. No more excuses! Our ancestors, the Mother of God and Yahuah await you. Also available in italian [video]

02.10.2019: Ejewcation

17.09.2019: Gnu video dealing with nocturnal succubi attacks and how to prevent them, Autogovernment for Massive Creative Uptake

04.09.2019: YahuahVult channel is now going on bitchute. Like any other normie-web solutions, it is only temporary. Download videos by copy/pasting magnet link address and extracting the mp4 address

15.08.2019: Ball science is so good, its leaders are pedophiles. First Stephen Gawking, now Marvin Minsky, Jean Luc Brunel (MC2 modeling? lol) and even Ep-swine himself, a physics teacher in Dalton, NYC. Epstein hosted a (((gravity))) conference of 21 swine-tists

10.08.2019: Gnu Jeebers-Cristian rockumentary Colossal Male Vitality now available on Heebietube

09.08.2019: Pharasite kvetching wall is, comically, the historic bloody tampon dump of Christian women. It was the only thing left standing after Jerusalem's sacking in 63 B.C. (c.f. Yehushua, Matt. 24:2, Josephus Histories vol 2). It was the western wall of the Roman "temple mount" fortress Antonia used to house 10,000 soldiers during the siege. Meanwhile, the actual location of the temple that the anal sex experts' were corrupting (before Yehushua) was over the Gihon spring on the southeast edge of Jerusalem, and the temple was razed to the ground as Pompey ordered

The habitually hoaxing rabbi isaac luria in 1570 AD, seeking to spread atheism (with the east side being blank), claimed it was a part of solomon's temple, and only then did the short men in little hats biting baby dicks come to commonly venerate the place. The community of scholarly ass-rammers was also ready to get their own "holy of holies" near what was then the only such attraction, the dome of the rock

Alas, masses of pharisees today are going there to sob about the six godzillion and the slow pace of compound interest as of late, ironically though very solemnly soaking in White women's sanguine slime cave excretions

04.08.2019: KBH brother Joergen MIA! Accounts hacked by SOG. L33t haxxor, the culprit, is incredibly boring JIDF whose best attack against nofap/chastity male creative super powers is "Haw haw, DM. Fag." Help us find him and confirm Joergen's safety and whereabouts. His last known email: johnnyanonymous13@yahoo.no. For other contact info and clues, contact Jeebs

In similar gnus, Jeebs' gab handle, the name of the grand space bra project to intercept hyperhazardous incoming galactical space tiddies Der Stoppenfloppen has been deleted by the freedumb-loving goypen "gabbai", gab.ai or gab.com. Looks like Weev was right all along!

25.07.2019: # Brudern! First there were the lies of Saul, designed to usurp our Savior's reign, then there were the gorillions of (((books))) defaming unseren Fürher, like table talk (english version) and the rest of these pharasaic reams of mohel-black ink on the corpses of our ancient forests

Thankfully we have electronic versions of the Truth and more freedom of information than ever before. From TrustinJC: Yeshua and the apostles referenced more from non-canonical writings than the OT, with 100+ passages referencing Enoch alone. All Christians should read (OT-aged) 1 & 2 Enoch; Jubilees; The Testament of the 12 Patriarchs; the 14 books that make up the apocrypha; the complete volume of the Dead Sea Scrolls; 2 Baruch; the book of the words of Gad the Seer, and (NT-aged) Clementines Homilies; The Shepherd of Hermas; The Didache (also known as the teaching of the 12 apostles); The Gospel According to Thomas (not to be confused with the Gospel of Thomas); The Protevangelion; The Coptic Apocalypse of Peter; the Epistle of Peter to James; the Epistle of Barnabas.. Get many of these books free online from this handy list

...Or click on any of these download links: The Nazarene Acts/Recognitions of Clement; The Clementine Homilies; The Panarion; The Didache; The Dead Sea Scrolls; Enoch; The Demascus Document; The Apocalypse of James; Community Rule

And finally, animal sacrifice and meat eating were always condemned by Moses and eventually Yehoshua. Find out about the origins of butchering in leviticus. Here's more on that topic

19.07.2019: The modern wombman covers what was once her heart with what is effectively the form of an ass

17.07.2019: Anglin's very serious 27-point plan (tor link), c.f. the original

02.07.2019: The KBH introduces gnu donation page and bitcoin key (1J3T9pmk4uuAG6tHUoeGxu9XhocaNn2QUD). Help make gynocentric society a thing of the past, today. Better yet, visit a KBH castle and make men working in harmony a present reality

31.05.2019: Global cooling ravaging entire infinite universe, caused by dinosaur flatulence

20.04.2019: Happy geburtstag Uncle Adolf! You're the shining light of our existence, Our Savior and great benefactor, the One who stood up to the perverted, pharisaic world and won. [BTW today is also Easter, the resurrection of Christ, Siddhartha's and Roberto Fiore's birthdays]

22.03.2019: Perhopes some of our European brothers could repatriate to Poland

21.03.2019: "Women are disgusting. The fact that sex arousal in men corresponds with decreased judgment is a feature, not a bug, of reproduction. Women hide their appearance with makeup and cosmetic clothing; they hide their scent with perfume, lotion, and air fresheners; and they hide the truth of their character. The only reason men invest anything in women is because our dicks make us idiots." (TDS comments)

18.03.2019: NZ shootin. Wow. Amazin AR-15 can eject bullet casings from under the scope! And it all happened march 6th? lol

Knights continue to challenge "pagans" to present the KBH with any claimed pre-Christian religion in Christendom (Europe). Somehow every time you search into its leadership, you end up right back at pharisees. For example, Janet was trained in Alex Sander's London coven in the early 1970's, but is also a professional Tarot Reader and counsellor. She has training in Jungian psychology and Caballistic training in a Magical Lodge in the early 1970's. Founders of the (bowel) movement are often cited as (((Alex Sanders))), Eliphas Levi etc. Personal accounts show that pretty much whatever flavor you try, you always end up in some circle with hexagrams and the whole pharasitic/masonic lot. Rainbow and other pagan/medieval festivals around, though often vegan and naturalist, are often riddled with drugs and anal sex experts.

14.03.2019: It's the 13th celebation of Jeebs' chastity vow. Going on year 14, what based creations are in wait? Which cucks will need bitchslapping?

04.03.2019: Short men in small hats who bite baby dicks [1]

03.03.2019: 卐卐 Why is the official story on AH's death still the soviet propaganda at the time? [1][2][3]. Ever notice «Mein Kampf» is extremely popular in german, but impossible to read in english? For a better version, try this. For a more balanced bio of Uncle Adolf, try this. Ever consider the idea that AH won the war, as the (((soviets))) were seriously about to invade all of Europe? 卐卐

The KBH has long known that "jews" refer to themselves as pharisees when no goyim are present. Also interesting to discover that they call us Nazarenes instead of Christians in private (note the top of page four).

02.03.2019: The sword was the path breaker for the plough. And if we want to talk about human rights at all, then in this single case war has served the highest right of all: it gave a Folk the soil which it wanted to cultivate industriously and honestly for itself, so that its children might some day be provided with their daily bread. For this soil is not allotted to anyone, nor is it presented to anyone as a gift. - ZWEITESBUCH, pg.10

28.02.2019: For knights looking for insight on biblical translation, versions and authenticity, czech out Heiser with a big grain of salt

24.02.2019: It's important not to apply the beatitudes and other cucky-looking things from the bible to all vertically-ambulating bipeds in the world. It certainly wasn't intended that way. Even up until recently "catholic" and "world" essentially meant Christendom. Remeber in these degenerate times that 1) without European brotherhood/extreme tolerance and support for other Whites, the natural dominance and overt supremacy of our Kind will never be re-established and 2) without strict adherence, to the same effect, of bros before hoes, the Patriarchy will never again be realized

22.02.2019: Has anyone noticed how sickly the enemy looks? Gallileo, Columbus, Newton...even in flattering oil paintings, look like complete degenerate bilge. Especially Columbus looks like an ogre. Then in modern times, the pharasite, utilizing the White weaknesses of 1) virtue signalling 2) emotional blackmailability, has created a long line of creepy, scraggly and frankly disturbing looking "role models": Ein-swine, Stephen Gawking...all hailed as literal gods among men, with few White men willing to stand up and say, "Hey, that dude looks like a retarded scumbag."

This would all seem like an utterly dire situation. Thankfully, however, Uncle Adolf has basified us and imbued our Blitzmemes with such sentiments as "I don't give a fig" and "Legalize rape". Instead of showing off to our friends how we're so amazingly moral we'd commit suicide not only for ourselves but our entire race, we've all found our inner testosterone and are willing to show a whip to the pharisee and SOG

10.01.2019: Anyone who's read «A stolen soul, a true story of survival» would know, that evil Nazis tried to kill innocent pharisees with masturbation machines. Thankfully, however, there were wolves that would help you escape [1]

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