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2012/12/31: Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest.

Mahatma Gandhi

2012/12/29: Merry Yule and Happy Number Change to ALL Y'ALL. (If y'all thought 12 was bad, just wait till we gets to 13!). Updated circ_karma, yogic hair, and How to Speak Hick. Ain't that the berries?

2012/12/18: Jews perform genital humiliation, molestation and mutilation on dead babies. Does it get any worse than this? Does the Tar-mud stipulate that for dead babies the more-hell performs fellatio also?

2012/12/04: A sampling of the new KBH ebonics version: Woe ta you, mackdaddyz of tha law n' Pharisees, yo ass hypocrites, muthafucka! Yo Ass clean tha outside of tha cup n' dish yo, but inside they is full of greed n' self-indulgence. 26 Blind Pharisee, muthafucka!

And a quote from the Bible in English: "It is better to dwell in a wilderness than with a quarrelsome wife and trouble." Proverbs 21:19

2012/11/30: “God gives the grains and the fruits of the earth for food: and for righteous man truly there is no other lawful sustenance for the body.

“They who partake of benefits with are gotten by wronging one of God’s creatures, cannot be righteous: nor can they touch holy things, or teach the mysteries of the Kingdom, whose hands are stained with blood, or whose mouths are defiled with flesh.

“He who kills, kills himself, and whoso eats the flesh of slain beasts, eats the body of death."

- Jesus Christ

2012/11/26: We are not "uncut" men:

2012/11/23: Article: "Who are the Jewfags?"

2012/11/22: New vids to conquer self abuse. Jeebers is on the right.

Also this vid as recommended by David Duke shows the numbers of chaste men growing fantastically. God is signalling us to start brotherhoods around the world!

2012/10/10: If you are dirty within and you bathe at shrines, it won't get you to heaven. Nothing is gained by pleasing people. Ram (God) is no fool. Worship Ram, the only Deva. The Guru's service is the true ablution. If bathing in water brings salvation then frogs are forever bathing. And like these frogs are such people: again they are reborn. - 13th century saint Kabir

Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You clean the outside of the cup and dish, but inside they are full of greed and self-indulgence. 26 Blind Pharisee! First clean the inside of the cup and dish, and then the outside also will be clean. - Matthew 23

2012/09/18: Everyone make sure to check out Jason Salyer's documentary project, World Ice Theory

2012/09/13: According to CNN, jews created the film "The Innocence of Muslims":

The Wall Street Journal identified the filmmaker as Sam Bacile, an Israeli-American real estate developer....Steve Klein told CNN he worked with Bacile on the movie and said the filmmaker had gone into hiding...According to The Wall Street Journal, Bacile said he raised $5 million from about 100 Jewish donors to make the two-hour movie in California last year.

Remember to learn Hebrew. Vlog post: Don't Vote

2012/09/12: Jeebers has more vlog posts, The Six Levels of Circ Perversion, and The OSHO Scam

This week's points of interest:

Two Italians sadly explore post-birth abortion. [1]

Concerning the use of idiotic, incoherent and sadly funny laws in place of morality, see how the Tall-mud has stipulated toilet paper use [1] (ripping off a sheet of toilet paper is too much work), incantations upon defecation [1], and kosher toilet bowl cleaner [1].

A quote from Martin Luther on jewish doctors:
"If they could kill us all, they would gladly do it. They do it often, especially those who pose as physicians—though sometimes they help—for the devil helps to finish it in the end. They can also practice medicine as in French Switzerland. They administer poison to someone from which he could die in an hour, a month, a year, ten or twenty years. They are able to practice this art...Yet, we will show them Christian love and pray for them that they may be converted to receive the Lord, whom they should honor properly before us. Whoever will not do this is no doubt a malicious Jew, who will not stop blaspheming Christ, draining you dry, and, if he can, killing [you]."
For more on Martin Luther's change of opinion on jews throughout his life, see here and here.

Consider that jews are admitting that their current friendly policies toward Christians are the stage before massacring all "idolaters".

2012/09/04: A Thai ("freeman's") company practices fair trade, i.e., murders millions of animals and sell them to be eaten

2012/09/03: Another anti-porn link: Partners of Sex-addicts. A vlog from Uncle Jeebers on Dawn Hawkins, and Shelly Lubben and how they can improve their missions. Added more clean comedy with Tim Hawkins [1][2] (is he Dawn's brother?)

2012/09/01: September podcast available! New links: CBN antiporn videos, and

2012/06/19: Video from, "This is My Disease, Cure it." Jesus Christ, Lord Buddha and Lord Krishna were not heterosexuals, they were celibates! Cure your addiction to mamsa/mammon and live on that totally new, elated level. 卍Amen and OM!卍

2012/06/18: Chinese find a masturbation tool in a well and think it's a mushroom. It's funny to watch, sure, but isn't it neat to be that naiive?

2012/06/15: Are we really vastly improving over our ancestors? Interesting proof that Whites were in Chinese regions, had modern technologies and were well-traveled 3,500 years ago.

2012/06/14: From Doctor Rob: Are Sports Really Valuable? and Jeebers' vision of Useful Sports. Finally updated the Hair page with more pictures.

2012/06/10:  Updated Circ Karma with Eric Newman and some edits. On the tower of Babel theme: China is building the world's tallest building, and they'll do it in seven months (as opposed to Dubai's six years). We notice that these towers are lookin more and more tapered, mountainous, and similar to that famous painting of the Tower of Babel. The actual tower in antiquity, however, was supposedly not all that tall and was square. That the new towers take on this rounded shape reflects samsara.

Let us quote Srila Prabhupada concerning the WTC 1 and 2, then to be the world's tallest towers: "they will also be the lowest." Let us pray! 卍 Lord God in Heaven! You are what we want in this world, in this life. You're all that matters! Open their eyes Lord, that the gender war is futile. Let them see that the one and true wife is You. Take the scales off their eyes, Lord, that they may see - all the highest towers in the world, will also be the lowest! That no stairway to physical heaven is anything but a highway to material hell. Let them see through the ridiculous space program hoax, that if they can't turn their own tiny deserts into rich farmland, they will never colonize the moon or Mars. Let them see, Lord, through their ridiculous, unrealistic and even satanic material dreams. Give them a sign, Lord, awaken Your seed within them, and bolden your seed within us, that it may grow, mature, flower, and attain Your glorious heights. Amen! and OM

2012/06/04: Amazing new video from Sanatana Dharma guru Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya (the guru of White Nationalists Jason Salyer and John DeNugent): 卍 The Benefits of Vegetarianism 卍

Lord God may You bless everyone on this planet who is at least ethical enough to spare us the blood, horror and filth of slaughterhouses! May your fire and brimstone rain upon these dens of torture, and thus end the nightmare that is Angus Beef, Tyson Chicken, Jimmy Dean Sausages and the stench, parasites, flies, ammonium and methane that follows them! May Your Holy Hand descend upon the rivers and make them run completely clear of blood, and may every man on this planet rid his body of the stench of rotting flesh, glowing with the vitality and sun-glory of fresh plants! OM and Amen! ॐ We make choices in our everyday life, and one of the simplest ways to bless the world is to embrace vegetarianism.

2012/06/02: Turks will rot in hell for this, just as their jewish brothers.
ॐ OM may all the circumcisers, the mutilators of the flesh be damned to eternal hellfire, and may all those who save children from such abuse be blessed forever, Let us raise our hands up to Our Lord in Heaven, the Great Equilizer, the Eternal Force of Justice OM ॐ

2012/06/01: June KBH podcast A Fish Called Woman available here. (pls forgive slow upload times, it's a Chinese server far far away. Hit mute on your laptop during the opening ads. And you can download through Firefox and Ant Downloader plugin. Youtube link will be made available soon).

2012/05/30: Workin on the podcast. We've discovered many more pictures for our "animal dominon" of man and beast in harmony. Have you seen this couple who made friends with two wild buffaloes, and they are house trained (!). Here is an Australian man who trains domestic buffaloes who till fields and are great friends of man. Chinese kids like ridin 'em, and I love seein 'em basking in the sun by the river. Somethin so calm and nice about the way they look.

New video from Bonobo, an interview with a man who has nightmares from his circumcision. Fascinating discussion and great comments.

Strange how Wankapedia claims there are no known negative effects of LSD, isn't it? And Catfish says they say that on TV, too. Yet this man was on LSD, and ate someone's face off.

Made this page debunkin the idea that China has 5,000 years of civilization.

2012/05/25: Added Ting Tong Pang: What Chinese language is really like.

2012/05/23: Chinese man loses his penis in circumcision (zh)

2012/05/18: Did you know that Southern General Grant up and expelled some 150,000 kosher pirates for smuggling during the civil war? Also it says in the Bible that in the garden of Eden, even tigers didn't eat meat. Do not use tallow to make your grits! Watch this cat chow down on watermelon. Can we teach meat eating animals to be vegetarians? Also, though Muslims are degenerate mutilators of genitals, on some levels they still have some good old world morals. Here we see a British demoness/succubus using alcohol against her male prey, bleeding the man in the backseat of a taxi, and getting three years in jail for it. Let us pray (in vain) that Muslims stop circumcising their poor boys.

2012/05/17: Updated Hair and the Yogi

2012/05/09: Ghost appears among wimmin goin out for imbibation, MIPS temptation, and likely the killin of children within their own bosoms.

Also in the news, Jew York City legalizes child porn. James D. Kent, the offender, is a public school employee of some rank, an assistant professor. The media has joined forces to protect his identity. His lawyer was of course a kike, someone named Dershowitz. If you have kids in the US, you'll be forced to send your kids to schools where they will be brainpoisoned, subjected to Apollo and holohoax propaganda and likely molested.

2012/05/08: Added Madogga: One of History's Biggest Dicks, a cache of the now missing Dickipedia.

2012/05/07: More on the hair theme. Remember how much you hated having your hair cut as a kid? Maybe we felt that way because our hair is really a part of our God-given bodies and is a living part of ourselves. In this video (unfortunately only in Chinese), you see that a elementary school girl committed suicide because her teacher tried to force her to cut her hair via her parents.

2012/04/29: The May Podcast: The Householding Challenge: [tudou link]
Bonus! Interview with householder Cousin Shamrock: [tudou link]

In other news, Italian animal rights activists storm torture center and free beagles. Story in Italian, also in English. Video here. We are proud that a thousand decent human beings could get together to face official torture and take some of it down. The issue at hand is that apparently vivisection is not illegal yet in Italy.

2012/04/28: An amazing water and sound experiment stretches your ideas of what is possible. The same author has shown several other amazing experiments with energy. Why does modern science always ignore energy? Isn't it interesting that Newtonian Physics (supposedly the work of a celibate Christian) posits that he movement of the planets is based on physical mass? Planets could be attracted and repulsed magnetically, and this would better explain why the moon doesn't change course when it gets closer to the earth, for example.

2012/04/23: The head of a queer fetish site and pro-MGM group The Gilgal Society who used to run a children's computer club was caught with a hoard of child porn.

Please forward this story to whoever you know so that we can raise awareness on the issue of perversion among pro-circumcision advocates. The Gilgal Society and its members are chief proponents of circumcision on the web today, even though Gilgal is openly a queer and misopedic fetish site. Wickedpedia worked to cover up this fact, though anyone is free to see that the posts to the mailing list are "fantasies" about ripping up boys for sexual pleasure. Wickedpedia's main pro-circ editor Jake Waskett is also a member of this society. Remember Brian Morris of Australia (the lead circ proponent there) - he is also a member. Notice in the photo of the criminal Vernon Quaintance shows his small, dull eyes and "cleanly shaven" face and short haircut.

The last sentence: Residents in Henley Gardens, where Quaintance is known as the respected head of the local community association, were shocked to hear of his conviction. One neighbour, who did not want to be named, said: "I know he is a very religious man and is committed to the church." Is the journalist joking? The Gilgal Society is a group of men who share fetish stories about mutilating minors.

2012/04/20: It's often underestimated or ignored how women and secular institutions are attacking children. Here a female school teacher holds pornographic classes. Another female school teacher is shown to be a porn stain. Here a female teacher in Oklahoma uses students to make child porn.

Also consider that even the US president is queer. [1] [2] [3] There seem to be clues that he was a Boys Town kid. He and Rahm later became life members of "Man's Country", also in Boys Town. Larry Sinclair seemed to appear when jews didn't want Obongo to go all the way to president. If Obozo wasn't queer before, this would be enough to turn him.

2012/04/02: April KBH podcast released! Gaseous Estrogen: How Smoke Feminizes. Audio file is here. Youtube slideshow link here.

2012/03/31: Finishing up podcast for April, entitled Gaseous Estrogen.

In Nietzsche's NOTES (1880-1881) he writes: "The reabsorption of semen by the blood is the strongest nourishment and, perhaps more than any other factor, it prompts the stimulus of power, the unrest of all forces toward the overcoming of resistances, the thirst for contradiction and resistance. The feeling of power has so far mounted highest in abstinent priests and hermits...." - Colonel Goobers

French farmers destroy McD's - Br. Catfish

White man goes blind after finding his dream Asian MIPS partner. Masturbation makes always blinds a man, and often it does so physically by harming eyesight or even causing total blindness. Male creative fluid is needed to repair and maintain all nervous tissues.

Jew operates fake religious brothel in China, gets slammed by the government. This organization is teaching the satanic works of Osho and sells MIPS as personal freedom and relaxation. Unlike in the US, they were unable to keep the racket going.

Had a recent observation that eat eaters will eat anything. - Uncle Jeebers

Came across a story about a woman who had battery acid tossed in her face. Bizarre stuff. Have a look. Her face was removed then replaced with “matriderm”, i.e., foreskins. “A preferred embodiment comprises allogeneic human foreskin-derived fibroblasts.” This is really “Karmic”, isn’t it? Check out where a typical “acid attack” on a woman’s face takes place on a map. Ahem. Karmic, indeed. - Dr. Rob

Katie Piper was acting slutty and wearing skimpy clothes. Her parents didn't seem to mind. She got a black, muslim boyfriend who raped her, attacked her with a razor and eventually was responsible for throwing battery acid in her face. He was previously convicted of throwing boiling water in another woman's face. Why are White people so naiive about Blacks? Why do they continuously give criminals prison releases and spread the idea that Blacks and Whites are equal and get along just fine? As you can see in the video, Kate is still wearing miniskirts and tight clothes, and it's creepy to think that the face you see is made of foreskins.

Also what we see here is that her attackers were likely circumcised or at least seriously abused as children. They then grow up with an insatiable desire to harm women. After the woman gets harmed, she uses foreskins to repair the damage. You should notice that there is a seemingly endless cycle of conflict between men and women, and for the cycle to be broken we need chastity. In Buddhism a popular phrase is: "It's easy to promote romance, MIPS, relationships, marriage, but it's much more difficult to help people to spiritual perfection."

2012/03/26: Updated Spiderwimminz and Misogyny sources page.

Also discovered a courageous father who avenged the assault on his son.

2012/03/19: This story of a judge highlights the fact that law is not morality, and that law is actually opposed to morality. Notice also the corruption in that the judge masturbated at the bench not only once, but over the course of four trials.

This important video, "Rabbi Explains Importance of Sucking Penis After Circumcision", shows the hypocrisy in jewish leadership. We must constantly see Catholics and Catholic priests insulted about molestation problems which occur at a rate of about 1/4 of that of secular institutions. Jewish institutions define themselves by molestation, mutilation and humiliation of small children, practices strictly forbidden to us, but a covenant and fundamental satanic initiation ritual to them.

2012/03/15: Added Dark Night of the Soul. Baby dies from kosher genital suction: story here, similar picture here. Sucking bans flouted here. Amusing blog on the horrific double standard between jooz and normal folk. Also notice that kosher mutilation takes just seconds, but it takes around 18 minutes of slow crimping with a Gomco clamp for goys.

2012/03/14: Amazing new Iranian movie about backstabbin, divorce-happy wimmin, and one courageous man who fought one.

2012/03/13: Signs that Chinese and Jews are fighting each other for the material world are upgrades in the Chaste Male's world dream. When they start to fight each other, that leaves spiritual people in peace to meditate.

Are Chinese starting to make inroads in the banking industry? The news says that 林春平 Lín Chūnpíng went to the states to personally buy up Atlantic Bank and Trust, renaming it "The New HSBC Bank."[1] Strange, however, that the first foreign bank taking up RMB business in Taiwan [1] is also named HSBC. Why would Jewish London banks have any interest in promoting the RMB? The answer is because they may be representing Chinese power.

Also signs of Chinese awareness of their own subjugation to jews can be seen here, an extensive page on the Freemasons in Chinese at Baidu encyclopedia, and Sòng Hóngbīn's best-selling series exposing the jewish banking empire, Currency Wars. And what's China doing with world dominating, jew-dominated gold industry?

Also upgrades in the Chinese world-dream is the growing concern for animal rights, increasing adherents to Buddhism and gradual spread of vegetarian restaurants.

2012/03/08: Scripture chat today on the American classic, "The Pilgrim's Progress".

Turns out the that Hitler liked Jesse Owens. He welcomed Owens and personally went to shake his hand. Journalists were asked to cover up the event. Owens also stated in his life story that he was treated better in Germany than in America. [link]

2012/03/01: Improved banjo graphic in background. Added Brian Burr to clean comedy links on the right. Subverting YT censorship...high five!

2012/02/29: KBH Podcast for March 1st:
Hoaxcres: Purity, Discipline and Upgrading your World-dream   [YT link]

The idea expressed is that through chastity, men will believe in less and less massacres and see more positive trends in his world dream.

2012/02/25: All brothers can now look forward to a monthly newsletter and podcast, as well as bi-monthly scripture chats.  We're also workin up a tip jar, a KBH Knight kit, and page about castle surfin which has specifics on stayin at our pads.

2012/02/22: Though this link is in Ching-chong, it demonstrates we knights have been saying to yankers and hooker gropers for years now: "What if that woman was your own daughter?" The story goes that when a Chinese man got to Jinan to visit his daughter, he first made pulled his Chevy over for some poontang. He sat his britches down in one of them pinkish rooms, and when the perfumed hooker came in the door he dun saw it was his own 20-year-old daughter. They says he fainted straight to the floors.

Morally speaking, there ain't no difference between your daughter and Joe's daughter. However, it is right useful to wake up them clouded wanker minds with this tale of warning. Any woman you ogle, grope or use might as well be your own sister or daughter. And strange as the world is, this actually happens sometimes!

2012/02/17: Started a page for KBH original prayers and mantras. Submit yours to us today!

2012/02/14: A good day to remember that Saint Valentine was sainted for his sacrifice to the sacrament of marriage.

2012/02/13: Created the post Esperanto and Religion.

Are Uighurs also from the 13th tribe of Genghis Khan, as are Khazar jews?

2012/01/21: Updated How to Join, created KBH graphics page (beta!!). Also added a link about cow protection and its importance to society. Leaving for tropical island Hainan (Sanya, Russian tourist hotspot, very close to the coast of Vietnam - interesting stuff!) for three weeks. Last update until then, brothers....

2012/01/20: Thanks to br. Jon (again!), we got the formerly banned KBH podcast The Necessity of East-West Eclecticism uploaded to YT. :D 卍 OM 卍

News concerning Chinese power gains: it appears as if China is selling at least most of the chemically-manufactured recreational drugs in the world. Look at this ABC report on synthetic pot. England has been having trouble controlling these substances, and the BBC claims that China is now the number one drug dealer in the world.

2012/01/19: Chinese woman cuts off baby's penis and only gets five years punishment. [1] A movie of a girl who suspects a man of being a misopede and castrates him. American reviewers think [1] the castration scene is hilarious (Camilini is one of those half Jewish/half non/Jewish surnames).

2012/01/16: Updated the epitaph. Archived last year's entries. Added One Continent Man's Sperm Test.

2012/01/12: A new video called Havatart for Humanity, about feminized North American men being taken to the cleaners by their pants. Also a new link to an old video from Uncle Jeebers and Rastus called the Shady Bunch concerning the 911 hoax and exposing genuine conspirators.

2012/01/08: Some fantastic information on hair and its importance to the yogi.

2012/01/01: New KBH podcast! What's up with Torture? []
Use firefox and something like Ant Video Downloader to download.

For New Year's let's all make a pledge to never allow ourselves to be manipulated by women. Let's get out the popcorn and enjoy this video series demolishing feminism.

Mentioned in the series is the SCUM manifesto (the Society for Cutting Up Men). Cutting up men? It reminds you of MGM. The author is a misogynist ("lesbian"), drug addict prostitute named Valarie Solanas. She lived in Jew York City, shot Andy Worhol, went to jail for three years, then killed herself with drugs in California at the age of 52. My jewdar...oh yes, even wikipedia names her parents as having two jewish surnames: Solanas and Moran. Are all feminist movement founders/heroes kosher dykes?

Interesting that shooting several men with a gun only gets this woman three years in prison, isn't it? And just when you think Hollyweird should have made a movie glorifying her and her cutting up of men, you find out they did that in 1996. Woe to American men, if this is any indicator of their status. Let us pray that they - and all men - stop wanking and wake up to their inner powers. OM and God Bless!

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