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Are Sports Really Valuable?

my nephew is sort of a boorish goof. he breaks his little brothers stuff. even managed to “tackle” the family dog and cause a slit in its side that cost i-don’t-know-how-much to fix. it was nasty in any case. a “jock”, so to speak.

my sister was talking about his skill at tossing a ball. which she, to her credit, finds as trivial and nonsensical as I do, but also understands that it could mean substantial shekels in an athletic scholarship. joel tossed a heavy ball and got thousands in scholarship shekels – the shotput. he says to go out for the “trivial” sports, since they pay just about the same in scholarship shekels, and nobody competes for them.

my sister said sports teach “valuable life lessons”. and it started me thinking. I have heard that all my life, haven’t you?

is it true?

I’m not so sure. I said it teaches an impressionable young boy that he can shove and push his way around, be inconsiderate and coarse, and humiliate or be humiliated, and people will admire him for it, it will bring him prestige, if he denigrates the other person.

oh, that doesn’t quite hold in adult life, though. it’s not true of all sports, either. golf is basically ok, as is, say, archery or even table tennis. but it is true of the major ones. football in particular. which delves down into the most base and bestial impulses of human nature. and coarse-i-fies the human condition into that of dog fighting and other such sordid repugnant filth.

and I asked my sister and nephew and mother how many football players and other athletes ever get anywhere in politics or business?

my nephew said somebody is a congressman. which I pointed out isn’t even as prestigious as a senator.

then my sister said our local football coach makes millions so he doesn’t need to be in politics. and I pointed out that mitt romney jokes about, and is joked about, as filthy rich. and that he rode around on a bicycle in a blue tie and short sleeve white shirt proselytizing mormonism in france. and that george bush was a cheerleader, and beat john “kerry” (actually cohen – the high caste of jewry; he has no irish ancestry) who was a football player.
I had never really thought about it before.

oh, and let’s look at the actual behavior of these fine, upstanding young men? rape, you might ask? uh, how many science club members or chess team players are ever accused of date rape? I have to wonder how many football players aren’t?

I’m not so sure some of the “confrontational” sports do anything but psychological harm. by that I mean primarily football. but also boxing. even wrestling, and my nephew showed up a few months ago with one eyelid drooping (typical symptom of nerve damage in the neck – he landed on his head in wrestling). soccer is a bit in the same league, because they “tackle” other players. basketball’s just about ok, but a lot of nastiness involved nonetheless. while golf has no actual human-against-human simulated assault. table tennis is likewise fairly innocuous.

just what “life lessons” do some types of sports teach, anyway?

martial arts, ironically, is about physical control. which is a countermeasure to the more bestial instincts. it is “frank” about human nature, exposes the darker side of human nature. and binds and bounds it with masculine discipline.

in the last few days, I’ve noticed that my younger nephew has no sense or understanding of the very basic core concept of discipline whatsoever. isn’t discipline essentially masculine? the thing that keeps the vital force of masculinity in check?

while sports do have boundaries, these are not motivations of the self, but imposed by disciplinarians, “referees”. in fact, the idea is to try and bend the rules to the greatest extent possible. martial arts do superficially resemble this, but the core source of control ends up being self discipline, you are your own referee in martial arts. martial arts is about development of the self, which begins with a primal understanding of the self. it’s obvious to me how kung fu (kalaripayat from india; brought by “the blue eyed devil”, tamo) fits so harmoniously into buddhist thought and practical understanding.

just what do sports – at least the more combative ones – actually “teach”?

- Dr. Rob

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