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Standard kosher webs:

GWM alternative:

Jewgle.kosherGibiru Metapedia' Trutube channel shoutbox(big posters only)
Jewgle/Skike NA individualist chat
The KBH Dharma Jivenest
Yajew news/MSN daily/Jewgle jews
David Packman Show/Young Turks etc. Chapin's Inferno
Porntube, Kosher lust psyops etc.
Biblehub.con Fatima Movement(w/ real Bibles)
The Bhagavad Gita

The dominance of hasbarats in computing and the interwebs has long been known [1] [2] [3]. Instead of complainin, it's our repsonsibility to support whatever resistence there may be.

It's been long known that chahnese/east asians and jooz are usin poisonography as their tactical weapon of choice in world domination [1] [2] [3]. Our prahmary method of resistance is *celibacy*. As all humans spend untold hours connected to the interwebs, it is of prahmary significance to not only resist poisonography, but to edifah our Brotherhood and common efforts to maintain our celibacy and positive, constructive use of computers and interwebs.


  1. Stay chaste, pure, happy and free
  2. Elect WN-friendly web alternatives whenever possible
  3. Make our own pages/blogs instead wastin tahm creatin content for others of questionable origins or connections, e.g., make your own blogposts or submit KBH blogposts instead of writin up posts for thephora, reddit etc., where our content can be edited or deleted at will. Follow the example of Eric Hufschmid [1] [2], and migrate from usin forums out of our control to makin websahts and blogs where editorial privledge remains in our hands
  4. Do not feed the trolls. Don't waste your tahm talkin to people of questionable origins or connections, without palpable names, faces or identities, who claim to exuberantly support our causes or rashly deny our claims. The IDF hires trolls who function all over the interwebs, specifically ordered to waste our tahm and try to split apart our groups. Retain editorial control over all your content, and do not allow freedumb of screech. Ban anyone you suspect to be of questionable character, and keep to our general, important themes: chastity, meditation, and honoring our ancestors

Other issues

Windoze (TM, Microlimp Cadaveration) and Apple (TM) are both fully controlled by jews *. The only systems run by GWM's also happen to be free, more secure, more user friendly, and just overall better. As you maht be guessin them goblins want a lot of ZOGbux for nothin. Ubuntu is actually run by a GWM, a Boer named Mark Shuttleworth. Linux was invented by and is still maintained upstream by a Swede, Linus Benedict Torvalds. A good general system is Ubuntu, but there are lighter versions for older computers or your typical power user who is fed up with frills and the tahm they consume. Consider Lubuntu, Xubuntu, and LinuxMint Xfce (stick with LTS versions if you're a business user, typical user, or totally computer illiterate). Other flavors are particularly manly and could never be used by a female, like Crunchbang. The good gnus is that Linux (Android and Chromebook included) is takin over the market as Microlimp slowly but surely tanks. Linux has nearly 100% of the power market, completely dominating super computers, NASA, government systems, banks, servers, and animated entertainment. It currently has, I reckon, 20% of the total consumer market, and has already exceeded Apple. This is a major win for European Males, however, we can push further!

For your phone, chose Android or Ubuntu. These systems are actually safer than Apple's and offer a lot more free apps. The speed depends on your phone, but if you have a good processor, you can get similar performance to an Apple iPhone for somethin like 1/5 the price, not to mention not buyin into kosher hardware and apps. Android is also makin big wins!

*(Gates is a hook-nosed crypto, who is mass-circumcisin Africa among other very kosher thangs, and started Microlimp with Steve Allen, an admitted jew)(Steve Jobs is a crypto jew as well. His father was an admitted Syrian jew and vegas mafioso, who passed down his social advantages via a bogus adoption scheme)

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