The Knights of Banjo Hollow

2013/12/29: Interestin chinese etymology: cruelty 兇 and misfortune 凶 in a sack 包 (勹) of flesh 肉 (月), 胸 = breast. Remahnds one of Kali's mean mammaries and the foolishness of suckling at the teet of the material world. Also, ain't titties just downraht disgustin?

2013/12/26: Merry Christmas to all Knights! The KBH lingo page is updated. In four days this page will be archived into the links at the bottom

honorary KBH member Phil Robertson2013/12/21: The KBH hereby bestows our blessins and an honorary KBH membership to Phil Robertson, to whom Uncle Jeebers and Sir Rube prayed and meditated blessins on this historic day. A friendly remahnder to all nahts at the KBH to visit Sir Rube's ever evolvin blog on contemperary events from the propa southern racist perspective. Also a hearty thanks to Tila Tequila, and thanks to God for turning Al Goldstein into pigfood. OM and Amen!

2013/12/05: KBH channel "heituzi" renovated. New improved version of The Pros and Cons of Decapitation.

2013/12/04: Kikes never invented anything - except torturing ducks so they could eat their diseased, fatty livers. (See wankapedia for details). So did Oppenheimer invent the atomic bomb? Maybe not. Maybe it never existed. Consider some of the basic evidence.

2013/10/04: Does Dick Dockins really exist? The Dick Dockins delusion here.

The father of ADHD admits on his deathbed that ADHD was a fictitious disease invented to sell drugs.

More on the Vril Society.

How can meat eaters tell that their meat ain't human? Czech this out, and this and this. Also there is a chinese horror film «三更2之餃子» which discusses a witch who sells dumplings stuffed with aborted fetuses to women trying to stay young (this is likely a true story). Consider also the confirmed reports of Chinese selling human flesh as pork. Here is a report from a German cannibal that human meat tastes like pork

2013/09/25: Archived article by Steve Baldwin: Child Molestation and the Homosexual Movement and added it to the KBH blog article about how queers and misopedes are the same thing. Also czech out the documentary on NAMBLA, Chicken Hawk

2013/09/17: Interesting spin off of Jeebers' and Rastus Jones' article: Financial Collapse: Post-Western Destruction: China The Next Jewish Superpower. Since most jews are not of a race (and those who are could just be considered a monarchy), could the global power shift be seen as masses of chinese converting to judaism? Elizabeth Dilling argues that the jewish look comes from a common set of ideas and behaviors, not a common race. Among especially the average and poorer jews, we can show there is mass race mixing - from Africa, converted Germans, khazars, gypsies - and casually it can be seen among even top-level jewish mafiosos like Zucherberg and Murdoch, they like women outside their "race" . The jewish race and culture can be seen as a total modern fabrication. Jewish food is just polish food. The cruel and disgusting giant disk fur hats come from Poland in the 18th century. Zionism / messianic judaism is totally new. Their conspiracy is to create a fake nation and race, while denying nationality and race to everyone else.

Great graphic on jews and feminism.

2013/09/13: Watch what can happen to you if you get the poontang monkey on your backs! "Baby, I effin love you!" Bwhahahaha....Similar scenario here. BTW ever wonder what chinkess hobags is doin always wearin them ultra miniskirts? On the same topic, why it is hard to believe that chinese have five thousand years of civilization.

2013/09/12: Hot off the presses! Dick Dockins shows his true colors and says publicly that misopedia is mahty fahn. In other jews: doggone it, Burt! Didn't the KBH tell ya not to drink or drahv?

2013/09/10: Howdy fellow knights, this is uncle Jeebers and I'm announcin that I is goin into maximum translation mode for the next two weeks. This means I'll limit my tahm in the chatterbox to the hour betwixt 10am and 11am Peking tahm. Thanks y'all for you understandin.

2013/09/09: Important new documentary: The Disappearing Male. Manhood is literally going extinct!

2013/09/03: Behold the nightmare descent into booze and poontang for our once lofty and amazing Jasper Sullivan. Will Jasper take the rap, and Andrea walk free on the vajajay pass? They done stole hinjew health prowdux from a High-Vag store (and apparently several others)

2013/08/31: Turns out Christopher Hitchens was a fag (1, 2, 3) as well as a jew, and therefore gets added to the infamous KBH jewfag listing. Thath digusthting thur! (link).

Meditating Buddha on a Viking ship. New chinese documentary on Jeebs

2013/08/26: Thanks to Carland Hungus, we gots ourselves a new version of the Karl Marx article in prahpa southun English (and here it is in yankee)

2013/08/19: Since banned on jewtube, the US national anthem (as sung by Jeebers) is now posted here at 4shared. Ad at the top is not the real download link.

2013/08/16: This man keeps his beard, uses the word nigger, and happily remains the Chief rabbi of Israhell.

2013/08/12: Jeebs is back from Hainan and Shaanxi (in Tiefo Temple for a month, teaching language, learning the life of a monk or follower living on site).

Celibacy audio collection from Jeebs (thanks to Br. Catfish for compiling. Link is not permanent). Or try this one for separate files.

In the jews: circumcised American takes circumcision a bit further. If a man wants to "become a woman" (i.e., castrate himself), or take off all the nervous tissue of his genitals (get circed), he's considered normal. But if he wants to amputate his legs the doctors say he's insane.

In the spirit of the KBH's already infamous circ karma article, another ingenious Italian, Matteoli, provides a more mainstream flavor (along with juicy, new details).

2013/07/07: From Dr. Rob:

my butt is on my ass, my fart-hole is just below it. when i fart, the gas comes out, with a sound, just below my butt cheeks. a woman has a butt on her chest, and her fart-hole is just above it. it's called a "mouth". women have two butts, and TWO FART HOLES. one makes fart sounds, the other forms words. when she farts out her mouth, the gas comes out, with a sound, too. women can fart from both butt-holes, the one above her rectum, and the one below her other fart hole.

sorry knights, that's crude. but isn't the truth always unrefined when you first mine it and bring it up to the surface of perception? ok, so i'm a misogynist, so sue me? uhm, in america, that might actually happen, so i better STHO (stay the heckers out)?

2013/06/27: Savitri Devi - Philosopher of the Kali Yuga: video. "Every man capable of inflicting pain upon an innocent, helpless creature is a disgusting coward." - Savitri Devi. Courageous French mayor refuses to "marry" two misopedes. Jeebers' new vid on language learning technique: the Valencia Method

Czech out Gaëtan Dugas the guy mentioned in sam hyde vid below who was responsible for the initial "spread" of AIDS. He was quoted in the vid "I have gay cancer. I'm gonna die and so are you" Supposedly he TRIED to infect people, which goes along with the idea that homosexuality correlates with aggressiveness and not the gentle happy angel stuff we hear about. (Yet another reason not to use the word "gay" to describe faggits.) Also note that the first recorded AIDS victim was a minor.

2013/06/21: Comedian busts out with truth about faggits. Shallow sheeple all flock away

2013/06/14: Read Pantajali's Yoga Sutras online. Also, What is the soul?

2013/06/13: End women's suffrage NOW. Video. End women's driving. Turns out "femen" is a group of prostitutes hired by George Soros to destroy Christianity.

Jeebs makes it to Chinese TV again. This tahm for some good ol' justice work.

2013/06/02: Another update to Yogic Hair. Also consider the Vril Society. Also here, here and here.

Brazilian boy has it all figured out: "You shall eat the plants of the field" - Genesis 3:18; "And God said, 'Behold I have given you every plant yielding seed which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit; you shall have them for food." - Genesis 1:29

2013/05/20: Man switches girlfriend's pills for abortion pills and gets accused of murder. Wait...I thought a baby was just a fetus you could kill if you wanted to? But in gynocentric America, the issue is rather that a man killed the baby and not a woman. Women have the right to determine who lives and who dies, and men are forced to support the choice. Video here.

Watch this documentary on planned obsolescence and ponder the myth of technological progress.

2013/05/18: Some heartwarming quotes from the tar-mud should embolden us Christians to be religious brothers with jews in our new church of judeo-Christianity: "Jesus is being boiled in hot excrement." - Talmud: Gittin 57a; "If a jew is tempted to do evil he should go to a city where he is not known and do the evil there." - Talmud: Moed Kattan 17a; "No rabbi can ever go to hell." - Talmud: Gittin 57a; "Even the best of gentiles should be killed." - Talmud: Abodah Zara 26b; "Murdering goyim is like killing a wild animal." Talmud: Sanhendrin 59a; [Parents and Abducted Children Together (PACT) have estimated that at least 100,000 children go missing every year or "one every five minutes". Several studies have found that young people, aged under 18, account for around two thirds of all police missing persons reports" (1) .] "All gentile children are animals." - Talmud: Yebamoth 98a; "We are as different to the inferior races as they are to insects. - Menachem Begin, ex-Israhell PM; "Jews may rob and kill non-jews." - Talmud: Sanhedrin 57a

2013/05/06: "The promises of women, I write them on water." Sophocles. Jeebs off for 10-day vacation on tropical island. Wish me fresh papayas.

2013/05/02: Updated hair.htm.

God adorned man like the lions, with a beard, and endowed him an attribute of manhood, with a hairy chest- a sign of strength and rule.

It is not lawful to pluck out the beard, man's natural and noble adornment. The beard signifies the courageous, the beard distinguishes the grown men, the earnest, the active and the vigorous.

St. Clement of Alexandria (b. circa 150AD)

2013/04/22: Keep up on the great protests of our French brethren in their struggle against misopedic fake marriage. Read up on how the words dog and catamite were synonyms for faggits in the Bible. That adds an interesting spin to the passage from Paul where he says circumcisers are dogs. Newsweek reports openly that Obomba is the US's first misopedic president. A classic documentary on diamonds and why they are a hoax (PBS special), plus an article here. Mystic piano music here. Shoppers extremely upset that sausage might come from pigs.

2013/04/21: Hippies have a good, long history. In China, "the bird" represents possession of the path to heaven.

2013/04/12: Holland, only 12 years after legalizing fag marriage (appropriately on April Fool's Day, 2001), legalizes misopedia. Articles here and here, and you'll have to translate from Portuguese and Italian to English. Added new KBH blog post, Faggit = Misopede

2013/04/09: More from Dr. Rob: We need to tolerate muslims...Did yoo know the profit Moe-ham-mad was eating a leg of lamb, and it spoke to him? It told him the jewess who cooked it had poisoned it. The profit sliced her to bits. Glad he could hear pieces of cooked, dead animals tawking, isn't it? Another woe-man came up to him, as he towld it, and sed she had been knocked up....He let her give birth and nurse the baby....Then, he buried her up to her neck and his buddies threw stones at her head until she was dead. He gave the little bastard away to his pals as a gag gift. Nice guy, huh? Yup, we really need to practice taller-rants with mud-slimes, they will fit in so well to modern civilization.

Concerning John Harvey Kellogg: Jewish doctor spreads rumor on his ridiculous site that "Kellogg and others began advocating routine circumcision of males as a deterrent to masturbation." No he clearly did not. Also see the full context of the quote here, and see how many reams of amazing and useful publications Kellogg produced (22,000 results on Google Books) here. Kellogg was a tireless advocate of celibacy, vegetarianism, White Nationalism, and Christianity.

And our story would not be complete without a little bald-faced lying. As it turns out, Jonathan Bertman is actually a schlongtwaddler himself! He mutilated his own kids, and does it for a business. See his list of "services" here.

2013/04/03: Some new links: WN: Odinist blog Der Viduhudar (note a page on gored fagadors); Christian Identity (CI, the idea that the Israelites where White and migrated out of Palestine, also here); nationalist, traditionalist and eurocentric blog Spritvs Europa; pro-White counter-wankapedia, Metapedia; GWMs Mike DeLaney and Andre of totalfascism create uncensored JT called;; Occidental Observer; Mindweapons; Chastity: the old Bernard article (His real identity here and more about him here. A very good read for beginning brahmacharis); a good page on Christian self-denial and abstinence; "I thought porn was perfectly OK, then I saw some" article Krishna: Brahmacharya in Krishna Consciousness (online book); heebrifahd ISKCON is changin all them books, but good thang the originals is all here online (do not read them jewer versions!) [and here, here, and here, other similar sites with more original and classic Prabhupada]; Veg: KFC cruelty site with amuzin sahn generator; John Joseph's Meat is for Pussies

2013/04/02: Pics of pornstains without makeup here. Express your opposition to misopedes with this sign as your FB profile pic.

2013/03/31: Added new page necrokosher.htm, new language selector on upper right, and a google searchbar which automatically searches keywords throughout this site and the KBH blog

2013/03/25: Funny quote from Dr. Rob: One time I was on some newgroup, posted under something like "David Rubinowitzsolomongoldsteinfeldmanweiss-
bergrosenbaumgartenmannowiczskiy". Somebody said i was using a fake name. I replied "I created that name from my family's surnames who were murdered by Nazis in the holocaust, when I read what you wrote, it made me so sad that I broke down and cried and cried, I feel so bad inside that anyone could say such a cruel and hurtful thing - you made me shed buckets of tears, I am so upset and miserable now". The dude wrote a huge apology for hurting my feelings and being so inthenthitive. I told Joel about it, and we both started giggling and laughing so uncontrollably neither of us could hardly breathe.

Also updated the ol' Queer BB article

2013/03/22: Updated the Helio Gracie article. Classic quote: Nature is not stupid. If you break the rules you will pay interest and penalties. When the age is advanced it comes the time to calculate the debts. Those who lacked will power will be with the donkeys in water. Added new page on Karl Marx, called, Howlin Cusses

2013/03/21: Updated Atheist Pansies and added The Science Delusion, a raht fascinatin slam on modern science - so good, in fact, as to be banned.

2013/03/14: Today is Jeebs' anniversary of celibacy, commencing his eighth year in marriage to God.

All brothers should consider a fast to nullify the wicked spell of voodoo witch Oprah Winfrey, which has been cast over all of 'Merica 'n beyond. She/it uses cells of tortured boys on her face to stay young (which accordin to african muti, voodoo and satanism in general, have medicinal powers activated by screams and pain), promotes mutilation of boys through her fake doctor Oz (a Turkish sadist) and is now propagandizin the particularly twisted evil of BDSM on her show.

2013/03/13: Proposed marriage proposal text (in proper southern drawl): "Betty. You is the darkness of my lahf. You is exactly that mucosal, slimy ori-fice with yeast that A've always wanted to cause mah prostatic spasm and make me a poo machine I've always wanted that ties me down to a low IQ, naggin henpecker lahk yourself. Garsh Betty. Will you marry me?"

2013/03/12: Updated the Hick page. Try out our new KBH chatbox! New video on liberal logic.

2013/01/14: Added Advanced Yoga Practices link to right. Also pay special attention to lesson 108, the Kechari Mudra.

2013/01/11: So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.
~ 2 Corinthians 4:18

Is Robbie Parker a hired actor? In the video you see standard-sized cue cards and silly acting. His daughter Emily Parker shows up in a Obomba shoot after the shooting. Allison Wyatt, featured on is really Lily Gaubert, who is alive and well. Wayne Carver knows nothing and made inappropriate comments. Others were brought up for interviews like actors Rick Sexton and Jennifer Greenberg.

There is a myth that nazis imposed gun control in Germany, and that some US shooters are nazis.

The majority of Lanza families in Italy are still in Sicily, an island made up of over 80% jewish families. One of the first asked to speak of the Lanza's was a neighbor, Marsha Moskovitz. We also have a repeat of the hero jew role (Gene Rosen) as in many other tragedies.

Also in jewology, ever catch wind of Phyllis Chesler? She's a good one to mention concerning the obvious connection between feminism, misandry and MGM. She looks a good bit like Millie Tant.

2013/01/09: Darwin said that if irreducible complexity could be proven, his theory was worthless. Here is a page on that. Here are some funny vids on the evolution debate: A jewish comedian's unfunny assertions. The Dick Dockings rap. Jeopardy featuring evolutionists.

2013/01/04: Updated gmfags with picture. Made an archives of 2012 KBH announcements

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