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2015/12/31: Happy Gnu Year y'all :) 'Tis the time when we pass through Janus, the two-faced god of the door, from one room to the next. It's also a good time to proclaim Jesus as Lord, go to church, and support our best viable, local and White organizations...the last remaining, significant groups to oppose drug use, abortion, contraception, porn, masturbation, faggitry (as opposed to secular government, pubic schools, and institutions)...before, of course, your upcoming epic pilgrimmage to your closest KBH Castle for chastity, meditation...and pure Banjo culture (singing, veg cooking, trolling juice, organic gardening, hosting guests, joke telling, story telling, martial arts)...guaranteed the best times of your life. ॐ and best wishes from all of us to your whole families. May God bless you for your chastity forever, and a propitious 2016!

Christianity, as all ancient religions, is on board with FE, and it appears as though most or all KBH members are, too (being the traditionalists we are). Eric Dubay's fabulous intro to this question is available in a light, online html version here

A good summation of the importance of Christianity to WN and a good guide for one who is more political and less religious can be found in these two DS position papers: [1] [2] ॐ 卐

2015/12/23: Merry Christmas y'all! Uncle Jeebers has acquired gnu KBH castle in idyllic Alpine setting. Open for guests this upcoming spring

2015/04/21: New video on MRAs

2015/04/20: Dumb ameriwench describes truth about her sadistic misandry as "traumatizing". Gee, is it as traumatizing as being strapped to a board and having your genitals mutilated?

2015/04/08: North Korea looks a lot cleaner and more orderly than South Korea or China. Men's rights with Molyjew and Paul Elam. Elam concludes "It's about the money" - who controls that? Joe Wong presents some clean humor to US ZOGpuppets and jokingly boasts of Chinese financial control to their faces

2015/04/03: DS's MANifesto

2015/03/29: Just a little something beautiful for the Brothers. (Music by an Italian, Ludovico Einaudi, scenery from the Canary Islands, Spain; photography by a Norwegian, Terje Sørgjerd. Be sure to watch in HD). Have a look at Switzerland

2015/03/29: Jesus Christ was a vegetarian [1]. The references to Him eating fish are mistranslations of the original greek word for bread, and in the earliest instances these passages are rendered with the word bread. Here is a longer, more tedious discussion by Keith Akers (who also warns of spurious texts). To read about how Christian veganism was crushed by the emerging Catholic church, see The Origin of Christianity, and The Forgotten Beginnings of Creation and Christianity. Who were the Ebionites?

2015/03/28: Thai wimmin have the right to speak about the yellow peril

2015/03/21: Czech out this experiment where men and women were separated and left to fend for themselves. On another topic, goblins in the world's hole-iest desert wasteland resort to torturing little kids. Is that environment and are those practices the results of super geniuses?

Apathy is the first of seven deadly sins. 1 Clem 35:6 For they that do these things are hateful to God; and not only they that do them, but they also that consent to them. Are Whites the only ones in the world who (at least sometimes) can understand that condoning something is the same as doing it yourself?

2015/03/15: In documentary about venereal diseases running rampant, VD clinic worker says, "I'm going celibate". Notice how unscientific the testing is: subjective interview before "blood test", sheboon looking for special "shapes" that are in her opinion gonorrheic. Notice all the pain, trouble and worry casual mipsers go through in real life as contrasted fake characters plastered with makeup in kosher media

2015/03/13: An old James Wickstrom interview. A special on Whites in ancient china (also here)

2015/03/12: An interesting discussion by Bishop Williamson on the Great Catholic Monarch and our future

2015/03/10: John Pontius' vision of a self abuser. Anti-porn/wankin hypnosis. Learn about the seven deadly sins and the demon associated with lust, Asmodeus. Enjoy this Eustace Mullins - The Rape of Justice, Court Procedures & The Law

2015/02/28: Basterd Barry by Pastor Steven Anderson. Also: God is love? God loves everyone? C.f. 2 Chronicles 19:2: And Jehu the son of Hanani the seer went out to meet him, and said to king Jehoshaphat, Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the LORD? therefore is wrath upon thee from before the LORD. Psalm 139:21: Do not I hate them, O LORD, that hate thee?

2015/02/27: Read about ol' Tom Parr, who lived for 152 years being frugal, then he goes to a city and dies within weeks

2015/02/25: Good ways to counter the ol' kosher "Hitler was a jew" canard: Carolyn Yeager's detailed article, and The Greatest Story Never Told

2015/02/23: Plato, a famous celibate, fascist and lover of his nation and people, wrote in detail concerning the nature of true love, and is paraphrased thusly (with both roles being abstracted as males):

卐 ॐ Socrates proceeds to show how many advantages the non-lover has over the lover. The one encourages softness and effeminacy and exclusiveness; he cannot endure any superiority in his beloved; he will train him in luxury, he will keep him out of society, he will deprive him of parents, friends, money, knowledge, and of every other good, that he may have him all to himself. Then again his ways are not ways of pleasantness; he is mighty disagreeable; 'crabbed age and youth cannot live together.' At every hour of the night and day he is intruding upon him; there is the same old withered face and the remainder to match—and he is always repeating, in season or out of season, the praises or dispraises of his beloved, which are bad enough when he is sober, and published all over the world when he is drunk. At length his love ceases; he is converted into an enemy, and the spectacle may be seen of the lover running away from the beloved, who pursues him with vain reproaches, and demands his reward which the other refuses to pay. Too late the beloved learns, after all his pains and disagreeables, that 'As wolves love lambs so lovers love their loves.' Here is the end; the 'other' or 'non-lover' part of the speech had better be understood, for if in the censure of the lover Socrates has broken out in verse, what will he not do in his praise of the non-lover? ॐ 卐

Increase your willpower to: celibate, be successful, be happy and healthy....

2015/02/21: Fags is Misopedes, old article refurbished

2015/02/20: Pure Land chanting style and music. In other (old) gnus, Dr. Atkins, another sadistic butcher in white robe, died: "The Wall Street Journal [printed] Dr. Atkins's confidential medical report [which] concludes that Dr. Atkins, 72, had a history of heart attack and congestive heart failure and notes that he weighed 258 pounds at death."

2015/02/19: As if you thought china was already bad enough: cannibalism of murdered babies in china and korea [1]. Swapping children to eat is the basis of a popular chinese idiom, 易子而食. Please join operation filthy chink

2015/02/16: Bill Warner on the history of mudslimes in Europe [1]. Are women whores? "Ai wetta mai fatha dai in da prison, mai litto bratha enda grandmather dai of starveshun atta home so ai kuda go to eat the dedda pigga in da chaina and become a veli bigga bwimp in amewika, he, he!". Stop eating fish and eggs

Claudius: the manly anti-fag emperor who outlawed marriage and expanded the empire by at least five provinces including Britain and Morocco
Honorary KBH member
Claudius II

2015/02/14: Remember that today commemorates a Catholic saint, Valentino, who went against the prohibition of marriage by Claudius II. If you read that article, you'll see, Claudius was quite an amazin success story. The empire flourished and expanded under his reign, and he was one of few emperors who was most decidedly not a fag. He outlawed marriage because it weakened the strength of soldiers and hence the army - and this formula worked with amazin success. Reminds you of how important it is to keep women and their influence away from our brotherhoods - bros before hos. It turns out, the mediterranean veg diet is the healthiest. Gregor gives convincing reasons vegetarians should use olive or canola oil in the kitchen (throwing out sunflower and safflower oils), use lots of ground flaxseeds (including as a substitute for eggs in cooking!), eat marmite/supplement b12, and supplement vitamin D during the winter. The history of coffee enemas: ingenious German nurses/soldiers at the beginning of the world war finding pain relief without chemical drugs. Currently Jeebs and Shamrock are doing this simple protocol, while making sure to supplement nutrition

2015/02/12: Various proofs of God's existence, by Rastus Jones, Esq.

2015/02/11: New KBH vids: Femibrotherhood? and 12-step Programs

KBH advice for chastity/nofap noobs: lusting - just stop it! (i.e., the first of the three classical chinese/Buddhist steps to cure addiction, 身口意 shen1kou3yi4, body-word-mind, 1 behavior-changin 2 word-supportin 3 brain-washin). Japanese song about killin nigs, and another bout White Power. Or, relax and center yourself with Morning Celebration, meditation music. Can we brainstorm bout the best way to send funds between GWM's like Dreyfus Angler and KBH knights other than pay-enemy? Dwolla? Bitcoin? Some GWM bank or another?

2015/02/10: The true history of "china": an area of tea-drinking peasants loosely ruled by mongul/northern bandit gangs, only actually what we'd consider "chinese" during a short Han Dynasty. Most chinese are the progeny of bandits, which explains their atheism, extreme selfishness/self-centeredness/narcissism, and cleptomania. The video also destroys the concept of china as a nation as civilized humans would understand the word. Note also, people are theorizing that "china" comes from the name of the Qin emperor (i reckon, on the other hand, it comes from chai-drinkin nationalities, chai-na), we see huge promotion of the Qin terracotta figures in Xi'an - yet what "unification" could there have been, when no such thing as china existed before? Further, Qin ruled only a part of these territories, in a loose manner (just "points and lines", strictly within certain city walls) for a whopping fourteen years. Furthermore again, he never called it china. The current word for china, zhongguo, was invented in the 1920's....We're bombarded with images of china's progress every day, yet there is nowhere in china where tap water is drinkable (compare that to murica, which had drinkable tap water by 1936). You can lead a pig to a tub, but you can't make it bathe

2015/02/07: A serious guide (first video here) that could work for victims of circ. Some perspective (albeit from a parent-hating joojoo) on the little money-grubbin, dead-pig/veal-munchin DL. A little sarcasm for a smile

Coffee enema info and method. Also in health gnus, are you aware that unfermented soy is a huge faggifier and ball shrinker?

2015/02/02: Funny Russian misogyny (the word wimminz use for "criticism")

2015/01/31: Protestors prove moslems have special rights in Australia. GWM hero Troy Michael Kell sentenced to life imprisonment for killing a misopede/child-trafficker, then put on death row for killin a prison chimp who stabbed him in prison. In any sane country this man would have been crowned a hero of the People

2015/01/25: New video by Uncle Jeebers: What Country Ya From? (promoting open borders for China)

2015/01/24: Speaker kicked out of murican high school for presentation about abstinence. The only rebellion under ZOG is celibacy

2015/01/13: The superior Japanese race is advancing in its military and fascist pride, via honorable men like Toshio Tamogami. Watch this documentary on Japanese swordmaking to see their traditionalist, racialist and fascist ethic at work, and how honor for ancestry builds a great nation and people. Read the Ways that are Dark to see how the Chinese do not have an army, only a gang of cynical, selfish, atheist bandits who cannot work together for a common cause higher than themselves. Also some details, the CCP has an army, but China doesn't. The air force, navy, and army have no central command and cannot work together. Chinese fighter pilots train less than ten hours a week, and 15 of 40 hours per week training in the army is spent on CCP brainsmudgin. The Chinese army is a joke [1] [2]

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2015/01/08: David Cameron attempts to force african nations to accept buggery and fag tourism

2015/01/07: Apparently the US has again elected a whip named Boner as the speaker of the house of representatives. He got rich from inside infro from the ape in chief, Obongo, buyin up massive amounts of stock in Obongocare. Mr. Boner has already erected a massive forward-thinking plan to penetrate problem areas of the US, though critics claim he has no exit strategy

Czech out Britain's future (if we don't do anythang bout it). German anti-islam rally. Goy guide to usury

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