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The technical name of this device is the Mooncup AeroPUD. It is from what we've seen and tested, the very best foreskin restoration device on the market today. It's light, comfortable, and allows you to stretch all day long. The cup doubles as a retainer at night when your skin matrix heals and builds (or you can use sports tape). Unlike other airPUDs, this one simply does not leak, and can be used all day without repumping even once. Compared to standard PUDs, airPUDs build skin from the inside (mucosa) and stretch left from the shaft. Currently as discussed on restoration forums, airPUDs are the newest and most effective restoration technology available. Handmade in China with nylon inner cone and flexible, non-toxic silocone outer cone.

Iffy, often-botched surgeries can cost 12,000 lbs/dollars, but this only costs one hundred dollars (plus shippin). See here for detailed pictures.

The kit you will receive

Contact Jeebers or William via email for orders.

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