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2011/12/26: Merry Christmas to all! Aside from our online version of The Gospel of the Holy Twelve, we'll be showing more about how the real Christians of antiquity were celibate vegetarians. Take , Encratites, for example, or the Greek Gospel of the Egyptians. Happy reading!

2011/12/22: American shemales touting their deathstyle. Is the US military finished?

2011/12/19: Ever notice all the stories from Muslim countries about GM'ed men going after women with knives in retaliation? This woman got her fingers cut off. This one got her ears and nose cut off. Men and women seriously need a truce.

2011/12/17: Australian actor Russel Crowe went off against circumcision on his Twitter account, calling it "barbaric and stupid". A Crowe follower told the Australian celebrity that he was expecting a son soon and asked for his input on whether he should have his baby circumcised. Crowe responded by saying, "Who are you to correct nature? Is it real that GOD requires a donation of foreskin?" The actor added that "babies are perfect" when they are born. In response to claims that circumcision is hygienic the actor scoffed, saying "Why don't you sew up your ass then?" He pointed out a double standard, saying it is "interesting that female circumcision is widely considered barbaric, while male circumcision is so widely accepted." Crowe clarified that he is not anti-Semitic, saying he love his friends with their "apples and the honey and the funny little hats". The Aussie actor proudly admitted that his own foreskin is still intact.

2011/12/16: Updated the Circ Karma page and also the evidence page behind it.

2011/12/01: More laughing about male genital mutilation. A German-Irish (un)Mormon Katherine Heigl plays in a "comedy" about a woman who castrates dogs and wishes she could castrate men. Sponsored by Fire Island jewfag Calvin Klein and 911 conspirator and makeup industry czar Ronald S. Lauder.

Perhaps we could write a comedy about a man who cuts the breasts, labias and clitorises off of female animals and/or gives them hysterectomies, hoping all the while he'd get to do it to women. That would be "hilarious".

Notice also the strange phenomenon of Chinese/Korean women promoting male genital mutilation in America, in English, to be inflicted on Americans or Africans. This one is worried she won't be able to convince parents to mutilate their children. This one DA Chief of Staff Susan Kang (康) assumes MGM is funny. This one Fiona Ma (馬) is passing legislation to promote MGM in California, a place that decidedly doesn't want it, and finally, the host of The Talk who had a big laugh about a sixty year old man getting mutilated is a Chinese named Julie Chen (陳). Could Chinese/Korean women reacting to their home country's abuse of women by flocking to America where then can legally abuse men?

2011/11/27: Made a Chinese song and several graphics, which combined form a video protest against human trafficking. An explanatory page (in English) details the multiple meanings in the lyrics, which started out as a cryptic poem.

The producers of MTV are heavily involved in human trafficking, and perhaps through their intimate knowledge of the problem, they've produced quite an interesting piece on the theme.

2011/11/18: There is no greater sinner than that (man) who, though not worshipping the gods or the manes, seeks to increase (the bulk of) his own flesh by the flesh of other (beings).

From the laws of manu, a quote in favor of vegetarianism.

2011/11/11: Former Israeli president Moshe Katsav is sentenced to prison for seven years for raping a woman. As stated in this article:

The former president "fell from the loftiest heights to the deepest depths," Judge Salim Joubran told the hushed court. "Such a senior official should be a role model to his subordinates. Every woman has a right to her own body. A right to dignity. A right to freedom. No one has the liberty to take any of those from her."

Seeing as this was written by razor-raping Israelis, they could change the text to read:

The former president "rose from the deeptest depths to the loftiest heights," Judge Salim Joubran told the extatic court. "This circumcising senior official is a role model to his subordinates. No man has a right to his own body. No right to dignity. No right to freedom. Everyone has the liberty to take any of these away from him."

2011/10/30: The media commonly investigates churches, though most child molestation and abuse is done at the hands of government officials.

Czech out this story:

  • A high-ranking CDC official, who played a significant role in the 2009 H1N1 propaganda campaign, has been arrested and charged with two counts of child molestation and one count of bestiality
  • As an official in charge of CDC health recommendations for all American children, her actions raise troublesome questions about her level of concern for the health and well-being of children in general
  • Other recent stories raising questions about the ethics and integrity of the agency include documentation showing that the CDC has never obtained any input from toxicology experts to assess the health effects of water fluoridation, and the recent fraud indictment of Dr. Thorsen—hired by the CDC to debunk the link between thimerosal in vaccines and autism

2011/10/02: Testimonies on the power of chastity: Basketball star for two games - "What Happens When I don't Masturbate", and "One Man's Sexual Self-realization"

2011/10/01: More and more men waking up to their innate power through chastity. Read this contribution from the blogosphere:

"I’ve realized over the last year that one of my big problems with modern religion is that it doesn’t really have much of a point. If you’re not asked to do anything hard, then what really is the point of it? Westernized religions (no matter the actual source religion) no longer ask for much of anything. Stay married and forsake divorce? Nah, we’ll let you off for that one and even remarry you. Give up the things you really like because they’re sinful and you might be a better person without them? Nah, we’ll come up with some wishy washy way to explain that what those old time church people really meant was that you shouldn’t be racist and you should be environmentally friendly. No, really.

Bah. Total BS. And they wonder why church attendance is declining. Here’s a tip, guys: it’s because your church is too beta. To anybody who’s studied Game, it should be no surprise at all which churches are actually growing in the western world:

    * Islam
    * Fundamentalist Evangelicalism
    * Mormonism
    * Catholicism

The only groups still around that are strong enough to keep being Alpha. For reasons that could (and one day likely will) make a whole post of their own, I’ve ended up with the Roman Catholics. Partly inspired by that, and partly by Ferdinand, I’ve resolved to give up masturbation for Lent this year. A year ago it might’ve been near impossible for me to do. This year, thanks to the Game community and the manosphere at large, I think I have a good shot at it."

Added links "Clean comedy: Brian Regan [1] [2] [3]" to the right.

2011/09/23: Uncle Jeebers has returned from Europe. Added a sung recitation of the Bhagavad Gita for the Esperanto version. Added Italian version of the KBH page.

2011/07/07: New video about Congressman Weinerdog.

KBH podcast 2011.06.24: Postcast #2: The Necessity of East-West Eclecticism [still looking for host]

2011/06/22: Made a new humor video [tudou] [youtube] about MGM in the same vein as the old decapitation video.

2011/06/06: Check out our new-fangled podcast! Yee-haw! Hope y'all enjoy it.

KBH podcast 2011.06.06 #1: Why do so few people talk about Jews? [link]

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2) To download find out how to nab temporary files on whichever system youz got, or installs one of them content downloaders to your firefox web browser doohickey.

Contact Jeebers to arrange for an interview or contribute your own original podcast for the KBH.

2011/06/04: Made the first KBH podcast to be uploaded. Made the new page Circumcised Rapists, which explores the questions of how MGM facilitates rape and sex abuse, and deals with the current revelations on South Africa. Updated Circumcision Karma with new stump thumpers of revenge.

2011/05/10: Been bloggin' like crazy over at the KBH blog, as posting there is easier than makin new pages. If you're in China, the blog must now be viewed through proxy, as it was recently banned by the Jewnited States of Chinka.

Have y'all started a cult recently? On September 23rd, 2007, Rastus Jones done produced no less than fifteen cults. Contact Rastus or the BSW if you want to join one today, join the KBH, or better yet - make your own cult!

2011/04/26: Updated "Killed by Their Woman" with Jim Morrison (son of anti-Israel Marine Admiral George S. Morrison) and his creepy girlfriend Pamela Courson, who was involved in Morrison's disappearance and death.

2011/04/22: "In the whole world...there is no beneficial and so elevating as that of the Upanishads. They are products of the highest wisdom. They are destined sooner or later to become the faith of the people."- Schopenhauer

2011/04/20: Made more major updates to the Circ Karma page appendix, adding entries for Sigmund Freud, Albert Einstein and more. There is also a page detailing the evidence of the claims made there.

2011/04/08: Updated Circ Karma with entries for OJ Simpson, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, two of which are Kosher, Klean-Kut Killers. China vs. India was also updated.

2011/04/02: Made the new page Drugs vs. Prayer.

2011/03/26: The absolute woman is the rod by which all women are to be measured. Evola writes, “the only thing we can do is establish the superiority or inferiority of a given woman on the basis of her being more of less close to the female type, to the pure and absolute woman, and the same thing applies to man as well” (Eros, 34). In addition, superiority is defined by how closely one realizes the absolute woman or man. “A woman who is perfectly woman is superior to a man who is imperfectly man, just as a farmer who is faithful to his land and performs his work perfectly is superior to a king who cannot do his own work,” says Evola (Eros, 34). [more]

2011/03/21: Updated "How Faggy is Body Buildin'?" and "Circumcision Karma." Evidence has been shown to me that circ wasn't even traditional for Jews and that it was inserted into later versions of Genesis at around 550 BC. Also firm scriptural basis has been provided by the Bible against GM [1] [2] in spite of aberrant, modern interpolations into the text.

2011/03/15: Jeebers celebrating five years of celibacy, uploaded video of himself and Mario chanting for the occasion (on the 14th). Updated the Porn Slave Epitaph with Hatano Yui, her male abuser and photographer, who were killed in the act of gross fornication by a tsunami. A new post made at the KBH blog concerning spiritual healing over MGM.

2011/03/10: Something which adds to the credibility and reputation of KBH Knights, for courage in exposing evil in society and for possessing an above-normal intelligence: Jeebers starting to get recognition for translation work done on the documentary "Karamay". It was given this over-the-top review by Variety Magazine: “Any future book on documentary film history will have to mark a place of honor for Karamay… an astonishing achievement on every level.” [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]  In the wake of mass rioting across China, Wen Jiabao declares that the people need more freedom to voice their concerns with the government, which is insulting as China's censorship is getting worse.

In other news: over-sexed Brazil produces strange karmic fruits of passion. Costs zogbux to see. Chinese milk found to contain waste leather.

2011/03/08: Celibacy and continence is the normal state of Man and Woman. But it has been subverted by the abnormal practice of Jewish and Muslim circumcision which has resulted in homosexuality, perversion and an undermining of the family. [- Banjo Billy]

2011/03/03: Left-hand tantra is devastating to a man. Tantrists are more sex-obsessed than Joe Sixpack. They waste their thoughts, mind and spirit on the fishy mucosal hole. Getting deathspasms without release will destroy your prostate. Producing creative fluid but keeping it inside the body will induce auto-immune reactions. Messing around without release at first will yield "blueballs," but after doing it many times, you won't feel the enormous pain and soreness in your testicles and prostate anymore. It's like how drinkers and smokers don't get nauseous any more because the addiction has set in and dulled the pain. Quit masturbation for real. Get the real 精神 (sperm energy) your body deserves. If you need help planning how to quit it, we and many other groups of successful men are ready and willing to help you. OM and God bless you always.

2011/02/27: Just filmed another two TV shows. Also found out that there is actually a study showing that queers want circumcision more than other men (though we already knew that). An interesting anecdote: a man I know in Nanjing was fooling around a lot with his girlfriend, then his foreskin got infected. The girlfriend demanded that he get it cut off (!). He just laid off the hanky-panky (he's still capable of that) and saved himself from mutilation. Could the reason that queers want to be cut have some relation to their decadent deathstyles?

2011/02/25: Finished the Epitaph, which now is surely the most complete reference for porn industry deaths on the internet. Thanks to Br. Catfish for the last two entries.

2011/02/22: Continued work on Porn Slave Epitaph. It's important for people to see that the wage of sin is death.

2011/02/20: Posted article by Colonel Goobers, Man Vs. Woman. Posted Porn Slave Epitaph (still a work in progress, but readable at the moment).

2011/02/18: Continued work on the dead porn whores page. I could use help on finding their ages at death for the remaining names. You can use the resources listed at the bottom of the page.

2011/02/17: Added new article Spiderwoman. Added Ira Einhorn to the cut-up karma page. Started a massive project: the Dead Porn Stars page - if anyone can help find what age any of them died at, please contact us.

2011/02/16: Doc Rob here. Dunnow if I brought this up before (?) but I just got back from a long conversation with Billy Bob (

I was surpised he had never seen "Money as Debt" before, and that we hadn't discussed it. If none of you have seen this, definitely watch it. Then, watch it again. Then, watch it a 3rd time. It's a bit convoluted and complex. But when it "clicks", it will make a very loud noise, indeed. This details how money came to be "money"™ which no longer represents value, but DEBT!!! A strange and counter-intuitive concept. The 2nd part details the implications of this. Well worth watching. As many times as it takes. This is disturbing, but contains no prurience. It is far more disturbing, to be sure. Here are the videos for your perusal: [1] [2]

Be well,
Dr. Rob

2011/02/13: Got the official KBH Dharma Jive Nest (fellowship chatroom) up. Those of you on other chats like the Phora shoutbox can consider changing to this room instead. Rastus, Jeebers and Cousin Shamrock were here for the inauguration.

KBH announcements from 2010 were archived.

2011/02/11: Just polishin some bronze.

Since China is moving up in the world and will soon surpass the Jews as world leaders, it's worth pondering what their leadership of the material world will be like. With fake rice, fake eggs, fake drugs, and counterfeit everything, could the number one moral issue facing Chinese today be dishonesty?

2011/02/06: Br. Catfish had indeed written the aforementioned piece on our blog. I've added a new article Killed by Their Woman, which concerns how some rock stars in high cotton have been put on permanent vacation by them biggity girlfriends.

2011/02/05: Translated another article. Am cookin up a doosie of a piece, tenatively called The Lost Boys, Peter Pan and Pedophile Rings. The basic premise is that Hollywierd and "art" have been deeply involved with covering up organized child sex slavery. Sound juicy? You bet! And hopefully it'll put out that lust is doing a huge number on our society. Meanwhile, don't talk to strangers, lock your doors and windows, wear a burqua, and sleep tight.

2011/02/03: Uncle Jeebers has been away for a while doing two large projects: 1. a KBH exclusive Esperanto version of the Bhagavad Gita and 2. a KBH exclusive proofread Gospel of the Holy Twelve (other online versions are poorly presented and riddled with mistakes). The current Esperanta BG version needs proofreading and the current GHT needs further proofreading (for any knights interested, pls contact Uncle Jeebers).

2011/01/29: I'll start today off with a pledge:

I pledge defiance to the rag
Of the Federal State of Hypocrisy
And mourn the Republic
That here once stood.
One government, under Israel
With slavery and injustice for all.

OK that one is just for expats :P

Added article The Successful Politician Does Not Drink, which happens to be written by a very successful politician. Czech it out!

2011/01/28: Brother Catfish made a brilliant post at the KBH blog, Solidarity with Uganda. Jeebers wrote the missive Becomin a Cow.

2011/01/22: Vilĉjo pointed out that circumcision is un-Islamic. He sent this very useful link.

Translated two articles into Esperanto.

2011/01/21: Set up the new KBH blog, where readers are welcome to post comments. Rules for posting are 1. maintain civility and 2. keep the language clean (i.e., don't use negative words which denote bodily functions).

2011/01/19: According to modern science, the moon moves three inches away from the earth every year, yet the earth is several billion years old. What about the evidence that the moon was intelligently positioned? There are also interesting books on the subject of all the strange coincidences surrounding the position of the moon.

2011/01/14: Trying to get a more readable and interesting version of The Gospel of the Holy Twelve up on our server.

2011/01/13: Updated circ_karma.htm. Discovered that we are the third and fourth results on a google search for "serial killers circumcision." Since Jeebers got into intactivism in 2006, we've seen dramatic reduction in razor rapes in the US - from something at around 60-65% down to 32%. Think of think of the great population increase of well-adjusted men who are respectful towards women. Great blessings!

2011/01/12: Updated gay_bb.htm. Softened the language a bit, offered some alternatives for men gone astray, and added images and many links.

2011/01/11: Today's date has two elevens, and quite frankly, today simply goes to eleven. Can't wait until November 11th this year.

2011/01/08: In a meetin' betwixt Uncle Jeebers and Brother Rastus, it was decided that cults are necessary to cultivate culture. Cults are propitious! And don't let any four-eyed, four-foot feller tell you anything otherwise.

Jeebs' new vid "Clean Cut Killer," which concerns the connection between circ and serial killin', is featured on Youtube. A subtitled version of the parody, "Infant Male Decapitation" was also posted there. Thank you Auntie Patricia!

Refurbished Br. Catfish's article on drugs.

2011/01/07: When will the USD collapse? It's collapse could be the start of real regeneration in the Americas.

2011/01/06: Gents, I is greatly honored that today, I right infuriated a heebie who promotes the razor rapin of our baby boys. The particular page which ticked him off pertains to bodybuilding. There are some enemies you definitely want to have.

In other jews, updated "We Have No Use for Forums" with link from Br. Catfish. It deals with the existence of online "buddies," and they, gentlemen, are no buddies at all. Brotherhood must be in physical existence. It isn't real until the brothers actually get together. Discussion and debate with anons is futile and sometimes even dangerous.

Finally, before midnight, we had a great prayer session with Vilĉjo concerning the welfare of animals in this world. We prayed for a dog that he knew and prayed that his precious spirit be at peace where he is now. We also pray (and continue to pray for) animal welfare in general. Amen and OM.

2011/01/05: Thinking about mirroring and correcting typos for the Gospel of the Holy Twelve. Discussed making it the official KBH scripture.

2011/01/03: Celibacy facts: 1. Elizabethan British used death as a euphamism for the male spiritual debacle. This euphamism is found in the works of Shakespeare. 2. Celibate wrestler Gama the Great is perhaps the greatest wrestler in history. 3. In English (and probably all other languages, too), one curses the other with sex. "F--- you!" means, "Go masturbate!" and in Chinese, "去你媽的" means, "Go have sex with your mother" (insult and degrade your mother, you and your famiy). A wanker is a masturbator and is therefore hated. A loser is another version of a wanker - a loser of the male creative essence who is therefore blighted and stupid. This begs the question: if sex is such a good thing, why does everyone curse each other with it? - Uncle Jeebers

2011/01/02: Wrote the article Prudes are the Real Sexperts.

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