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2014/12/24: Leftist icon, multicult hero, uber-powerful media figure, and mudslime Jian Ghomeshi turns out to be a violent rapist, stickin his scar of david everywhere he shouldn't, with a particular taste for White wimminz. The son of jewfag militant zionist leftist mastermind of 2008 american financial crisis, Rahm Emanuel, gets souvenier mug from downtrodden, oppressed monkeys in chicago, home is protected by special police entourage reserved only for chosens

2014/12/09: A realist perspective on India

2014/12/07: GWM Ralph M. Townsend's 1933 classic "Ways that are Dark" now on the KBH. Jewgle book edition here. The book tells the brutal truth about China, all the things that will never change, and explains why, although Chinese want to rule the world, they'll never be able to do so. For a good synopsis of the book, czech out the wankapedia preview

The sacred Catholic Mass in Latin

2014/12/06: Chatbox updated. Sorry for events of last three days. Doin all ah cayun

Sneak preview of KBH exclusive download, the classic 1933 smash hit about China, "The Ways that are Dark"

2014/11/10: Specific information on Cousin Shamrock's case concerning fraud, chinese bigotry and his lying wife has finally been made public. 1. Could you imagine if we made it illegal for chinese to get credit cards, observe courtroom sessions, file lawsuits...could you imagine what would happen to a European bank if they refused to serve a chinese because they are chinese? 2. Do you still think that asian women make better wahvs?

Got the urge for some booty? Czech out Niki Minaj. Also try educational version

2014/10/28: Poontang is a plummetin commodity. Is more men wahzin up?

Jeebs' final documents have fallen into place for his transmigration and repatriation in Italy somewhere from february to april of next year. Anyone interested in joinin in on the intial buyin, constructin phase (along with contributin talents for independence/off-grid tech and agriculture) should contact him. Also our official household-establishin meetin of the KBH will still be held as planned (for the last fahv years) on Christmas eve. It will be announced headin up to this critical tahm

We're currently lookin for people in media who have an interest in Cousin Shamrock's story. Anyone who knows journalists, bloggers or people in the media who would like to know more about this story and start following it - and also anyone willin to help with private investigation services, particularly within Australia - are welcome to contact Jeebs or Shamrock (whose contact info is on this page)

2014/10/13: Steven L. Andersen discusses how the issue isn't fag marriage, but fag death. For future reference on the virulence of faggotry, remember to bookmark this article

2014/10/12: Interestin lampoon of abortion in germany. Until readin that, ah had no idea germany had so many abortions, and that german wimminz was usin abortion as often as they do to cover up infidelity

2014/09/28: To remind y'all of the nature of the male/female relationship, Shamrock and Jeebs reccommend the classic japanese flick Woman in the Dunes

2014/09/13: National Socialist book which shows criminal tendencies in kosher linguistics. Hardcore cauto!undressing of a fluffchick/pornstain. Robin Williams, jewfag, murdered by jooish wife

2014/09/11: Undeniable proof that Paul was a false apostle, with an introduction to the GHT and the Clementine Homilies. For more *proper* versions of the Bible which will show you the clear truth that Christ was vegetarian, sober, chaste, kind to animals, and the arch-enemy of His day of the close representations of modern kosher thought, the pharisees and saduccees, see GWM Bibles/Texts menu to the right

2014/09/05: September KBH podcast

2014/08/31: Is the carnivorous lion really the "king of the jungle"? (Warning: very graphic) This is a lion fatally mauled by a vegetarian hippo. This is a lion destroyed by an elephant (also vegetarian, much longer-lived etc.). Here is a lioness mauled by a buffalo, and a vegetarian rhino fends off four lions at a time....

2014/08/28: Chinese kvetch bout their treatment in mexico. Oh funny dat. There ain't a *single* mexican immigrant in china! Never been to "mexico town" in any city in china, either. Do locals get angry about success? Sounds like a lahn straight out of Ayn Rosenbaum's "Virtue of Selfishness". Of course they is angry cuz the chinese is stealin their wealth and not integratin into society, just like jews do everywhere else. Work with all fervor to expel chinese from our lands, brothers!

A man (ranked 180th in men's poker) wins women's poker championship (in italian)

2014/08/25: Great bible quotes from Sir Johnny: "We have found this man to be a troublemaker who is constantly stirring up riots among the Jews all over the world. He is a ringleader of the cult known as the Nazarenes." Acts 24:5 "Your eye is a lamp that provides light for your body. When your eye is good, your whole body is filled with light". Matthew 6:22

Article from Banjo Billy: Why the OT is a lie

2014/08/24: Clive Palmer speaks out against chinese bastards

India is serious about goin after all that acid jumpin off of store shelves and dumpin itself on the faces of wimminz. Attack victim Laxmi still wears makeup, saris and shows skin. Can female cruelty and vanity ever die? You'd thank lookin lahk a zombie would make ya give it up. Katie Piper tortured baby boys, usin their foreskins to repair parts of her face with matriderm. Mudslimes (includin women) laugh at boys bein sekshally tortured, but it seems the whole world will only feel sympathy for wimminz

2014/08/16: The KBH recommends Jiu-Jitsu (that of the continent Helio Gracie), catch wrestling (like that of Sakuraba), or chinese seven-star praying mantis

Updated "Top Ten Unknown Facts About Circumcision", including detailed response to daft swedish woman concerning muzzies and rape

2014/08/14: Learn various terms for jewpidity and yiddiotic behavior

Allexperts link added. This category was created at by Uncle Jeebers in Feburary, 2008. Since that tahm the saht has added lechers, freaks, and spam articles all around the topic, but the three years of Jeebs' questions and answers there remains a useful resource. Remember to use the search feature there to find the specific answer you're lookin for, and also read up on Sivananda's article concernin how to tame spermatorhhea (from the classic booklet The Practice of Brahmacharya)

Through the Grace of God, I am becoming purer and purer every day, in every way. Pleasures come but not to stay. Mortal flesh is only clay. Everything will pass away. Brahmacharya is the only way.

2014/08/10: Chinese are apparently murdering babies for satanic power just as jooz - and in typical fashion, the media calls these chinese "british" (blamin Whitey)

2014/07/29: Jeebs has upgraded operatin system to GWM, un-kosher Linux Mint 17 Qiana Xfce Edition

2014/07/28: One smoker scumbags agrees to pay Jeebs 400 bucks plus apologies. Security camera footage shown at police station reveals seven simultaneous attackers

2014/07/13: Shamrock and Jeebs produce video about the bizarre, anti-FG/Buddhist chinese billioniare that got chimped, a reaction seemingly understandable considering the performance

2014/06/21: Shamrock and Jeebs doin parasite cleanse with papaya seeds. Get them out, and keep them out with celibacy. How much of your drive to have MIPS and eat cadavers is actually a colony of parasites controlling your brain? Consider this story which shows that 40% of brits are infected with an already-identified mind-controlling parasite, toxoplasma, or how slug parasites control the minds of slugs (see zombie ants here and here, and how toxoplasma infects any grazing animal here). Worms can directly attack the brain [1] [2] [3] [4] and have a well-documented tendency to control your thoughts (parasites are a cause of severe neurologic disease and "the most common cause of acquired epilepsy worldwide", as people's brains look like swiss cheese or "starry skies" from a proliferation of tapeworm nests [1] [2])

2014/06/17: Brothers have asked us about tooth care and the yoga of regrowing teeth. Please czech out these fascinating videos on the topic, here and here, respectively. Please stop using commercial toothpaste and mouthwashes

2014/06/15: Russians rant against shavin

2014/05/21: The Geigh Manifesto. Bestiality in Africa

2014/05/14: Got the scar of David? Have no fear! The KBH DeJewer now available

2014/05/10: Some flesh-eating worms discovered in eels and frogs often eaten by chinese. Picture at bottom shows victim whose brains were eaten by these worms

2014/05/10: Some anti-murican humor [1] [2] [3]

2014/05/10: Important article concernin WN delusions about Russia

2014/05/07: Hick review of GWM operatin system. The horsefeathers meat eaters say

2014/05/06: The unknown cruelty of american redskins. Interested in the body? cauto!Try this gorgeous, young, tanned woman - she's hot!

2014/05/05: Cousin Shamrock put on house arrest by a Hong Kong bank for not payin the mortgage for 12 hours on a home which a Nanjing entertainment TV station and his inlaws claim isn't even his

Are meat eaters controlled by parasites? Watch this video on how parasites control the minds of slugs, forcing them to offer their own flesh up for birds to eat. Consider this operation video, where a meat-eating weight-lifter gets ten pounds of tape worms removed from his gut. Doctors claim this operation is "very common"

Is meat eating an essential characteristic of niggerdom? In this case in Nigeria, a "pastor" ate human flesh in a restaurant (and as usual, couldn't taste a difference). Ever cauto!notice how africans seem to only eat meat, insects, or feces, and drink only milk or blood? In the whole hour and forty minutes of that film, is even one nig shown eating fruit or a vegetable? Consider the diet of muzzies and nigs, and see how north africa, once the southern, Christian garden of Europe, has turned into a terrifying desert [1] [2]. Ironically the man organizing reforestation of the Sahara is White (Kevin Dwan). Do anyone but muzzies and nigs sue prisons for giving vegetarian meals? [1] [2]. It appears that 100% of all prisoners requesting vegan or vegetarian meals are White males [1] [2] [3]. Also notice that veganism and Christianity reduced prison recidivism down to 2%

Wimmin could be far more addicted to meat than men. Consider the first prisoners to protest Appaio's vegetarian prison fare were females. Female lions do the hunting, while only female mosquitoes drink blood. There is also a high correlation between blood lust and pregnancy, as there is between weakness and cruelty

Though the Bible is not the basis of Christianity, and is suspect and corrupted in many aspects (particularly in modern versions! See older versions to the right), see vegetarianism in the Bible here and here

2014/04/15: Cousin Shamrock and Uncle Jeebers form a team, reclaimin Shamrock's apt from renters illegally installed (for more cashola) by his feminut wife's father. See pics on Ratfacebook, and the full-page story at the Nanjing Modern Express [html] [pdf], and TV spot on "Nanjing Up Close". Shamrock's KBH anti-feminut page is now updated with bank details for those who wish to contribute to his defence in Australia: National Australia Bank (NAB); Danny Shannon Woodrow; Bsb-082678 Acc-845440710. The case is posted to the Phora here. If any other brothers can post in other forums, inform Jeebers of the link and we'll post it. Spread this everywhere

2014/03/26: Have you ever heard of Trent Markham, lung doctor? See video here [or download] (Thanks Sir Rube!). What if the patient were an AIDS patient, and the doctor, wife, and patient were all wankers using poisonography? Consider the same skit, but with Trent Wankham: Penis Doctor

2014/03/25: New page on WN alternatives to kosher sahts. Our old box is back! Tahp yur name in the field "entra in chat" and shout "/help" (no quotes) to see list of commands. Admins remember to sahn in so we can vaporize hasbarats. To see mah phont install smash

2014/03/24: The Elder Futhark Secrets Revealed [discuss]

2014/03/23: Hello all Brothers: My situation is difficult, heartbreaking and dangerous for my kids. I have been married for six years and recently returned to Australia about five months ago with my wife and two beautiful kids. My daughter, who I practically raised on my own, is three and my son is 18 months. [more...]

2014/03/19: More on why atomic bombs do not exist, here and here. Updated the article "Top Ten Unknown Facts about Circumcision"

2014/03/17: Uncle Jeebers is at with his take on malaysia flight 370

2014/03/14: 'Tis the fourteenth of March and Jeebers' celibacy anniversary. I have eight full years under my belt - pun intended - and am starting on another glorious year - my ninth! In retrospect, the big blessins I got from celibacy this year, aside from the usual good health, grand courage, stable work/finances, and the protective "God bubble" around me, I've been particularly blessed with a strong career. Also the esperanto gig in Hainan was a success, though I'd never been a director of any program as such before in my lahf. I was responsible for the education, feedin, housin and entertainment of fifteen participants in their journey from individualist lingo, english, or brown-people lingo, chinese, to a common, classical language for Europeans (which no, was not invented by a kikeroach whose pappy holocausted the evidence!).

2014/02/28: Back in the era from the 50's to the 70's, tobacco went from more natural froms to increasingly toxic and hostile packaging - from cigars and pipes to cigarettes laced with every kind of chemical. In that era people thought smoking was harmless and went around smoking everywhere and smoking in other people's faces. What if porn was a similarly harmful addiction of our era, which everyone thinks is harmless, yet is taking on ever-more hard, disgusting and toxic forms? Pornography is human trafficking [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]. It's demeaning to men. It's cauto!real face disgusts even the most calloused wanker. Israhell uses poisonography as a weapon in war, and protects its own citizens from it.

Circ karma page updated

2014/02/22: Adolf Hitler on vegetarianism and raw veganism. Also on animal protection. Also, Babylon Before Hitler at The harsh reality of Comanche redskins. Support GWM media: use before jewtube, the KBH Dhama Jive Nest before jewgle, Daily Stormer instead of....

2014/02/20: PDF copies of Kosmos, a magazine published by the Martinus Institute (Esperanto branch) here. Martinus was a racist, vegan cosmologist, whose predictions and cosmology come from his revelations gained during meditation. Martinus made many predictions, all of which (so far as I know) came true, and he predicted that world war three would occur about two or three years from now.

2014/02/19: "Ancient Judaism was strongly opposed to celibacy."

2014/01/11: All entries for 2013 heretofore archived. Archives for previous years at links below.

Notice how the world's greatest exploiter of wankers worldwahd (in monetary terms) is China. Jeebs is goin to tropical Esperanto gig for one month where he will brainwash brown people with European goodness.

2014/01/08: Help! I'm a 40-year-old virgin! I found my mind. I've gone completely sane. I lost my insanity. Help! I've gotten up, and I can't fall down! We're graduating from the human race and the new world odor. - Dr. Rob

2014/01/02: Gnu slick website in upteen languages about the massive and magnificent rockumentary The Greatest Story Never Told.

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