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The Knights of Banjo Hollow

A Propostion for the

Formation of the Menation Cult

The Disposition and Antitheses and Mentellect of Menation:
Preambiguation Preramble to the Disposition:
Menation Cult henceforth disestablished and discharged as a non-entity, the
name being a combination of the initials M.E.N. (Masculinity Embracing Nature) and "nation". Hence, Menation. The Nation of Men. Menation allows membership exclusively of men. No wimmin allowed. No faggits allowed. Wimin and faggits are well defined entities. Men are not so well defined, because men are individuals, with minds and original ideas. If you want someone to define and limit you, tell you what to be, then you are either a woman or a faggit, so get the hell out of Menation Cult. Menation Cult is largely oriented toward confrontation the McModern society and its New© Culture™, (all wrongs reserved), Menation Cult rejects the concept of Intellect and has re-defined thought itself. As original ideas are exclusively perpetrated and promulgated by men, we engage in Mentellectualism.
Missing Statement of Menation:
In lieu of a Mission statement, Menation proffers the opposite, a Missing Statement. Menation is a cult which is essentially not defined by what it is, but by what it is not. We do not conform. We digress. Masculinity by its Nature is individualistic, and celebrates true diversity in deed, not merely word. Conformism is abhorred by Menation; instead, non-conformism is our modus operandi. The essential purpose of Menation Cult is to de-program its digressors. We are the Force of Light in a World of Darkness. Men in the Western World are today oppressed by the Church of Political Correctness. Effeminized, standardized, de-indificualized, and programmed by PC. Menation Cult deprograms men. We have 2 Antitheses. All will follow and fall into place if these 2 Antitheses are followed. We have a set of Duhmandments. If any of them do not evoke a response of "duh", you really need to work on it.
Our Antitheses:
1. Be yourself.
    1.a. If you are not a woman or a faggit, you are a man.
    1.b. Be a man.
2. Know yourself.
    2.a. In order to be yourself. you must understand yourself, or rather know and understand what you are not.
    2.b. So, you must think. Men think. To think is to be a man.
Our Duhmandments:
<duh>Sleep when sleepy.</duh>
<duh>Rest when tired.</duh>
<duh>Eat when hungry.</duh>
<duh>Don't cut body parts off.</duh>
<duh>Don't eat dead animals.</duh>
<duh>Men, be men.</duh>
<duh>Women, be women.</duh>
<duh>Get enough sleep.</duh>
<duh>Don't give your house away.</duh>
<duh>Don't overpay for education.</duh>
<duh>Be your own doctor.</duh>
<duh>Don't do physical labour (exercise) for free.</duh>
<duh>Don't trust the government.</duh>
<duh>Don't get married.</duh>
<duh>Wear many clothes when cold.</duh>
<duh>Eat fresh food.</duh>
<duh>Don't smoke.</duh>
<duh>Don't drink alcohol.</duh>
<duh>Don't buy insurance.</duh>
<duh>Don't trust pension schemes.</duh>
<duh>Don't get bad karma for money.</duh>
<duh>Don't chase so-called pleasure.</duh>
<duh>If it tastes bad, don't eat it.</duh>
<duh>Don't do anything Americans would do.</duh>
The world today is in the middle of Kali Yuga. This is a cycle of the McUniverse™ in which all is turned upside down and inside out. In other words, the faggits and wimmin are in charge. Menation Cult opposes the irrational and silly and stupid. In other words, Menation Cult advocates the rational male brain and the rational male understanding taking its place as the leader and controller of the McUniverse™.
A journey may begin with a single step, but being a man begins with a single thought. Menation Cult is about masculinity. Which means in practical terms, reason. Wimin and faggits have no practical ability to reason. It is no surprise that The Church of PC promotes the "right" of wimmin and faggits to vote, even hold power. This is clearly against Nature. The Nation of Men Embracing Nature Cult, "Menation", opposes any and all power wielded by wimmin or faggits.
The Church of PC uses terms such as antisemitic, racist, sexist, and anti-gay in lieu of "heresy". This is a religious tradition acquired from its mentor and predecessor, the Church of Rome, which at one time roasted heretics. Today, The Church of PC deals somewhat more humanely with heretics, although the effect is essentially the same. To faggitize and effeminize McSociety (copywrong).
Menation Cult is antisemitic, racist, sexist, and anti-gay. "All of the above". Not because we hate JewFags, non-Europeans,, or McQueers. But we oppose The Church of PC telling us what to think and how to feel. So we are everything The Church of PC doesn't want us to be.
If a Semite - an Arab or person of Jewish descent - wishes to associate with Menation Cult, he is welcome, as long as the said person is not a woman or a faggit. Menation Cult simply hates Judaism, not persons of Jewish or other Semitic descent. No Wimmin or JewFags allowed.
A man is composed of three basic categories, mind™, body©, and McSpirit. These categories are addressed individually.
The mind is a myth. So it is better to define a brain. And its electro-chemical activity. Thought. Which leads to Mentellect. Wimmin and faggits do not think. They merely babble irritating and manipulative nonsense. And waste the time, money, and energy of men. Stop wasting your time, money, and energy on wimmin, men. Stop engaging in sexual activity, because it will waste your mental energy. Stop thinking about wimmin. Stop listening to their boring, trifling, irritating nonsense. Use your brain for productive endeavors.
Your body is your own. You have a clearly defined right to control your body, and you possess it fully, from the day of your conception. Wimmin and faggits are not logical. Men are. Wimmin and faggits advocate circumcision. JewFags are the ultimate Kali Yuga culmination of effeminized faggitization. JewFagIsm holds newborn rape and sexual disfigurement as its holiest commandment. Because JewFags are queer abominations of Nature. Menation Cult, conversely, considers prevention or reversal of circumcision to be its holiest commandment. The JewFag is the incarnation of evil in Menation Cult. Mudslimes who follow IsSlime are also held liable for child molestation and sexual disfigurement. To hell with them.
The Spirit is the highest order of freedom. Men have a soul. Wimmin and faggits are empty machines. Programmable devices. At the service of The Church of PC.
In practical terms, Menation Cult's approach to confronting the forces of Kali Yuga, consists of 3 basic policies of behavior. Total Continence - absolute and total abstinence from any and all sexual activity. Veganism - eliminating corpse and dead flesh consumption, and if possible, eschewing consumption of any and all animal and insect derived foodstuffs. Mentellect - using your ManBrain to solve and overcome problems.
Menation Cult has a major holiday. Boycott-wimmin-and-faggit Week. The date is random. Menation Cult Nonconformists must try to live without any contributions that wimmin and faggits have made scientifically & technologically, artistically, and intellectually.
A few years ago, a book came out by some JewFags, "The Bell Curve". The JewFags wanted to make a few shekels. Since racial equality and harmony weren't really generating any lucre, these JewBoyFaggits decided to write an incendiary book that essentially promulgated niggraz iz dum. While there may indeed be some slight statistical basis for claiming that niggraz iz dum, there are MEN of color who have contributed in all spheres of progress. This is cited as an example to make a point, an analogy; While there may be some slight statistic discrepancy between contributions and achievements in regard to men of color versus low-melanin-pigmented men, wimmin and faggits are a staggering chasm of mediocrity.
During Boycot-wimmin-and-faggits Week, Menation Cult Nonconformists will likely have to do without Lady Gaga and the drawstring trashbag. The key word here is TRY. Try to figure out what, at all, faggits and wimmin have EVER contributed? Good luck, McGents.

- Dr. Rob

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