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Man Vs. Woman

Man is moral (or immoral) and has conciousnesss (self-awareness).  A woman is a-moral and lacks consciousness.  Conscience and consciousness are not just etymologically related.

Male consciousness: I am. Female "consciousness": I am that. I could shorten this: man = I, woman = that.

I = 1.
That = 0.

She merges with the world, with objects. She loves her possessions because she is her possessions. She identifies with things. If you could away what she has, she wouldn't exist anymore. On the other hand, a man is immune to the accidents of fate. He is an invincible "I", a self-sufficient "1." In short, he exists.

Man gives value to woman, as 1 gives value to 0. 1 with a 0 = 10. Value means meaning, form, existence. He impregnates her mind before her body. 10.

A feminist-type will try to come before a man. This makes a 01. She remains a 0. She is unsatisfied and restless.

Why does she merge? Why is she "that?" She is sex. She exists in sexual relationship with the entire world.  Sexuality is all about merging.

Where man is essentially an independent "I", woman identifies almost fully with her environment, with her passions, etc.

She doesn't have the ability to sit back and consider her individuality apart from things.

She cannot self-reflect. She cannot rest in the self.

Woman has no power of involuntary attention. Voluntary attention = free will. She is thus the slave to her environment.

Since she has no "I" consciousness, nothing in her life is consistent. She lives discontinuously. She is never the same woman twice. She doesn't understand value or principle, only her emotions at the time. You could say she is a being of time, whereas man is a being of eternity.

A woman will never feel real guilt about anything. She is a different woman from moment to moment. To her mind, the woman who did something shameful no longer exists. She cannot feel guilt in a deep way. When she does feel guilt, it is just the fear of being judged by other people.  A woman's ethics are always a social phenomon, not a God phenomenon.  They are artifically imposed by her environment.

Being many is the same as being none.

Woman is a cloud, a passing nothing. Sometimes she looks like she is really something, just as sometimes a cloud looks like a lion, or a ship, or a man, etc.  Of course, it is all trick, all maya.

Woman is neither moral nor immoral; she is amoral.  In fact, she does not rise to the dignity of immorality.  Water can only take the shape of that which contains it, delimits it, sets boundaries for it.  A woman only takes the shape of the man who contains her, delimits her, sets boundaries for her.  A well-bread woman is not fundamentally different from a prostitute, just as water in a beautiful vase is not fundamentally different from water in a rusty pot.

What is civilization and religion?  Religion and civilization are masculine things designed to put a limit on sex- desire, to contain that desire.

If not for male sexuality, women would have no meaning.  Male sexuality both creates and destroys woman.  Eve was the beginning of the fall.  

A woman not in a "container" (a social situation that puts limits on her), reverts immeditately back to her default condition.  As water tends to flow downwards along the path of least resistance, so does woman tend toward depravity.

Men are women are not complimentary.  A woman is the end of a man.  Sex with a woman is killing.  In sex, Woman = -1, Man = 1.  -1 + 1 = 0.  Do you want to be a zero?  Woman = water, Man = fire.  Fire plus water equals nothing.  Do you want to be a nothing?

What about marriage?  Marriage at best is elevating to the woman but not to the man.  It is like this.  The fire (man) is burning under the pot of water (the woman contained in the institution of marriage).  The fire heats up the water, bringing it to a boil, sublimating it.  She is transformed from mere liquid to a gas.  She thus rises to a semblance of holiness.  But sex can only be for procreation, that is what the container represents.  There has to be some space between male fire and female water for the beneficial transformation to take place.  Otherwise, of course, she will destroy her man like water puts out fire.  And that's what we see in the world today.  A woman always kills whom she loves.  Nietzsche said that it is better to fall into the arms of a murderer than an amorous woman.    

"Having balls" or "Having your balls back." These are common phrases. They demonstrate that courage is a function of sex, actually in having control over and restraint over the sex organ. Emptying your balls does just that, makes you ball-less.

The woman question is the world question.

Woman is the matrix. Matrix means mother or matriarchy literally.  Matrix is also maya, illusion, suffering. The matrix is the fallen world. When you have sex with a woman, you are literally plugging into the matrix, feeding the matrix, producing the world of illusion, limitation, and suffering. Sex is the cheese on the mousetrap, the worm on the hook.  It is for this reason that all true religion promotes chastity. Chastity is freedom, it is life in the spiritual world, the real world outside the matrix. Are you ready to take the red pill?

When you break spiritual law, you get trapped in the matrix, in the life of dualism, suffering, and limitation.  That's the way God set up things.  That's the rule-book of life.  That's the _grammar_ of life.

You cannot sleep with a woman and remain free. If you feed the spider, she will eat you. Feeding the spider is giving her your sexual fluid.  This is the natural and spiritual law.  Don't feed the spider.

The heaight of traditional morality has long been seen as sexual abstinence. It was always the celibate closest to God.  You can't understand Nature while you are part of it. One has to repress Nature (sex), make oneself separate from it, give oneself some distance from it, in order to get perspective. Sexual abstinence or at the very least some temperance is necessary for the thinker.

The news-of-the-world is a warning and an inspiration.  First third-world. It shows what life could be like for you if you continue down your path of sin. For the sinner, the depravity on the horizon inches closer and closer until finally you are in the midst of it.  Likewise, the good things in the world which are far off are an inducement and inticement to virtuous behavior.  It is God saying, "Keep up virtue and these things even shall I give unto you."

- Colonel Goobers

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