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Misogynic Resources

Medieval thoughts:

"That women's sexual power far exceeds man's and after man's sexual activity has stopped she still requires more."
"Wimmin weaken all things."
"Wimmin desire to allure, control and deceive men."
"A boat never entered without perishing, without being hurled forth from there vanquished and exhausted."
"Insatiable, conscienceless sexual desire of wimmin."
"Wimmin always spiteful, quarrelsome and jealous."

"Bodies corrupted by lust are the dwelling places of devils." - St. Hilary
"The unnatural vice." - St. Thomas Aquinas (on lust without procreation)
"Wimmin are weak and flighty, wimmin are an inescapable punishment, a necessary evil, a natural temptation, a domestic danger, a delectable mischief, the whole body is phlegm, bile, rheum, fluid of digested food, consider what is stored up behind those lovely eyes, angle of the nose, mouth and cheeks, and you will agree that the well proportioned body is only a whitened sepulchre." - St. John Chrysostom

"How much more pleasure for life and conversation when two friends live together than when man and woman cohabit!" - St. Augustine
"Wimmin are less intelligent, men have more perfect reason, and women are less resistant to sexual temptation." St. Thomas Aquinas
"Nothing casts the manly mind down from its heights more than the fondling of wimmin and bodily contact of the married state." - St. Augustine
"Eyes of wimmin touch and disturb the soul"
"Wimmin are not more clever than man, but more sly and cunning" - "St. Albertus Magnus

"The senses are so strong when one becomes infatuated they do not consider circumstances and situations." - Bhagavatam
"Just try to understand the mighty strength of My maya in the form of a woman, who by the mere movement of her eyebrows can keep
even the greatest conquerors of the world under her grip" - Bhagavatam

In french there is  a slang for orgasm: "le petit mort" (the little death) and there is evidence after orgasm parts of the mind are effected that are for behaviour control.

Tertullian called women ' the devils gateway'
Origen said " women are continuously full of lust and castrated himself"
St.gregory of Nazianzum said "Fierce is the dragon and cunning the snake but women have the malice of both."

St. Ambrose taught to avoid marriage like a burdon, virginity was a christian virtue.
St. Augustine taught woman was for procreation, no woman set foot in his house, he never spoke to a woman alone without exception.
St. Albertus Magnus said: "Woman is inconstant and curious, when she lies with a man she wishes to lie with another man at the same time, if you give her your  trust you will be disappointed."

A saint said the eyes of woman touch and disturb the soul.

A medieval guy said of a woman he knew "King Robert's armada could have entered with ease, a boat never entered without perishing, without being hurled forth from there vanquished and exhausted."

- Br. Jahn

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