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Killed by Their Woman

Jimi Hendrix

Hendrix's manager Mike Jeffery ordered Hendrix's girlfriend Monika Dannemann and some helpers to drown Hendrix in wine.

Contrary to popular belief, Hendrix's autopsy does not say that he choked on vomit, but rather that he drowned in wine. His blood alcohol levels were actually low.

John Bannister, a doctor who worked on Hendrix said:

murdintoj“It was just extraordinary. He had really drowned in a massive amount of red wine.”

In 1996 a British high court punished Dannemann for libel and considered her involvement in Hendrix's murder factual. She was released, and two days later she was found dead in her Mercedes.

The coroner called it a suicide, and wikipedia hints that she was killed by Hendrix fans.

His manager Jeffery confessed the murder of Jimi Hendrix to his roadie Tappy Wright, and a month later Jeffery was killed in a plane crash.

Monika Dannemann's involvement in Jimi Hendrix's murder is widely seen as a fact, and articles like this are made as jokes.

[Source: Rock Roadie, Tappy Wright, 2009]

John Lennon

Jose Perdomo was a Dutch Jew who had murdered his wife, fled to Cuba where he became an intelligence officer, then moved to America where he joined the FBI and became John Lennon's doorman (!). On the day Lennon was killed, Lennon was with his freaky wife Yoko Ono, who suddenly ran ahead of him so he could be shot. To this day Ono does not cooperate with investigations concerning Lennon's death, and no trial has ever been held.

Curt Kobain

Kobain's Jewish wife Courtney Love hired a private investigator too fend off allegations that Cobain was murdered. The investigator then named her as the murderer.

Jim Morrison

Morrison publicly expressed hatred for drugs and his father, Admiral George S. Morrison, said: "Jim's moral and ethical standards were very high."  But Jim Morrison's girlfriend Pamela Courson was dating one of the biggest heroin dealers in Europe, and she "found" him in their hotel bathroom dead from heroin overdose.

His girlfriend was the agent of death. He was killed because his father was publicly discussing the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty. [1]

Women have also been used to control politicians and other key figures, like Kay Summersby and Ike Eisenhower, or Weng Fan and Yang Zhengning.

The point of all this is that when the powers that be fail at controlling someone and they fail at killing him, they'll often send in a woman. An even deeper issue is that sexual addiction can control and even ruin a man.

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