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We Do Not Need to Propagate
Our Race Nor the Human Race

It is often an objection to celibacy that if we were all celibate, our race and even the human race would go extinct.

I propose, my brothers, that the human race in all its good aspects is not of a material nature, so materially extincting it is of no consequence. We learn as yogis that "I am not this body," and we should extend that to say, "Humanity is not these bodies." In the beginning, there was only God, light, and spirit. When this great pool of consciousness began to slow down and die in parts, visible clouds formed, then consciousness fractured out - and we are all carrying a glimmer of that. Even then, we still did not have enough dead matter to weigh us down to our new physical home - the earth. We only slowly lost enough spiritual power that we became weighted down and "landed." In the natural order of events, humans were necessarily more intelligent, conscious and spiritual than now. Every aspiring yogi feels the greatness of our ancestors, and knows the ancient knowledge to be true and the new science to be a sad piece of maya. But as everything changes in cycles, we can at least change our part of the world - our little society, cult or brotherhood - into something that harkens back to those times. It is our path to samadhi and nirvana to accept that we are not these bodies - and if we extended that - humanity is not these bodies.

May we more quickly accept our mission as spiritualists and accept the preeminence of our spirits over matter.

Praised be the Lord.


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