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KBH Original Prayers and Mantras

Liberation Prayer

Lord almighty in heaven. See our Brotherhood as we pray together.
We leave our sins like a pile of clothes that don't fit
and after we leave them, we will forget what they are like
We won't discuss them specifically
We won't relive them nor make our brothers relive them
for these clothes tied us up in bondage
they were too small, to petty,
and kept us from walking the Path to You, Lord

They don't fit and we want to make a pile of them right here Lord
Today, in front of everyone, we will burn them up
the fires of our passion to know You and love You Lord
We will never love these silly material trappings again
They are but a chinsy plastic trinket in comparison to Your Grace, love and blessings, for which we can thank You to no end
For You come to us Lord when we call You
You delight in our service to You
You eat with us, though You're happy just to see the offering

We pray for freedom in You Lord, that we may never again be in the bondage of mammon.

We'll praise Your name to the end of the earth and always love you to the bottom of our hearts

Glory to God and Amen

Scripture Chat Prayer 2012/03/08

 (Historic Scripture Chat held on Uncle Jeeber's birthday
and approximate Sixth Celibation Day)

give us strength
keep our thoughts and words focused on that which is wholesome
*hands clasped*
resurrect our minds and spirits from spiritual death
So that we may be re-awakened
And once again have knowledge of our true selves and the true way of seeing the world
May we be good friends to our friends
And may we be crafty foes towards our enemies
May we have the courage to shrug off any nuisance type thoughts
and may we be enlightened by scripture
Amen and OM
-- Sir Catfish

O lord and master of my life, do not give me the spirit of sloth, despair, lust of power or idle tlak.  but give rather a spirit of chastity, humility, patience and a love to your servant. yes, lord and king, grant me to see my own transgressions and not to judge my brother, for blessed are you unto ages of ages. amen

(the prayer of St. Ephraim)
-- Sir Elijah

Prayer for the Integrity of Males
and Protection of their Brilliance

You God are the all-powerful, the all-mighty
and in You we trust everything
to You we owe everything
and You have the power, the Glory, the force
to take down this heinous curse on our lives called circumcision
You have the tools to take apart the circumcisers,
and damn them to eternal hell
to stop the feminists and male bashers
who sign papers to send boys into iron maidens
naked and humiliated, shorn and violated

YOU our Lord, will put Olympic Medical to shame
YOU will throw Gomco into the jaws of karmic law

You, oh glorious bastion of life and justice in this world
May You smite the hands of the surgeons,
the white-robed priests of black magick
Shatter the scalpels and ruin their houses of pain
May their profits burn in a great purifying fire
May the common man laugh at their gold coins and stinking paper
which reeks of violence and betrayal
May the chainsaws that decimate forests break
May the daggers of butchers disappear
May the trees grow and the grasses flourish

For you are the Lord God almighty

See our Brotherhood, bless it and strengthen it
may it be the agent of Your holy will

Amen and OM

-- Uncle Jeebers

More prayers and mantras are needed! We'd especially like to see material that is not often produced on important and commonly ignored themes in popular churches today. We should pray for justice against circumcisers, abortionists, feminists, drug companies, alcohol/beer, smokers, misopedes....and pray for the exhalation of heroes working against satan in this world.

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