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Are All Faggots Crimped?

Australian study

In an Australian study, they found that 66% of misandrist and "bi-sekshal" participants was genitally mutilated.

The Gilgal Society:

The number one source of news online today is Wankapedia, run by the schlongtwaddled Jewy Wales. The most active advocate of manhood slayin on Wankapedia is Jake Waskett, an open member of The Gilgal Society, turd burglers often with multiple mutilations sharing their fantasies of manglin boy genitals.

The head of this kiddie fudgepacker and schlongtwaddlin fetish site, Vernon Quaintance, used to run a children's computer club and was caught with a hoard of child porn. Notice in his photo the small, dull eyes and "cleanly shaven" face and short haircut.

Brian Morris of Australia (the lead circ proponent there) is also in that same group of sickos.

Up your alley with a circumstump

On the two infamous pages on the "Up Your Alley Fair", San Fagsicko, sponsored by Miller Beer, all but one of the poo pushers was mutilated. Of the 40 exposing their genitals, 39 was mutilated men. Two of those had further altercations: one had "genital splitting" and the other had around 50 studs pierced throughout his entire dong region. In all 98% were crimped. [another photo spread here]

Food: There was one food shown to be provided: sausages made of dead pigs. The official beverage was Miller Beer.

Attire: Of the 40 men, several were totally naked, and 22 were wearing black leather. Read about the connection between leather and misandry here.

Knobjockeys in Porn

On a google picture cauto!search of obscene words for misandrists with safe search turned off, in six pages of results there were 98 clearly visible members, 92 of which was mutilated and 6 of which was intact. Therefore 99% was crimped and less than 1% was intact.

The constantly under-stimulated,
feels-good-only-in-a-bunghole circumstump

Other thoughts

1. It is often asserted just as some animals are supposedly oriented to the anus, fudgepackin is thus natural and inborn in X percentage of folks. This is absurd because all parents are by definition heterosekchal. Also most animals are observed in zoos and farms where animals can be driven insane by cages and un-nachral conditions. Animals in the wild where they are free to procreate live only half as long as they do in domestication (when they are often neutered). Animal behavior is usually even more absurd for humans to follow than even the example of four year-old children. Furthermore, when animals of the same sex do humpin actions, this is called "dominance behavior" and no sperm is lost.

2. According to this study (Lever, 1994), 90% of faggits think their anus worship was inborn and 4% think they done learned it. But science done proved that wrong. Neonatal crimpin is observed in most faggits, and its neonatalness causes the illusion of perversion being inborn. Butt piracy is always unnatural and is often groomed into unsuspectin and innocent whippersnappers through crimpin and single motherhood.

3. As all jews is crimped, the newfangled studies confirm the apparent connection between jewry and said turd burglary, which is clear as a bell by their founding of the queer rights movement, funding its activities and dominatin its ranks. [1]. Also consider the problem of fag misopedia among jooz. Also see the bottom of our gaybb page for an ever-expandin list of notable jewfags.


Most of all misandrists is crimped, just as with 100% of jews and serial killers. Therefore, it would not be acceptable to have unrepentant pre-verts [1] [2] in the intactivist movement. As far as this author has seen, not one of these faggits, jews and/or perverts [1] [2] has ever been converted to foreskin reconstruction and the discipline it requires.

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