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Health Of Nations

Statistics demonstrate that the number of years a population is educated is proportional to the life expectancy of the population of that nation. Also the wealth of a nation is proportional to it's education level.

Also the amount of poverty is proportional to the amount of sickness in a country as noted by anti-globalist Latin American leader Salvador Allende in the following interview.

In summation: the level of sickness and mortality rate is related to level of poverty and the level of poverty is reduced through education.

Factors that disrupt education:

- Sexual objectification of women

- Pornography

- Immodesty

- Sexual promiscuity

- Masturbation

- Drug use

- Tobacco

- Alcohol

- Too much sports

- Dumbed down entertainment

- Too much music

*Factors that disrupt education also create poverty in an area

"The diseases affecting the nervous system, that system which is powerfully disturbed by coition, are not the only ones resulting from venereal excess. We shall see that all alterations of tissue, every physical disorder, may be caused by this. We may fearlessly assert that most of the inconveniences and diseases afflicting the human species arise from venereal excesses."-Leopold Deslanders

*The above quote asserts that destruction to the physical organism is caused by excesses in sexual activity.

"chastity is life, sexuality is death" Sant Kirpal Singh

Those institutions in society that promote morality theoretically speaking would also encourage people to adopt habits that are conducive towards education. Institutions that promote morality tend to be religious institutions however secular institutions have promoted morality too.

Examples of secular institutions that promote morality:


-Public Gardens

-National Parks(forests)

-Public Libraries


*Environmental health of a nation is the major secular source of morality for a nation. However religious institutions are by far the most significance in terms of promoting morality. And morality is related to promoting education which is related to the health of a nation. Hence the health of a nation is rooted in the spiritual situation of a nation. A nation that has forsaken God will ultimately be condemned to squalor.

2 Chronicles 7:14

-Br. Catfish

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