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The KBH Graphics Page

Graphics are an important way to express ideas. A graphic is quickly and easily understood, can be spread through the internet and used freely as a component to any article, video or pious material. We recommend using the PNG format with transparent background and smooth edges, which is easily achieved in the free program Gimp.

Here are some KBH original graphics on KBH themes:

No Hookers! You think you isn't one, but you sure are wearin the right uniform!
No Hookers! Many of you wimmin think you isn't one, but you sure is wearin the right uniform!

Don't Drink OR Drive
This one has the KBH five-pointed star.

Dominion means care

build her a home! sucker
Habitat for Humanity is American slang for a man who gets married and loses his home in a female-biased court

Chicks with pecky beaks
Chicks with pecky beaks: They won't go into war or do dangerous jobs, but they sure have an attitude. Chick and chicken means a young, vain woman in English and prostitute in Chinese. Chinese Buddhists have long thought that vain women get reincarnated as chickens

parody of Nicole Richie
This is a reworking of an article with Jon Liebowitz saying he likes cut women instead of Nicole Richie saying she likes cut men

Ariel Zwang: Male mutilator
In the recent Penn State misopedia ring scandal the major networks were promoting Ariel Zwang - a pro-MGM jewess - as their expert on child sex abuse.

New Graphics Ideas:

[graphic of high-heeled shoe] Stilts is 4 clowns [with KBH star]

Race Realism [six races on a goloka] - Separate and Interesting!

True Diversity [happy Black, happy White separate], Not Mud City

We Love Wimmin...[burqua graphic]...We think Everyone Should Own One

AMA: American Mutilation Association
links: Murder by Injection, Eustace Mullins.

No Chest-arsing [graphic of cleavage, dress looks like pants back with belt]

Natural WimminKM [simple graphic of Amish-type woman]

Meditation graphics: Mornin' 'Taters: [three meditators together] Come OM for Breakfirst!

I doesn't work 4 Havatart®

[Beer Woman] lay off the liquid estrogen/manboob milk

[The five-point KBH star: {upper left, clockwise} Meditation, Fraternity, Fellowship, Courage, Chastity]

[vertical text up left side] Positive GamesKM [text from top] Instead of [graphic of basketball going into bottomless basket] try [McD's bag into waste basket] [slanted up text @ bottom] Sheeit!

Green gaspump with spinach icon on front

Rockin' in 2015 [house graphic in French flag colors, OM, banjo, veg on corners, KBH star in middle of house/flag]

Hating evil = Virtue

Catholic Guilt = Having a Conscience, feeling humble b4 God

Eternal Life, The Holy Swastika Saved [Taking the swastika out of the garbage]

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