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How Faggy is Body Buildin'?

WARNING: The following is not for the squeamish.

To quote and embellish an online post:

BB is faggy because:

  • it's all about looks - not real strength.
  • the public face of the sport is scantily clad men posin and flexing for an audience of cheerin men.
  • competitors often get stiffies on stage.
  • over the years, posin trunks have become smaller and smaller. Glutes used to be covered up. Now, we have competitors hikin up their trunks and showing off their shredded bums.
  • more than once, willies and balls have popped out of their small trunks and amidst all the cheerin (ostensibly over muscle) everyone pretends not to notice.
  • the "dark" side of the sport consists of competitors makin lusty filmettes for queer audiences, escortin and/or "private posin" for male fans and judges. Every competitor knows someone who does this but no one ever talks about it because in their mutual fear of discovery lies mutual safety.
  • I have seen guys (surreptitiously) beatin their stumps in the audience during the posedown.
  • Who do you think buys all those videos from,,,, and all the rest? Women? Um, no.
  • If you look closely enough at his website, almost every bodybuilder you can name offers some version of private posing, very "personal" trainin, web cam sessions, or sellin used articles of his clothin. Again, who do you think buys this stuff?

kosher sodomites

  • The ultimate winner in bodybuildin walks away with the Sandow statuette - the statue of a queer, Jewish man. Eugene Sandow dumped his wife and toured the country posin and flexin with his piano playin boyfriend in tow. The two eventually set up house together in Jew York City.
  • The godfathers of body building: Eugene Sandow, Joe Gold, Joe Weider. Now, what do they all have in common?*
  • The most popular body building gym franchise is Gold's Gym, founded by Joe Gold (he also founded World Gym). Yep, Joe Gold was a queer Jew with a circum-stump.
  • BB means "poontang" in Chinese (a coinky-dink)
Class dismissed. :D

like my sexy muscles jake?

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2. An article about a murderous queer pilot, who doesn't look all that different from our Avatard general above.

* They're all Jewish, and they're all faggots. Jeebers will heretofore abbreviate these to jewfags. Some better-known examples include: Sumner Redstone, Brian Epstein, Barney Frank, Alexander Hamilton [1, 2], Justin Raimondo (of, Andrew Breitbart? [1, 2], Henry Kissinger [1], Rahm Emmanuel [1, 2], Allen Ginsberg, Lou Reed, Vladimir Horowitz, Nathan Leopold/Richard Loeb, Eric Harris/Dylan Klebold, Andrea Dworkin, Emma Goldman [1], Frank Colin [1], Jesse and Arnold Friedman, Ross Goldstein, Al Zimmerman, Robert Durst (billionare serial killer), Richard Quest (from CNN), Amy Winehouse [1], Malka Leifer, Aliza Shvartz (the fartist who made jewelry out of aborted baby brains), Charlie Cohen (serial killer), Joel Schumacher (director of The Lost Boys), Richard Alpert ("Ram Dass) [1], Dustin Hoffman [1], Sigmund Freud [1], Christopher Hitchens [1][2][3][4], Ellen Degenerates, Sandra Bernhard, Barry Soetoro [1] [2], [3] [4], Robin Williams [1]Annie Leibovitz....

As Jewish misopedes are harming both Jewish children and Jewish men, jewfags are self-hating Jews who are destroying their own race, and our expose of and condemnation of jewfags is pro-Jewish. Although the talmud is a modern, evil, and anti-Jewish book, its stipulation that all adult-on-adult fags be decapitated could be used to Jewish benefit. Another modern, largely pro-Jewish group is Jews Offering New Alternatives to Homosexuality (JONAH). Traditional, pre-550 BC Judaism opposes circumcision and could be a source of some healthy morality for pro-Jewish Jews.

Knights do not use the words gay or homosexual because these words are innacurate speech. Sodomites are not happy, nor do they represent normal same-sex relations. The only words we could find which mean sodomite from the get-go are faggot, queer, and sodomite. There is no nice way to describe a nasty concept - sorry!

Ⓚ A dry, pole-like, cirucumcised willie commonly sported by perverts, rapists, serial killers (2) and Jews; the member of a partially sex-changed "man" who due to his lack of equipment obsessively attempts to aquire sensations he can never physically acquire

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