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[Vilĉjo commences with underlinin the importance of eatin twigs.]

Simply put, meat-eating is bad. Spread the word that it's bad. Avoidin meat helps in several ways: better karma, clearer mind, better health, better for the (other) animals. Avoidin meat probably also helps us not get so caught up in society.
** I used to have seriously smelly feet. I joked with a buddy that I set off a “shoe bomb” when I went through the metal detector. I took off my shoes and it was like a stink bomb.  I stopped eatin not only meat, but anythin at all from any livin creature. I don’t even eat honey, since it’s bee saliva of a sort. I have no smell I can detect. Anywhere. At all. I chopped some trees at the farm today, cleaned up a chestnut tree. I worked up a sweat. But no smell. Meat stinks. Meat makes people who eat meat stink. Meat stinks like death. Because it is death. Judaism considers eggs to be a “vegetable”. Go figure? I don’t. In Orthodox Christianity, this is called a “post”, sometimes translated as “fast”, but you can eat all you want. Just no alcohol or anythin from a livin creature.
[Re: Women]

I don't believe that a total rejection of women is necessary.
A total rejection of control of any kind by any women is absolutely necessary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Women can be around, but MUST know their place.
After all, what else can we do?
** Learn to lathe and mill materials to make customized products? Study a foreign language? Travel? Cook? Exercise? Research investments and finance? Study philosophy?
Live on an island with men only?
** Why not?
Does this mean not emailin our sisters anymore?
** Email anybody. But ask yourself this – have you ever had any real conversation with a female that’s meaninful or insightful in any way? Email and even conversation is no problem. Because there is no problem. If wimmin didn’t have mucosal orifices, men would never talk to them. But then, do we actually “talk”? No, if “talk” actually means exchangin ideas. Wimmin don’t have any.
Should we not touch women?
** Correct. Out of sight. Out of mind.
Should we not eat anythin prepared by women?
** Why not? No need to avoid usin any inventions wimmin came up with. Uh... Well, wimmin haven’t come up with any inventions. Hell, the best chefs are all MEN, anyway. So, I say, “FYB”. F!@# you, bitch!!! Did any of you see the movie about Ted Bundy? Where he yelled “f!@# you bitch!” while he boned his gf?
How far will we take this?
** All the way.
Will we kill all women? How far is this goin to go?
** No need to kill off the wimmin. They’ll die off if men stop feedin them. We’d still be in the Stone Age huntin wild animals if men hadn’t developed agriculture.
I don't think we need to say vaginas are slimy or dirty or that men are dirty for havin sex. This would imply that sexual organs are dirty and should be cut.
** It is wimmin who think sexual organs are dirty. wimmin who push even mutilation of their OWN DAUGHTERS. All this “sex is dirty” comes straight out of wimmin’s mouths. Too bad we can’t just stick somethin “dirty” in their mouths when they start babblin away. FYB.
Cosmic Male Project:
To me, it's about improvin ourselves as males.
** To me, more specifically, it’s about BEing male.
Improvement of women, in society OR at least of those women around us, will follow. Remember, women depend on men for how they live.
** wimmin depend on men TO LIVE. Men need to hand the wimmin a little “humble pie” for a while.
All the "unnatural" things women are doin these days are to blame on men only.
** I think all the unnatural things MEN are doin these days are to blame on wimmin only. The wimmin™ need to be put in their place. FYB....
Cosmic Male needs Cosmic Female. It's not called Cosmic Gender-Neutral.
** Food and poop are the 2 sides of the digestive process. They’re not complimentary. Poop belongs in the toilet. To me, Cosmic Male is about BEING male, first and foremost.
I don't mind if some of my friends like women in certain ways.
** Well, as long as they don’t flush their life’s savins down a vagina. wimmin have a place in the Natural Order, to be sure. Problem is, the natural order we’re livin in, is anythin but Natural. It’s un-Natural. And dis-order.
I deeply disapprove of smokin and eatin meat / animal oils and whatnot. I am offended (although I don't WANT to be offended by) men who are slaves to women and men who have too many female traits.
I don't like meat-eating, but some of my friends eat meat. I know some smokers, but keep my distance - no total rejection, because since I'm still very much in society. I would have to live as a hermit if I avoided all smokers and meat-eaters. So, for now, as long as I'm workin and in society, I do have some acquaintances who smoke (not around me) and/or who eat meat and/or are slaves to women.
** Maybe I’m too “medical”, but to me, we should go to the “sinners”, first and foremost. No need to witness to the converted. No need to preach to the choir.
I find myself havin less and less tolerance for smokers and drunkards and slaves to women and meat-eaters. But I do not reject them completely (yet).
** The best way to get rid of an enemy is to make a friend. We need to work on our approach to convert the “lost sheeple”.
Perhaps we can set up our cult where we are all the same and are all doin the same thing, or perhaps we can do this - and we can do this startin now rather than later:
accept each other as we are and do certain things together and not try to cajole one another into bein what we ourselves are.
** The feminine mindset is CONFORMISM. There is no morality in the female mind. Women don’t care if things are right or wrong. Only that people are happy about things. Warm-and-fuzzy, situational morality.
Like it or lump it, some of us are not goin to change - ever. But we should still be friends. Some of us like to talk about politics a lot - some aren't into it so much.
** Men differ. wimmin don’t. Men follow their own muses. wimmin conform to fashion. By the way, the fashion designers, although faggits, are men, not wimmin. Not only is toleratin difference male. Completely male. Difference IS male. Conformism is female.
Some of us are religious, some not. Some of us have such-and-such views. Others don't.
** wimmin don’t have views. Or philosophies. Know of any wimmin philosophers? Men havin views, is the whole point.
I personally will never ever be part of anythin which requires me to conform to much. I only conform if I want to. If I don't need it or want it, I won't do it.
** That’s what BEIN A MAN is all about. You practically DEFINED MASCULINE.
I am what I am and I am who I am, and if people want to copy me, that's fine. A bit odd, but fine with me. They can even use my name if they want. I don't care. Whatever.
** I’d make a distinction between “utilizin” and “copying”. Men utilize other men’s ideas. Men don’t utilize wimmin’s ideas. wimmin don’t have ideas. wimmin COPY. Men utilize. Copyin somethin is a dead-end. Utilizin somethin involves some amount of copyin, but it’s done to extrapolate, enrich, develop.
If this means I am an individual, that's fine.
** Individual = MALE.
I'm sayin right now I will only change in the way that I alone see fit.
Those who are into hard-core TC - AWESOME. The harder-core the better.
Those who still like women - great! The prettier and nicer the better. (The proviso bein to know HOW to act with that woman and knowin how to keep her in her place.)
** wimmin indeed belong in a “Natural Oder”, as stated before. But there’s no natural order to fit them in as of late.
Oh, she wants a house. Bye.
** If she wants a house, tell her to go and freakin BUILD a house. Uhhhhh.. oh yeah, wimmin have NEVER BUILT a freakin thing.
She wants marriage to get a house. Bye.
She wants to suck my energy and time and money. Bye.
She wants to nag and whine. Bye.
** That’s what wimmin do. That’s what they ARE. At least in this un-Natural dis-Order. As far as wimmin are concerned, they are only significant in their role in a Natural Order. The “issue” of wimmin is addressed by addressin how to achieve a Natural Order. Nazism supposedly promoted a “New Order”. The JewSA today, since Bush, Sr (sucks rectums) has mentioned a “New/Jew World Odor”. What I want is an OLD order. A NATURAL Order.
This means that very few women are suitable. But it doesn't mean ALL women are unsuitable.
** wimmin are not an issue. The issue is the un-Natural dis-Order.
It means that to SOME people, but not to all people.
100% full-on total rejection of women means no mothers and no sisters.
** Mothers and sisters are part of a NATURAL ORDER. wimmin march in the streets for “abortion rights”. They want to KILL their offspring. That’s the OPPOSITE of bein a “mother” ™.
I didn't approve of my "mother" or "sisters", so I rejected them. I found them offensive and unwomanly. I don't regret this rejection AT ALL. It has been very very beneficial.
** Consider, instead, rejectin the un-Natural dis-Order ™? Rejectin the bulk of wimmin follows.
So far, I have not totally rejected women for cohabitation or for sex, IF she is suitable. There are VERY VERY few who are suitable, but the idea stands that it's possible. I am a man, and will not stop bein a man.
** Sounds reasonably “natural”, to be sure. As Russians say, “if it’s natural, it is good”. Sexual access to fertile females, in my estimation, is a RIGHT, not a privilege. In a Natural Order, men are allocated mates. But, again, these are NOT natural times we find ourselves in. In my estimation, TC is an answer to combat the un-Natural dis-Odor.
Shannon has a good woman. It's possible. It's even apparently possible in China - although extremely rare, as you know.
** In China, from what I can tell, you’ve actually got a snowball’s chance in hell. It’s only a snowball’s chance in hell. But in McMerica ™ you don’t even have a snowball’s chance in hell.
I will NOT expend too much energy tryin to find the rare suitable woman. If she doesnt appear, great. No problem.
In short, I am where I am. You guys are where you are. Each of us is where we are.
** We are in an un-Natural dis-Odor. Again, bein allocated a fertile breedin mate is a RIGHT. But now, it’s a privilege you have to BEG FOR. So DON’T!!!
I wear size 8 shoes. My friends can have different size shoes if they want.
I'm not goin to copy anybody. I will take on board this and that. That's all. I will cherry pick what is right for me. That's all. I will not go further than that.
** Utilization, not copyin.
You guys are what you are, and that's fine with me - but you guys will have to do the same for me. I am what I am if you like that - great. If you don't like that - great. But I will not change for you.
** Men have RESPECT for each other. That is what men DO. That is what bein a man IS. Men respect each other’s choices.
I have noticed that some of you guys have opposin views. How much of a problem is this exactly?
** Not a problem as far as I’m concerned. I only demand a right to HAVE an opinion. I have no right to impose my opinion. It all goes back to respect. wimmin have no concept, whatsoever, of the most basic level of respect. They just whine and approve and grovel and abuse and exploit. FYB.
Some thing will have to give.
I find myself more or less on some kind of middle path. I'm not at orgies every week. I'm not a monk.
** I see myself as a monk ™. I need to get a do-it-yourself monastery from Home Despot (all wrongs reserved). Seriously, I find the basic concept of a “monk” appealin.
I might at some stage just become a sadhu and leave society totally. But for now, I'm on the edge of society but still inside it.
** I decided to “quit”. Turn off. Tune out. Drop everythin. I “quit” my “job” of bein a part of society. I dropped my membership in society.
I take it this message makes sense to you. I know more or less where you guys stand, and I know you do not all stand in the same place, and that's ok. We are all in different places.
** I see our common goal bein to find out a way to be a pure man, a “clean” man. And how to try and create a Natural Order of sorts amidst this un-Natural dis-Odor.
If we have a cult, there will be a lot of argument about conformin. CULTure is fascism. Conform or you are out.
** Conformism is FEMALE.
That sort of leaves us as individuals.
To be a member of a cult (which isn't a bad thing) there must be a lot of conformin I think.
** “Conformin” only to a commitment to be a man. While bein a man means to avoid conformin.
I am the way I am (speakin for myself here). If not conformin means I can't be in a cult, then it naturally follows that I'm not in that cult.
** To be in our cult, a male only needs to strive towards bein a man.
It looks like we can all take comfort in some of the similarities between us, namely rejection of female manipulation and whatnot.
** Rejection of the un-Natural dis-Order. Which means, as a start, bein a masculine man in a world of faggity shemales.
We could never, nor should we bother, to ever be completely the same. What would be the point?
** That’s EXACTLY what this un-Natural dis-Order demands! Our task is to do precisely the opposite.
There is strength in numbers, but what's the point in bein totally the same?
This is where I get stuck. I haven't seen the reasons that we should all be the same.
We shouldn't all be goin after women. We shouldn't all be TC.
** TC, “goin after wimmin”, these are not really the true issues. Ultimately, we need to confront this un-Natural dis-Order. Men-Allied-with-Nature?-Men’s-Association-for-the-Natural. “Man”.
We should all be different.
that's my "rant" for today,
** A mission statement, perhaps a Constitution of our “nation”? Not a rant, by any means. You’re talkin sense. But then, talkin sense is what men do with words in the first place.

Be well, Rob


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