What We Stand For

We stand for honorable conduct

The Knights of Banjo Hollow are against corrupt behavior, these behaviors include masturbation, gambling, and meat eating.

We stand for discipline

We encourage our members to meditate at least 30 minutes daily.

We stand for chivalry

A member of The Knights of Banjo Hollow is expected to do the following:

We stand for virtue

We encourage members to follow the cardinal virtues which are:

  1. Prudence: being able to determine that which is right behavior in whatever given situation.
  2. Justice: dealing with people in a manner that is just, behaving in ways towards people that is in harmony with what they deserve.
  3. Fortitude: the ability to remain steady in situations of adversity or unpleasantness.
  4. Temperance: the self-control used to restrain oneself from excesses.

We stand for knowledge

Members are encouraged to study sacred scripture.

We stand for a revival of the conscience

Secular philosophies associated with the western "enlightenment" have crippled people‘s consciences by attacking the very notion of right and wrong through notions of moral relativism and other poisonous philosophies. We seek to find out how to reconnect with our conscience and develop a moral worldview.

We stand for faith

We believe in God.

*****The KBH*****