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From Dr. Rob:
Stumbled across something interesting: the world's oldest father. He claims to be 100. But he's really only 94. He's a vegetarian (who drinks milk and eats butter). Is that a surprise?

How many corpse eaters live to an old age anyway? How many vegetarians ever get Alzheimer's? How many vegans ever die of heart disease, the most prolific killer? If you don't have any dietary cholesterol, how can a person even get atherosclerosis? I'm going to have my lipids measured soon, by the way. I've been on a plant-only diet for about two months. I brought over peanuts, peanut butter, humus mix, and powder to make felafel, along with taboule mix. I boil a bag of $2 compote to get fruit. Being vegan is a huge cost savings, by the way.

Uncle Jeebers responds:

To figure out his real age, we'd probably also have to look at his birth certificate and some other documents. In backwards countries like China and India, you often have multiples of the same official documents. But in any case he'd be proof that vegetarians are number one for virility and longevity.

Vilĉjo responds:

The Sun has lots of these stories. the world's youngest dad was there a few months ago, then a second story came out that after dna tests he wasnt the father.

But they sold some jewspapers.

2010/12/29: OK ya'll. We see the year 2010 is peetering out. We had a lot of great articles and activity, all of which will be archived later in the right panel as 2010/12 Archives under KBH original articles. Also this main panel will eventually archived with a link at the bottom, which will show our Brotherhood's glorious history.

Today we added a lyrics page, which starts off with a modest three songs that are in the cannon of the brotherhood/country music band called the KBH. Uncle Jeebers also offered some new translations for the Chinese side of the site.

2010/12/27: Merry Christmas, y'all!

2010/12/20: Added new conversation post, "Teeterin on TC?" for men who can't seem to make the jump and therefore needs a lil' clarifyin.

2010/12/16: Phenomenal new links from Br. Catfish concernin dragons and giants (in the link section) which will expand any continent man's thinkin on the world's history. Are things evolvin or devolvin? Continent minds wanna know!

2010/12/15: Proposed Brother work: 1. gather information on animals, their mating cycles/habits and lifespans 2. work out how different types of humans relate to different animals 3. come up with a list of Catholic and Orthodox pilgrimage sites 4. make a list of famous celibates, their accomplishments, and what they had to say about celibacy

2010/12/14: Had some thoughts about kids.

2010/12/13: Added new post, Macho Murder? Workin on the KBH logo, settin up new group meditation time. Added new article How Faggy is Body Buildin?

2010/12/12: Sensuality destroys life, luster, strength, vitality, memory, wealth, great fame, holiness and devotion to the Supreme. - Lord Krishna, the Bhagavad Gita.

2010/12/09: Added article Circumcision Karma, exploring the blowback from violence against men. New term coined by Dr. Rob for what is now mistakenly called "sex" - MMM, or Mucosal Mutual Masturbation. He mentions that procreation isn't what is really happenin most of the time, and that what is really being done is a form of masturbation on someone else. Also, what is the male creative fluid in that context? Apparently it is a waste product like urine or poop. My oh my, how your terms and understandin changes after goin celibate! We have to pray for these sinners and hope that they use their creative forces for positive purposes in the future.

2010/12/05: Added article How to Keep Your Stallion in His Stall by Uncle Jeebers.

2010/12/04: Added article Health of Nations by Br. Catfish.

2010/12/03: read the Universal Declaration on Circumcision, Excision, and Incision and discover how the female gender is being protected exclusively and illegally over the male. Were you circumcised? Perhaps you've found your sex drive incredibly difficult to control, even though intact women seem to control themselves with ease.

2010/12/02: Quotes from the Bible:

But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality.
Ephesians 5:3

It is God's will... that each of you should learn to control his own body in a way that is holy and honorable, not in passionate lust like the heathen, who do not know God.
I Thessalonians 4:3-5

2010/12/01: Quote from Br. Catfish:

Part of the breakdown of male friendships is due to the sexuality in advertising. Seeing scantily clad women all the time puts men in a constant competitive mindset with one another because on an unconscious level they will be constantly seeing other men as competitors for women and when they see half naked women all the time that puts them in that competitive mindset.

I don't agree with the full body covering in muslim countries, but the modesty of women there is why men walk down the streets holding hands - because they aren't constantly in competitive mode... seeing scantily clad women puts men in competitive mode.

2010/11/30: Made a guide on speaking authentic Hick. Comin soon: How to Keep Your Stallion in His Stall, Is Killing Macho?, and a new version of "Brotherhood," the ode to cooperation among moral men by Uncle Jeebers and Rastus Lee.

2010/11/29: Celibacy pep-talk by Jeebs, as originally expressed in communique with The Cosmic Male Project:

There is a GROUP of men (oh the horror!) who are thinking and workin together (Oh, my gourd!) who don't want vaginas (holy moly!). Jews and society will say, "Hey wait a minute! You're supposed to be some individualist stuck in a corner where we can enslave you - a stallion gelded by some mucosal hole." Sorry Hymie, we've got jews for you: Two Whites don't make a wrong. There's no mate called "Soul Mate." Bros b4 hos! Gentlemen:

Organization. Creation. Victory.

Re: Kali Yug

We are at the nadir of the Kali Yug, fellow Knights. It is a grand event that things in society will start to turn in our favor - though very, very slowly. It means that we will see like tree sprouts in forest-fire ash, blotchy, pocket-type scattered regeneration. We will form cults and cultivate culture. We will earn our place in the rubble of Bablyon's tower - in the chaos, in the anarchy. In the scattered remnants of an empire whose puppet king is a Yellow Negro, whose crumbling states can only succeed in insttituting (haphazardly) the rule of sex-change law, the slicing of manhood and chopping of breasts. Stripped and barren fools, like flowers with half their petals plucked off. They are a massive, weak, asinine force, filled with gaping holes where all kinds of regeneration can take place. There is a vibration, gentlemen, of MOKSHA for MEN. Just read what this selective spreading of TC is going to do, courtesy of Swami Sivananda:

The sex idea is a mental creation. The whole Maya or Avidya is nothing but the body-idea or the sex idea. The whole spiritual Sadhana is calculated to destroy this one idea. The extinction of this one idea alone is Moksha!

2010/11/29: Established formal ties with The Cosmic Male Project. Discussed plans to attain मोक्ष, Moksha - ultimate freedom - and मुक्ति, salvation.

2010/11/25: Posted new article, started translating site into Esperanto.

New in links section: "Spritual Warfare" pdf. Here's an excerpt:

My personally assigned demon
By revelation, God showed me something that I can not prove with a specific Scripture, but I can cite the case of one man concerning it. From this man's experience, combined with my own, I believe that every child of God has a personal demon assigned to him, that tracks him constantly, whose job is to derail him, one way or the other (including sickness). In other words, I believe that the devil has given a personal assignment to one specific demon to harass and afflict each individual Christian. Paul had a personal demon. No, Paul was not demon possessed. Neither are we. That demon never possessed Paul. His mission was not to possess Paul; his mission was to kill him, to wipe him out, to buffet him with his fist until Paul lay dead with his lips silenced and his job for God cut short by this death dealing power.

[contributed by Br. Catfish]

2010/11/24: Three new articles added, plus a FAQ. Knights' bios, more articles, resources and links planned.

2010/11/23: Texted ad agency responsible for posting abortion advertisements in Nanjing buses. (Their cell phone number is 13913870860).

2010/11/22: The Knights of Banjo Hollow is founded and website created.


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