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Faggits = Misopedes

David Cameron says that arresting misopedes
would be homophobic

**Note: The KBH avoids use of the word "pedophile" because these sickos do not love children and NAMBLA is not about love between adults and boys. We instead use the grammatically correct word "misopede", in the Greek, literally, "child hater".

North America's most notorious cabal of child predators, NAMBLA, was a strong founding element of ILGA, and its longest participating organization (for ten years). To get public funding, Gregory King of the Human Rights Campaign said that "NAMBLA is not a gay organization...They are not part of our community and we thoroughly reject their efforts to insinuate that pedophilia is an issue related to gay and lesbian civil rights." [1] NAMBLA responded by claiming that "man/boy love is by definition homosexual," that "man/boy lovers are part of the gay movement and central to gay history and culture," and that "homosexuals denying that it is 'not gay' to be attracted to adolescent boys are just as ludicrous as heterosexuals saying it's 'not heterosexual' to be attracted to adolescent girls."[1] [Paul Bonacci testifies on NAMBLA]

Consider some points on NAMBLA:

  • Some NAMBLA chapters meet at mainstream gay centers such as Philadelphia's Gay and Lesbian Community Center. [1]
  • NAMBLA's meetings and conferences always feature mainstream queer leaders and speakers. For example, Don Kilhefner, of the Los Angeles Gay Community Service Center, gave a speech to Los Angeles NAMBLA members on the subject of "The Significance of Man/Boy Love in the Gay Community"
  • The most comprehensive geigh networking website, the Queer Resource Directory ….links every geigh group in the country including NAMBLA and other queer groups that focus on young males
  • NAMBLA marches in queer pride parades with the consent of the queer leadership, and was a member of the ILGA for ten years [1]
  • Many of the homosexual movement's most prominent leaders endorse NAMBLA and its goals. Geigh wrahters and big cheeses such as Allen Ginsberg, Gayle Rubin, Larry Kramer (founder of ACT-UP), Pat Califia, Jane Rule, Michael Kearns, and Michel Foucault have all written in favor of either NAMBLA or man-boy relations. Harry Hay, whom many consider the founder of the American queer movement, invited NAMBLA members to march with him in the 1993 "March on Washington" geigh rights parade. He also marched in the 1986 Los Angeles fag parade wearing a shirt emblazoned with the words "NAMBLA walks with me."
  • Top mainstream queer newspapers and magazines such as the Advocate, Edge, Metroline, The Guide, and The San Francisco Sentinel have not only published pro-NAMBLA articles and columns but also many have editorialized in fayva of NAMBLA and MIPS with children. [1]
  • Chickenhawk
NAMBLA operates in the open and with approval of the gay community
NAMBLA operates in the open and with approval of the "gay community"

Misopedia is also, in effect, legal in the United States. This is because missing children, especially boys, are not officially listed and police do not have any obligation to look for them. Also groups like NAMBLA operate completely in the open, with an expressly misopedic membership base and the express object of officially legalizing misopedia.

NAMBLA meeting

Fag = misopede in popular culture

  • Perderast in French (and pederasto in Esperanto and pederast in english) means both fag and boy rapist
  • In the better days in the US, the government specifically sought to teach people that faggitry = misopedia through educational film designed to make society safer

Other points of interest

  • American misopedes take their kids (adopted and natural born) to public orgies, claiming it is educational and liberal for young children
  • In recent news, Phillip Schofield got in trouble for asking David Cameron to arrest misopedes, because Cameron deemed it homophobic (see video above)
  • Holland, only 12 years after legalizing fag marriage (appropriately on April Fool's Day, 2001), legalizes misopedia [link in Italian] [link in Portugese]
  • The first AIDS victim, Robert Rayford, was only fifteen years old

A July 2012 scholarly, peer-reviewed study in the journal, Social Science Research, by Professor Mark Regnerus, of the University of Texas, Austin, found that:

  • Children raised by same-sex parents reported a 3-12 times higher incidence of sexual abuse than children living with both biological parents.
  • Children of lesbian mothers are nearly 12 times as likely to say they were sexually touched by a parent or adult as those raised in intact, biological families.
  • 31% of those raised by lesbian mothers and 25 % raised by homosexual fathers were raped, compared to 8% of those raised in intact, biological families.
  • 90% of children raised in a normative household were heterosexual, whereas 61% raised by a lesbian parent and 71% raised by a homosexual father were not.

Further, children raised by same-sex parents were:

  • Two to four times more likely to be on public assistance.
  • More than twice as likely to be unemployed.
  • Twice as likely to have contemplated suicide.
  • More likely to seek treatment for mental illness.
  • More likely to have engaged in unmarried sex.
  • At greater risk of poverty, substance abuse, and criminality.

Children raised by same-sex parents reported the highest incidence of living in foster care, with grandparents or living on their own before 18 years of age.

Less than 2% of those with a mother in a same-sex relationship reported being with her for all 18-years of their childhood and youth. [more]

Just one misopede ring, Dragontail/Boylovers, was in operation for 20 years before anyone did anything about it. All the offenders were fags, all the victims were boys. The ringleader was a gook who got australian citizenship via refugee status and was actually featured on ABC as a model fag parent one year before his arrest

Misopede Rings

Ever notice that all misopede rings are run by men, and their victims is boys? Well that, gentlemen, is the very definition of faggit! Read some headlines: Gay Adoption Horror: Duke University Official Molested Adopted African American Son Pimped Son to Cop [1,2], Gay rights campaigner led a double life as leader of paedophile ring that carried out a catalogue of child abuse [1,2]. There's also the largest misopede/fag rape/murder/human trafficking case (that goes all the way up to the US president), The Franklin Coverup, and look how the Vatican (now its own misopede ring) discusses 3,400 rapes committed by fag infiltrators just since 2004 (!) - exclusively cases of fag misopedia,...

Huge rings constantly being busted

::Fag/misopedes in the gnus::

Amazingatheist, TJ Kirk

T.J. Kirk (also Terroja Kincaid) is a prominent figure called "the face of atheism on youtube" by CNN [1][2], interviewed on CNN along with William Lane Craig, is a prominent faggit and misopede.

In this video he promotes porn for young people. Here are more degenerate comments. Here he shoves a banana up his arse and smothers himself with chocolate sauce and/or feces [warning, extremely graphic screenshots]. Also see oilgate 2013 (graphic). Even after making gay porn in oilgate, he still tries to insist he likes girls. Another theme with misopedes and faggits is being anti-vegetarian and ravenous meat eating, as you see here. Here is a sample of his "art".

For an indepth dossier on this extremely depraved man, who may also be very popular (if jewtube is not fabricatin his popularity), visit the encyclopediadramatica article. Every odd fact I found in this article I verified as being true, as bizarre as it sometimes reads.

We would scarcely take notice of such a person, were he not featured on nearly every youtube page and promoted as heavily as he is, and he fits uniquely into recent events and the theme of this post, provin once again that faggits is also misopedes.

chick dawkins
Chick Dawkins sez, "Nothin wrong
with some mild molestation"

Dick Dockins

Long known to be a wussy, a thought police douchebag, and pathetic leader of the atheist movement, Richard Dawkins has noticeably taken on a pedosmile, along with an increasin reputation as a twink.

Although this is admittedly "conjecture" (as if Dockins couldn't suck a golf ball out a garden hose), this author thinks it's just a matter of tahm till Dick Dockins comes out confessin he's a fudgepacker, just like his fag suckin buddy in atheist limbo (whiskey be upon him), Christopher Hitchens. [1, 2, 3]. After all, he has come out in the recently as 1) lovin genital mutilation of infants and 2) supportin a "little mahld misopedia". Tick, tock.

Lena Dunham

A dyke, she stroked her mother's vag, was exposed to her father's porno paintings all around the house, and admitted she sexually abused her younger sister for ten years, adding, "Basically, anything a sexual predator might do to woo a small suburban girl, I was trying." (She's received support from RAINN, an org that promotes what they oppose) [more]. Lena, too, gets the homo-pedobear seal of approval.

Other examples

Officer of the year rapes over twenty migrants (including minors). Dr. John Money, PhD, the "John/Joan", a case doctor, "treats" twin brothers David and Brian Reimer drivin them to suicide) and pens the anti-Kellogg book, The Destroying Angel. Some crimes and criminals from NAMBLA are listed here. There were over 1,100 known members in the 1990's, most of them jews - a membership which has probably grown considerably. The largest case of child prostitution in US history: a ring of fags attackin only boys. Non-White Doctor Working with Children Admits Grooming and Abusing Young White Boys; Retired Detectives Back Claims of Pedophile Politicians Murdering Young Boys at Establishment Orgies; Australia: Prominent Jew Rabbi Calls for Leniency for Pedophiles (also see the blog all about kosher misopedia other than "just" GM, with countless stories like "Many Australian Orthodoxers Don't Think the Chabad Can Stop Stumprapin Lil' Yids"); The Jewish Child-rape Assembly Line (Vice article); Many Studies Confirm that 50% of All Jewish Males Have Been Raped by Old Jewish Rabbis; Sports as a grooming ground [1, 2, 3], female high school principal Andrea Cardosa rapes several young girls...


Below are some key logical points in the debate:

  1. All fags must be born of heterosexual parents
  2. Queers would logically prefer fresh meat as opposed to old meat
  3. Queers have a fierce drive to "procreate" via child molestation, producing the next generation of queers (which is why most queers will admit to being abused as children) [1, 2, 3]
  4. This "grooming" is also matter-of-factually considered education
  5. Thus fag "families" are necessarily parasitic
  6. Fags have hundreds if not thousands of partners [1], have around 45 times the VD risk of heteros [1], and in their process to their death (which occurs on average at the age of 43 [1])
  7. Even by standard statistics, only 1 to 2% of the general population is fags (self-reported) or 10% (pervert/Kinsey presumed) - far out of the proportion to statistics showin that 40% to 60% of misopedia is same-sex (there are even 37% of fags who admit to molesting minors)

"We Shall Sodomize Your Sons"

This can't be put more blunt. Michael Swift published in the Gay Community News (2/15/87):

We shall sodomize your sons,
emblems of your feeble masculinity,
of your shallow dreams and vulgar lives.
We shall seduce him in your schools,
in your dormitories, in your gymnasiums,
in your locker rooms, sports arenas,
seminaries, truck stops, male clubs,
and in your Houses of Congress.
Wherever men are with men together,
your sons shall become our minions
and do our bidding.

Is that clear enough for ya?

Minority rights or flaunting privledge?

Strange these child-eatin misopedes is sayin they is all downtrodden and oppressed, when we see many of the "cultural elites" get seriously bored with all their money and privilege, and then start rammin monkeyhole fur some reason. We saw this table here and had confirmation of our hunch. Though the source is still unknown, it seems to reflect reality:

Nat'l avg18%16%14%$32,286

The aristocrats of our age are jewish, and prominent jews love tellin "the aristocrats joke", a hideous atrocity that always makes hymie laugh uncontrollably. Blood libel is their ritual, somethin they can get away with that typically none of us ever would get away with, and stealin our children, rapin them, "groomin" them, makin porn and even snuff films of them, and finally killin them...then flauntin it around in the streets ("pride parades"), is great enjoyment to the jew. For a good man, a good meal tastes better if he can share it with his Brother. But to such demons as jews, sinnin just ain't so fun unless they can flaunt it in our faces.


Watch as Sam Hyde talks truth to hipster faggits


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