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Cousin Shamrock and His Feminut Wife

Shannon's father-in-law tried to steal his appartment, apparently to pay feminut lawyers in Australia. We also suspect he has stolen the car

Cui Le (Shamrock's wife) discusses how she beat Grace twenty times and made her sit at the table for two and a half hours (because she didn't finish her food)

Hello all Brothers: My situation is difficult, heartbreaking and dangerous for my kids. I have been married for six years and recently returned to Australia about 5 months ago with my wife and two beautiful kids. My daughter, who I practically raised on my own, is three and my son is 18 months.

My wife is Chinese and as such doesn't treat the daughter very well, which is an understatement, she frequently beats her with a plastic pipe, I caught her doing this one day and was shocked and disgusted. This is one of the reasons I have seperated from my wife.

I have contacted DoCS, I have contacted the police, but I never took photos, when she hurt my daughter I just thought to take her away from the harm, not to take pictures. I always slept in the same room as my daughter to protect her.

I told my wife I was leaving her and she got angry.

I was home eating dinner in the loungeroom, my wife stormed in and told me that if I divorce her, she would take everything and make me sorry, she had spoken to a women's group and a feminist solicitor earlier that day and wanted a confrontation. I ignored her and this made the situation worse, she kicked me and demanded I talk to her, I just kept ignoring her and walked out of the room. She grabbed at my shirt as I walked away, I pulled away and she rippied the front of my shirt. As I walked to the bedroom, she kept kicking me.

After a few minutes of yelling and screaming, she leaves, I re-emerge from my room to go and get my daughter as it is late and she should be sleeping. As I return to the room, my wife also returns, she is holding my son in her left arm whilst pounding on the door with her right. I put 2 doorstops in the door to stop her entering, but she forces the door open and breaks the both doorstops.

My son is screaming from being scared, my wife is screaming that she is going to be sorry, my daughter is on the bed crying and I am trying to close the door. I finally get the door closed and hold it closed with my body and wait five minutes for my wife to leave. The next day she calls the police and accuses me of assault, I am arrested without charge, was locked in the holding cell for 5 hours and given an AVO.

My mother came to support me and take care of my daughter whilst I was detained and I am now living with her.

I spoke to DoCS and a solicitor, they both told me I had every right to take my daughter, so I did, I was then advised to also rescue my son. The day after I rescued my son I was contacted via sms by my wife's solicitor (picture attached). Later that day I was told I must return my children to my abusive wife by court order, again by sms. I called the court to check if this was correct and wad told I must comply. I had received nothing prior to the SMS.

I complied with the order, called DoCS and the police, both of which were no help. I applied for legal aid, but because I have an apartment in another country, I didn't get legal aid. My wife has all the bank cards, both the children, living as normal and there is nothing I can do. I have no money, no kids and no solicitor. I cannot sleep knowing an evil person is spending all her time with my kids.

I have to attend two ridiculous court hearing on Monday, the 24th to defend myself and My children.

I am returning to China to get her medical records from the hospital in which she was diagnosed with a mental illness. She works for a Chinese bank and still receives a salary because she is on long mental leave. She also receives full centrelink benefits for her and for the children.

She is a danger, a liar and mentally unbalanced. I am lost as to what to do.

If you could please offer some advice or help it would be greatly appreciated.

This article is anonymously produced by the 20 or so man posse, the KBH, to approximate Shamrock's situation from the first person. It is by no means authored by Shannon Woodrow himself. -Ed

Shannon Woodrow (KBH name Cousin Shamrock)
tel: 0424788948

Shamrock's defense fund:
National Australia Bank (NAB); Danny Shannon Woodrow
Bsb-082678 Acc-845440710

Shamrock has a good solicitor and is also good at representing himself in court. Send him a mail to understand his situation and see how you can help. He's already won roughly half way, which is unheard of in feminut Australia.

This was a happy family, me taking care of my daughter who I always take care of and have since she was born. I miss Grace so much - every minute, every hour and everyday away from her is so painful.


Shamrock and the brothers can post in several forums about this case and spread the news. The goal is to make sure Cui Le and her feminut team do not think they are in some private capacity ripping someone's family apart and running all over someone's rights. The second this ceases to be private, and instead, becomes VERY public, is the second Shamrock will start to win this case. There's the mgtow forums, the Father's Rights subforum (of that site), manhood101, reddit's men's rights forum,, and even in the "scams" section of

What we post in these forums should show the pictures and real names of the perpetrators. Will any of these feminut pictures and names appear on the kangaroocourt of australia website? Czech out this Emma Mason, the jabba who stole away Shamrock's kids! Its hobbies include: drama, the theatre, watching rugby union, reading, drinking red wine, and being a whore for known child abusers and nutcases, so the lives of little girls can be ruined. If you want to contact Emma Mason and ask if she's aiding and abetting child abusers and kidnapping, this is her contact info, publicly available here (screenshot here):

Street address:
104A William Street
Bathurst NSW 2795
Postal Address:
PO Box 1509
Bathurst NSW 2795

Mobile: +61 413999328
Telephone: 02 6332 2402
Facsimile: 02 6332 4013
Office Mobile: 0400 222 402
Email (firm):

It costs 400 dollars an hour to use, when it's you who should be paid at least that much just for having to look at the disgusting thing spitting all over itself in court.

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