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China is Not 5,000 Years Old

Chinese culture is NOT 5,000 years old, it's 50 years old, which is why they are only learning now not to poopie on the street.

And Chinese do not understand the difference between the words civilization and culture.

Civilization means you live in a box, you don't go around roaming killing animals, raping wimmin and stealing stuff, changing your name changing your location all the time i.e., being a jew, a mongol, a Shanxi ren or whatever, but you live in a box. Wow. You might even have a toilet somewhere,

but culture is actually deciding to USE that toilet

and China hasn't done that even so much YET.

Japan is the oldest culture in SE Asia by far, and this is because they don't have revolutions, they don't bulldoze the whole society and history every few years. It's not part of their way of being, to build new things, screw them up, blow them up, then make more new things. The chinese do this even in restaurants. Order a table full of food. Wreck the whole area with spit out food, liquor, smoke, barf, spit, whatever. Then a team of farmer girls descend upon the area after they leave, "cleaning" it up. Constantly blowing things up, making it new etc.

I found out about this problem from a professor here who says Confucianism was dead way back in the 300's BC. Revolution, upheaval, war, build anew, wreck it...maintenence just isn't in the Chinese vocabulary. So after you wreck it, burn all the books, then build anew, there's always a class of intellectuals who pretend they have a copy of the book or pretend they knew what was there and that they'll remake old culture. The problem is, you can't remake it anymore than you can replant a dead tree (this is an idiom in the book " The Journey West"). This professor says that not only is Confucianism purely fictional in today's China, it's the fiction of a fiction of a fiction of a fiction, roughly four or five times over.

I discovered this problem when studying The Dream of Red Mansions. A book from a couple hundred years ago. I bought a copy and studied every new character. Apparently they had much more advanced Chinese then. A huge vocabulary, tons of stuff to learn. Yet because I'm this foreigner and taking everything so seriously and looking into all these details, I find huge discrepancies between different versions of the book. I start asking around, what is the actual version of the book? I mean, the book that the author wrote, character for character? And the answer is, even for a book that's not all that ancient (it's from the Qing dynasty, no more than 300 years ago for sure, under the emporer Kang Xi), that there is no definitive version of the book. Even Mousy Dung banned it, burned every copy they could find, and yet again different versions appear, more hucksters come out saying they have a dusty copy somewhere that's the real one etc. etc.

i.e., even a modern book, they have no original copy of it. And I'm sorry but that's not history. There is no 5,000 year history if you don't have the documentation to back that up. You can't prove it by "carbon dating" either. CD is invalid and everyone knows it.

Another seriously suspicious thing is "Daoism". WIT is it? No one can define it, just like feminism or something. They can't really say who Laozi was or what he wrote. The idea that Daode Jing was written by him is purely a local myth - no foreigner believes it. You read the book and obviously it is of several different styles over history all mashed together. Looks like bureaucratic BM from several different eras which has been again revised by the current dynasty. Sort of like Jack Handey's "Deep Thoughts" collected over 2,000 years and revised by the current PC commission. Totally lame stuff.

Oh yes and simplified characters. This has happened over and over throughout "Chinese history". some emperor comes around and doesn't want anyone to be reading any history that may be left out there, so he changes a significant number of the characters to screw everything up. And instead of it becoming a new standard, all the characters just have to be added to the lexicon (which is what is happening to simplified characters as we speak).

And how about Zhongguo? Funny they translate that as Middle Kingdom. Kingdom is an old word, but Zhongguo is NOT. Zhongguo is a name made up in the 1920's. I'm not kidding. There never was a real China. They say Qinshi Emperor unified "China" around 400 BC. (Uh, 5,000 years history? how does all this jive). You read about it and find out that in fact he was just some crazy warlord who took over several states and claimed he was king of the states for a whole 12 years. Twelve years. Wow. So there was something people are claiming was China starting back in 400 BC which is uh 2400 years ago, not 5000 years ago and it lasted for a whole 12 years.

China just means Chai Nation, or tea country, and that's what ppl from the outside made as a general term for the states that were here. The Han race is a modern fiction, just like White people are now, that was composed of hundreds of races and nations before they were forcibly integrated. Chinese are so retarded now that they say that calling them China in Chinese, i.e. Zhina, is an insult, but they all learn Engrish and call it China in english and their most popular blog site is called Hmmmmm

total retards, completely in the dark ages, just learning how to use toilets, not barf and spit on the ground, sort of learning how not to crash into each other on the street, maybe learning to say thank you sometimes, can't bow to each other or respect other ppl quite yet...OBVVIOUSLY this is a 50 year old country, and even compared to 200 year old America, it's way way behind.

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