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I'd vote for making "games" or "sports" out of actual work that needs to be done now to make society more orderly, quiet, healthy and safe. Pretty much like your mother when you were young, but with more big people tasks. "Let's see who can clean up more garbage first." "Let's see who has the best design for this neighborhood". "World Cup Construction", "The Policing Olympics: How many criminals can you catch and put in the slammer?"


But a bottom on the basketball basket and make the blacks throw garbage in it. Or have people run to work however often they used to run long distance running meets or marathons. Make them run for a purpose and save on oil, pollution, and increase social contact between everyone. No more running in circles.

No more target practice with them paper targets, but pre-verts. Mix target practice, gun study and religion all the same class by havin stew-dants shoot heads of criminal jews. Hunters could be replaced by wolves, tigers and jaguars that should nachurly be there, and also made to hunt mo-hells, oprah winfrey, and Dov Zakheim. Taxonomy would be making trophies of the heads of the nasty criminals you keelt. The army and boot camp could be directed towards Israel and other desert grubbers who cannot take proper care of they envi-ron-ment.

Downhill skiin: Transport prowducts and necessities from on top of the mountain with ski caravans. Cross-country skiiers would transport goods between settlements and similar heights on the same mountains. Mountain climbers: Make them take an extra bag full of stuff that needs to go up the mountain. Skiing and mountain climbin would only be done on inhabited mountains.

Skatin sports could be directed at transportation in frozen climates along rivers and bodies of water.

Cruise ships would be required to have the passengers help with chores, cleaning, and participate in the entertainment. None of the vacationers on cruise ships would be fat, bored, or sad.

All the exercise bikes in gyms should be dismantled, and people previously using the bikes should bike to work and use the bike as a transportation tool that saves gas, traffic jams and environmental destruction produced by the production, use and disposal of cars.

Illegalize pectoral exercise machines, and have people wash their own laundry instead. Have weight lifters work in warehouses and other places where weight lifting is needed. When people are washing their laundry, they at least go outside into a public area to dry the laundry, and this increases healthy social contact.

Once we're done with sports, then we move to academia. Transfer all BM departments into departments that are using intellect to solve real human problems. All academics without practical contributions to society will be transferred to the sports department.

- Uncle Jeebers

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