Day 23 of month 11 (9.2.2021): Czech out another gnu article from Bruder Matty

8th day of 11th month, 5990 (25.1.2021): KBH exclusive: the White Israelites Calendar. Superior in simplicity and purity of origin to any other "Enoch", "Yah" or "Qumran" calendar on the internet.

Israelite Calendar Summary

2020-2021 reference calendar here

This is Yahweh's calendar on which our obedience and earthly salvation rests.

27th day of 10th month, 5990 (14.1.2021): As we've been saying since the cohen-a virus got started: we are headed for armageddon, probably around 2030. Are y'all prepared? Will you be grabbin some popcorn and enjoyin the justice show, or "oy vey"-ing your way to the lake of fire?

Since the above chatroom is practically dead (security requires too stringent conditions), consider the following options for socializing and possibly posse-ing up: the Christogenea chat and the message boards at gamer-uprising. If you feel in line with many or most of the KBH principles ("Bros b4 hoes", "back to the kitchen, biotch", "what are you doing in the oven, cat? You're not a joo"), put "KBH" before your screen name to show solidarity

22nd day of 10th month (9.1.2021): We have a new article from Matty, on an old theme: chastity and its importance:

Your soul is receiving energy from the ether all the time. This energy builds up in the lower base chakras. Without proper channelling this crude energy leaks into the conscious mind as compulsion and lust. After a while even a small spark of sin can ignite these psychic fumes into a paroxysm of latent bestial debauchery. Sin will burn you out like a charred wreck until you look like Coomer with fried dopamine receptors along with the vile low-energy vibe of a warped aura. (more...)

27th day of 9th month, 5990 (14.12.2020): Merry Christmas, y'all!

Consider some arguments in favor of Paul. Perhaps much of our previous anti-Paul sentiment was based on certain mistranslations?

What's all this crazy stuff about Elvis, Trump, Kraken/crackin, MIB, Washington, 42, the space needle....?!

1st day of 8th month, 5990 (19.10.2020): Here is some info and notes I took on the concept that viruses are fictional

6.07.5990 (25.09.2020): Consider the KBH as your next move on the march to clown-world armageddon! In one clean break you can 1) get out of the cities 2) posse-up. Put your name on the list of those who will join the community when a significant number of signatories is reached

We are recruiting founding members of a physical, on-the-ground tribe (whose original virtual founders were: Uncle Jeebers, Brother Catfish and Grits)

20.05.5990: Updated navigation bar to the right for "external links" and "gender". Czech out them gnu linx!

19.05.5990 or 07.09.2020: Is demigod and supreme ruler of academia E. Michael Jones a flat earther? We're at least sure he's a geocentrist (from this brilliant and rare discussion on the sodomite "Isaac Newton"

09.05.5990: Today is sabbath. Celebrating it today is like keeping your God-given beard and not wearing cuckmuzzle/facediaper, i.e. like a symbol of your freedom, independence and decision to be saved. A simple perhaps css, online calendar is in the works

07.05.5990 or 26.07.2020: Enocal beta is closer to 1.0. A calendar we agree with can be downloaded here as a light spreadsheet file

23.07.2020: Enoch calendar summary added to main page. It is necessary for salvation so read it carefully. It is in beta and the articles are being added from the first hyperlink down

Domain transfer is halfway complete, mainly sucessful, so the site is being updated. The KBH will be remaining online until the projected 2030 armageddon year if possible. Get prepared by archiving this site and any/all of its materials before projected tribulation year 2026. Donations, visits and applications for residence are encouraged

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