The Day

Our days start at sunrise, because we are holy, upright, saved and good. Light is good, dark is evil. The righteous and good know white from black and the general category of anything given.

"But the bible...."

Pedosatanist pharisees start their "day" at sundown, and their years at the dying season, autumn equinox. Much of the bible has been written by, interpolated or manipulated by the scribes/pharisees. Thankfully they were too stupid when they did it and used late babylonian terminology. So in fact, for the discerning reader, these parts can be separated out. Furthermore, AI and human scholars have both identified "priestly" books in the bible, and as priests have been, especially throughout OT times up to 400 AD, quite corrupt, these sources are to be treated with special caution in general.

Even if one were not to distinguish between scribe and holy writings in the bible, the bible provides more scriptural support for the sunrise day start, like Matthew 28:1 " it began to dawn toward the first day of the week...".

Kubashim farms gravy train

Historically many priests made their livings off Cain-style holocausts, i.e. "barbeques". In the absence of modern factory farming, slaughterhouses and delicatessens, cadavervores went to pagan temples to get "meat sacrificed to idols". We fail to see how, in biblical times, meat eating could have possibly been separated from literal satanic worship. And this wasn't the (((scribes'))) only gravy train burning goyim lust fuel.

Another example is how terms for the twenty-some different grades of grapejuice have all be corrupted into one single term, "wine", in the bible. Up until recently, "Hymie's" global alcohol monopoly was officially Seagrams and run by the Canada-based Bronfman family. Every drop of that stupefying, liquid estrogen pays for globohomo. Celibate hero John Harvey Kellogg has a good guide on how to fix biblical terms for grape juice.

And finally, circumcision is also an extremely non-Israelite, non-White crime, and surely its entire presence throughout the whole bible is of scribe origin. Attorney Shaun.. Swaboda has identified 10 to 20 multi-billion-dollar sin-agog sin-dacates whose main medical and swine-tific product is tortured, screaming, bleeding goyim baby prepuces.

The Elect, not programmed

Such are God's challenges to the Elect to be thinking, electing players in the game of life, and not programmed robots like you see islamics with the koran or pharisees with zohar/cabala and the rest of the talmud. It is also an example how "God's word is eternal" necessarily indicates the Holy Spirit and not the bible, which has thousands of translations, versions, errors and debates, i.e. it is the chaste man with a religious practice who has the seed of God within him (John ..) and the capacity to understand scripture. None other than a pervert and wanker will start his "day" at night and "year" at fall, and none other than the impure and spiritually lazy will take their pagan king's, pharisee-translated KJV as "the word of God".

There are also the Julian and pharisee calendars used in the bible. They are, in any case, not our calendar.

The guiding sun and spring

We the People of Shem equate daylight with Yahuah Himself. Deus, God in Latin: Day, God in English. Dio, God in Italian: Dì, day in Italian. God is light. The sun is the good, positive light that warms.

The same is true of darkness and evil: the moon is the night (evil, negative, feminine, passive etc.) light which cools and spoils. Necro- = dead; Negro- = black/dark, Latin necrus(?), nigrus. Neg-ative. Sun-set, Set, the sun is set, Satan (all the way from our People in Egypt).

In conclusion, in no way is it possible for any White, righteous man to start his day at either sundown (pharisee) or midnight (gregorian), nor his year at autumn (pharisee) or mid-winter (gregorian). If you are still reading this, it indicates the "seed of God" growing within you and fulfills your desire to be pure, straight, and just.

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