Your soul is receiving energy from the ether all the time. This energy builds up in the lower base chakras. Without proper channelling this crude energy leaks into the conscious mind as compulsion and lust. After a while even a small spark of sin can ignite these psychic fumes into a paroxysm of latent bestial debauchery. Sin will burn you out like a charred wreck until you look like Coomer with fried dopamine receptors along with the vile low-energy vibe of a warped aura.

Resisting compulsion by brute willpower is like pushing down the lid of a boiling pot. Even if you are somehow stronger than the pot, the pot will still burst. Willpower is for overcoming immediate challenges, but it is a poor strategy for fighting long term compulsion. It’s like trying to sprint a marathon; you will run out of willpower, but compulsion will NEVER run out. Abusing both is a recipe for disaster.

If you resist pornography by brute force of will, it will not last because your environment and psyche are heavily polluted with powerful pornographic primers that could go off at any moment of weakness sucking you down a hole of vicious lechery that frequently ends a nofap streak. Even after just two months of nofap a simple smile or bump from an average-looking girl could drive you into a sleepless night of lustful frenzy. Or worse (and lust deems you entirely incapable of properly evaluating a woman). Lusting after a sin is almost as bad as committing the sin because lusting itself burns up stored etheric energy. If sinning is like shooting yourself in the head, then lusting is like slitting your wrists. You can run from compulsion but you can’t hide. Trying to temper compulsion with willpower creates a brittle and ineffective mental arrangement.

I have heard people say that the solution is to keep busy and work hard at something. But this also fails to arrest compulsion because, like willpower, productivity has its lapses. Compulsion will always catch up to you and ambush you when you least expect it. Like pushing a boulder up a hill, a brief moment of weakness or error can crush you.

To truly abstain from vice you must eradicate it completely from your psyche. But you can’t force yourself to not think something. If I tell you to never think about chickens, your next thought will be chickens. Crudely fighting indefatigable compulsion with determinate willpower is an inefficient use of energy. Like water, you must follow the principle of least effort.

There exists a much easier and smarter way of defeating compulsion decisively and completely. And the simple technique to accomplish this is meditation. Meditation is the secret to TRANSMUTING crude sexual energy into a more refined and vitalizing force. It’s like the capillary action of plants drawing water up a stem to blossom and bloom into flowers and fruit. Meditation will open up the higher chakras drawing this rejuvenating force upwards. This will balance the chakras into their correct proportions. This will relieve you of carnal lusting and reformat your spirit into an orderly arrangement. This effects an upsurge of vitality giving you unbelievable mental strength and resilience effortlessly expressing itself as virtue. You will become immune to pornography as it will bounce off your psyche, never getting an chance to sprout its poisonous roots in your mind. Your aura will be stronger and brighter. Meditation is the key to regeneration and spiritual supremacy.

Use your willpower to build a meditation habit; this is the wisest use of such energy and it’s within achievable reach of anyone.


*****The KBH*****