Education is a misunderstood concept in the Western world. A formal education is designed to teach you as little as possible. The overwhelming deluge of information is intended to drown anyone who stops to smell the roses. Within the narrow and rushed scope of such a syllabus there is not enough time to understand all the content and process it into knowledge. Not having time to think forces you to download your ideas from others. And this is deliberate. You’re not meant to comprehend it. You’re meant to rote learn and regurgitate torrents of incoherent rubbish on command under a stop watch.

This has little to do with learning. Learning is about questions and answers, not propagating someone else’s ideas. Repeating what you’re told is not intelligence, and it’s nothing to be proud of.

Education is about learning what to think, not how to think. Schooling punishes enthusiasm and rewards obedience. It’s an exercise in compliance repeated and conditioned until you lose the ability for independent thinking. It’s about showing up and motioning through the movements without question or resistance until you are domesticated with a low resolution mind. The process is designed to keep you busy while accustoming you to the mental habits of a slave. A good education obliterates common sense and deletes instincts.

There are people who believe that memorizing formulas and repeating algorithms constitutes actual thinking. These people really believe they are engaging in thinking when they do this. But the truth is you can spend years listening to the inane gibberish of a university and not learn a single thing of value.

But if you are willing to play along to this silly game, you can become a good social climber. For the NPCs who excel at this dog tricks awaits the reward of writing their egos a blank cheque as they collect titles and accolades, graduating up a world of system maintenance and management. And these people function; many of them are even high-functioning. But that’s all they do: function. They do not think.

*****The KBH*****