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In our trying times, Christian Identity is fast-gaining popular support, and Christogenea is doubtless in the center of that. Despite its truths - Israelite identity, Uncle Adolf's goodness, and its astute biblical exegesis - much of its theology is based on (((protestantism))) and heavily invested in modern canaanite archeological fraud, a situation which persists even as we are clearly nearing the end of the world.

The way we understand it, the first issue (protestantism) arises from the sin of unifying in a common language and currency, instead of only in Yahweh, i.e., much or all of Christian Identity material originates in America. This is certainly the place where it would be most needed, as Burgers have lost nearly all of their cultural, linguistic and religious heritage to the relentless persuit of "happiness". We Europeans, however, have maintained that heritage, continue to speak our native tongues, and understand well - if often only instictively - that Christianity is a White thing. Apostolic traditions have mostly continued unbroken from ancient times up to today, we are surrounded by our ancestors' astounding architecture, music, poetry and languages. We are immersed in a critical context which informs us of and validates what we know.

The sin of mixing Israelite Tribes into a single economic block has been tried all throughout history, the most famous instance of which was Nimrod's babylonian empire with giant Tyrone as its president, canaanites (as always) the bankers, and the tower of Babel. Yahweh destroyed that tower and re-established the twelve tribes of Israel. Our tribes were also mixed and under slavery in Avaris, Egypt, and the climax of this Exodus story is Moses exhorting us to accept our freedom, responsibilites, and again, identities as twelve (or thirteen) different tribes. In the modern era, colonial territories have become nightmarish, mixed-race babylonias united only by money, language and sports. America, Mexico and Brazil come first to mind. Among these, the USA is the current 200-year canaanite attack dog of choice, with Canada and Australia tagging closely behind. In sum, American theologians are at the epicenter of ZOG's empire and have a lot of work to do if they want to get any of their culture and spiritual identity back.

The second issue, the unquestioning acceptance of many modern scientific claims within the myth of technological progress, allows american theologians and translators to simply assume that paleography is a valid dating method, and highly-credentialled professors to be honest. To our knowledge, no one at Christogenea has noted the blatant fraud of the alexandrian texts, the random admixture of which OT's, in various and highly-variant editions, are presented as "The Septuagint", "LXX".

LXX genealogy

Christogenea in its support of the septuagint, vaguely denies our traditional six-millenia genealogy. With more than two millenia of added human history (from nothing), Christogenea's CI straddles the fence between "short" biblical cosmology and nihilistic, modern, masonic evilutionary science, ultimately endorsing neither explicitly. This puts them in an awkward position in regards to a precise date for armageddon, the entire beresheet, one-day millenia theology extant in the Bible and early Christianity are systematically ignored along with biblical flat earth, and various other biblical discourses, parallels and references. Thus, all that brilliant and helpful biblical analysis disappears when regarding a more precise description of the creation and a date for its end, an end which could be around September 28th, 2030.

Cosmology is the very first and most important part of the Bible - the creation story which tells us where we came from, where we are, where we are going, and thus the meaning of our lives as a whole. In second place is genealogy, and beyond this, discussions concerning Yahweh's castisement of His People and the consequent end of the world make up a fair part of biblical discussion. Concerning the latter, the law book Deuteronomy is concerned with armageddon. Isaiah, Ezekiel, Obediah, and Daniel (among others) are all quite concerned about it, too. Even Jonah's famously curt five-word sermon concerns it. And finally, it forms the entire last book of the Bible, which is arguably just as important as the its first book, Genesis. Christogenea's "Christreich" deals with this theme, but does not arrive at any precision.


Christogenea, with its founding in America, its acceptance of sola scriptura, rejection of the Trinity (in favor of monarchial modalism), rejection of even the traditional, pre-1832 Catholic church among other stances, has apparent protestant leanings. In spite of this, it is heavily invested in gnostic texts originating in the Vatican (Roman Catholic), which were penned by Greek orthodox in Greece and Egypt. We're supposed to follow "just the bible", but there is no serious discussion going on about what that Bible is precisely. Further, even if we had "just the Bible", nearly the entire public doesn't have enough time and energy into understanding something that is so remote in cultural, historic and linguistic context.

Sola Scriptura is absurd and untenable

The Church is the pillar and foundation of Truth. - 1 Tim. 2:15
We thank God constantly for this, that when you receive the word of God which you heard from us, you accepted it not as the word of men, but what it truly is - the word of God that works in you believers. - 1 Thess. 2:13
Hold fast to the traditions that you were taught, either by word of mouth or by a letter of ours. - 2 Thess. 2:15

Sola scriptura, though sounding reasonable on the surface, falls apart in just two minutes of research and consideration. People weren't even literate, books were not easily reproduced nor disseminated, the new testament didn't exist yet, and the cannon was not decided during the apostolic period (before 325 AD). Even the Bible itself rejects this doctrine in many ways. [1]

Yeshua stated, "Anyone who does not heed the Church shall be considered as the heathen and the publican" Matt 16, 18. The Church's infallible authority was handed to Peter, and that Church also decided what are to be considered sacred scriptures (first Church, then scriptures). It is because of infallible apostolic tradition that we know who wrote the gospels and other books of the Bible in the first place, facts you will not all find within the scriptures themselves. The Muratorian Cannon, circa AD 150, omits Hebrews, James, 1 and 2 Peter, and includes the Apocalypse of Peter. So before 325 there was no established cannon, 4/5 people couldn't read anyway, and it was difficult to reproduce and disseminate books. It is therefore absurd to insist that every Christian become a Bible nerd or go to hell.

The doctrine of "Bible only" is most popular where there is little or no cultural, historic nor linguistic context with which to understand it, i.e., in Burgeria, Brazil and other chaotic, globalist states. The doctrine was invented on the toilet by none other than Marred-tongue Jew-ther, a bulldozer of German culture himself. He was the name put to Reuchter, Melanchthon and Calvin's plot to eliminate eleven books out of the Bible. They say, "Just the Bible", but there's no duetero-cannonicals, gospel of John, James, nor Hebrews or the Apocalypse. Once can only be thankful they didn't succeed! - and yet these were the first architects of SS.

A highly-fractured church

SS is yet another doctrine which makes every common pastor a pope and dictator. If the Bible is the only word of God, but the Bible is written in two foreign languages in a distant era with poetic meter, idioms, alliteration, cultural historical and archeological context, then it needs interpreting by experts and is, in practice, absolutely not accessible to the common man as is. Sola scriptura, therefore, makes the interpreter and expert a kind of mini-pope with his own denomination and reign, and the bible he references a direct source of programming, instead of moral thinking and affirmation of our heritage. Thus, it is readily admitted that canaanites control publishing, media and academia, but never how SS would logically put those same canaanites directly in control of the minds of Christians.

Hitler misunderstood

The site offers much in the way of NDASP studies, including the elimination of protestant/Catholic duality in Positive Christianity. In historical context, this was Hitler unifying the German People under Christ, and forbidding brother wars between the canaanite-created dichotomies of left vs. right, Catholic vs. protestant. Yet the site and its orthodox adherents preach daily against Catholics, orthodox, the use of icons, water baptism, baby baptism, the trinity and other standard traditional fare. They seem to prefer infighting instead of attacking the canaanite, something Hitler would have railed against.

Further, Hitler Himself was a Catholic, and remained so (without Vatican rebuttal) His whole life. His use of the swastika that they love so much at the site, comes from the door frame of the Catholic monastery where He went to school. Apparently, also, the earliest Christians were using the ankh and the swastika as their preferred symbols...yet these are the people that Christogenea rejects as any kind of guide on interpretation of the scripture.


Christogenea, in my opinion, attempts to usurp the Apostles, apostolic traditions and ante-nicean fathers as a guide to biblical interpretation. It is a fantastic resource in most cases, but its use of the alexandrian texts seems to be a hyper extention of Finck's expertise in Greek. This and the divisive, protestant qualities of American bias are the apparent origin of the "Pope Finck" title being thrown around by his detractors.

That said, this splintering of Church authority into thousands of mini-popes with their own mini, infighting fiefdoms is a natural and intended consequence of SS and the reformation in general.


† Both protestant and Catholic, after canaanites again took root in Europe, were controlled by the cabal and driven into endless, senseless and tragic brother wars (article). Positive Christianity undoes this and re-establishes our main goal as Christians in preserving our fellow White man and fighting the devil (the canaanite)

Further reading and sources

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