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SAINT MARY IS THE QUEEN OF NN (No Nut). If you want to really achieve gigachad status, you must take Her example and let Her kill demons for you ("incubi" and "succubi" who attack you while you sleep in a state of weakness). Recite, therefore, the latin rosary at least once a day before bed. Important links:



NOTICE: There are still some pagan elements in some KBH articles. We are now trad medieval Roman Catholic / Positive Christians, i.e., late-period St. Adolf / CI sans "sola scriptura" and "septuagint". Read the articles on this site at your own risk.

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5th of 11th month: It appears Donna Trunk is going to take power in 2024, as per our prediction back in the coof years

15th of 10th month, 5993 AM: We reckon the Tribulation started with the fake war in Palestine recently, rather timely in october.
We have a new list of nofap vids (thanks Matty)

26th of 8th month: Above mission statement added. Several Poo articles and influences shoah'ed

4th of 8th month: Our predictions are all coming true. Do you have enough firewood and food for the winter? Your time to get out of the shiddies and plains is long over. The tribulation starts in one year (figuring seven years, that's from September 2023 going to September 2030) and living off-grid takes many years to learn

Currently with Ye exposing yids, there could be a great window of opportunity opening up in America for Adamites to relocate and prepare. It appears as the the cat is already out of the bag (it cannot be re-bagged), and that the honeymoon for American kippahs is waning

Concerning the calendar, it's really very, very simple. The weekdays are exactly the same every year because the 365th day doesn't count, then 364 is divisble by 7. The last week of the year has eight days, but the eighth isn't given a number. This idea of leaving something off the calens (slave schedule) is something impossible to explain to modern-day Adamic man (slaves). Up until recently, most of our People would often go further than just taking a day/days off, and not even give those days a number or a name. We are such slaves today...consider that in Medieval Christendom, in comparison, we worked just three months a year. Even in Rome, two months were left completely off the calendar until the 400's BC, i.e., there were simply no dates used for any time from Jan. to Feb.. It's the lack of this culture, tradition and remembrance which makes it nearly impossible for a modern man to understand how the Biblical calendar works, even if you point him to the myriad scriptural references

Further, this is all so amazingly elegant. In our real calendar, there are similar days for seasons, i.e., season remembrance days, which have no number but count toward the 7-day week cycle. A season has three months of perfectly 30 days, and one day (with no number) to remind our People that we are changing seasons, a day off from work. Do the math: 91 days each season times four seasons, 364 again

5th of 2nd month, 5992 AM ("anno mundi"): Vanderlaan notes that in 1 Enoch LX it states that he had an apocalyptic vision in the year 500, day 14 of month 7. That would be December 2nd, just a couple days off our prediction of September 28th (and the following few days) as nights to watch for our Thief in command, Jesus coming on the satanic sign of the first (visible) horned moon, indicating, for cabalists, Rosh Hashanah, the feast of trumpets, the first of the regnal year. Again this is Yahuah trolling satan, proclaiming He is their king, too. The great question in all this is what is the year 500. Enoch was born in 3348 BC, i.e., 622 AM., so it is not the year since creation, nor Enoch's age.

Could it be that there were 500 years of martyrdom from Jesus' resurrection in 30 AD, that Satan was thrown hence into the bottomless pit for 1000 years (our liberation, the realization of true Christendom, no jooz in our banks etc.) until 1530 AD, the beginning of general massonic/cabalistic control our Christian society, and a renewed period of martyrdom and slavery of Adamic peoples? This slavery would then last for again 500 years until armageddon and the final judgment. Rome was flooded and Florence fell into the hands of the (((black nobility)))/guelfs/jooz/De Medici family in 1530. Just a thought. From Eustace Mullins:

...The most powerful banker of the Renaissance, Cosimo de Medici, leader of the "black nobility" in Italy, the Guelphs, gave the money to found the Accademia Platonic a in Florence during the fifteenth century. With this financial and political support, Neoplatonism won rapid acceptance. In 1486, Pico della Mirandola presented 900 theses on this new philosophy at the Accademia; 72 of these theses were obvious Kabbalist concepts. A noted Hebrew scholar, della Mirandola based much of the philosophy of Neoplatonism on his studies in this field. By his emphasis on a universe, which is centered on man, he is credited with having anticipated the twentieth century philosophy of existentialism. Della Mirandola was succeeded at the Accademia by Johann Reuchlin, who became famous for his development of "Christian cabbalism," that is, a Christian version of the Kabbalah....
The combination of high finance, in the person of the Medici, and Neoplatonism, which offered the possibility of unlimited behavior control, created a situation which was made to order for the Canaanites in their continuing battle against the people of Shem.

BTW The Book of Enoch proves the earth is flat and is six thousand years old

Did Fagsis Bacon edit the KJV?

4th of 2nd month: A 13th century church literally carved into rock from the top down, Ethiopia, with left-swastika windows and six-point stars under the arches...1) I think our first swastikas were "left-facing" (though orientation wasn't seemingly defined yet). TODAY I'd say the left-facing are clearly being used as a chaos symbol, with the right-facing being the opposite, order. As for Solomon's seal, Ethiopian kings were descended from Solomon, bastardized from some point, and continuing up until the 1970's. Of course yids make up some vulgar interpretation of this. Satan copies and bastardizes all he can, and originates nothing. This is what is being done today with Azov, the Order of Nine Angles and Atomwaffen to undermine the true meaning of St. Adolf and our symbols

3rd of 2nd month ("Iyar"): It's the spring planting season. Try not to starve and consider seriously where your assets are. Adolf's birthday just passed, followed by Rome's. Remember in our hearts the greatness of our Saints and civilization...and of what glory is to come after 7th month, 2030 (year 6000). Try to maintain discipline, preferring to talk and associate with other men, even though it is more challenging. Our team's strength will be measured by the number of men

13th of 1st month: The KBH has a new odysee channel. If anyone starts following it we'll add more brilliant content

10th of 1st month: Remember that Easter is on the evening of the 14th ("April 3rd"), and that from the 15th there is the week of unleavened bread. This means we have to remove yeast and things made with yeast out of the house and nearby property for the whole week. My theory is that this "rests" the yeast content of the walls and the house, and helps renew things. Theologically, Jesus is the virgin "unleavened bread". Baking without yeast is easy: just use some baking soda/powder, and don't add salt. Yahshuah/Jesus is our bread of life, the real source of our divine energy

4th of 1st month: Happy 1st Sabbath of the year, brave sirs.

1st of 1st month: Happy 5992! Happy NEW year...not happy joo year

26th of 9th month: A cute vice article on an all-White, religious group in Queensland. It promotes control of lust but not all-out celibacy, is vegan, and could be armageddon-proof if their property were situated on some mountains. Though I wouldn't promote their group (they do nignog charity etc), the hostile coverage by the kippahs was a strong point in their favor

9th of 9th month: The world is shocked as ivermectin is causing a wave of health and cures across grr-lobe, especially Japan! What is it? It kills tapeworm which most typically comes from pigs. To dig deeper into this riddle, let us start with John 1:1: in the beginning was worm ;)

2nd of 8th: New, groundbreaking video of painful mysteries - entirely in Greek! A kind reminder that to study *the Bible* we have no choice but to study the original languages: Hebrew and Greek. Most researchers would do better to study these languages, plus Biblical history, archeology, idioms, metaphors and paralells, than to continue simply reading the KJV (which isn't the Bible. It's a politically-biased, unauthorized translation of a text that is, after 2000 years, for the vast majority of its content, not translatable. This is a decent introduction to arguments against biblical idolatry

30th of 6th month (the day before autumn remembrance day, two days before the first day of biblical/White/Israelite autumn): Never confide in a head shrinker (article by Matty)

21st day of 6th month, 5991: More baal busting: The Case Against the Nuclear Atom pdf download. The paradigm shift: Hιtlεr did not kill Himself! → Armageddon will be a *spiritual* battle, and mostly not a conventional/physical war or survival situation. Important question: who wrote the Bible? (It's a canaanite book, but still quite useful). Read Zohar, the only full English translation (vpn or tor only), the main tome and basis of cabala

11th day of 6th month, 5991: Study common cabala symbols infused in everything that is clown world (video by Tom Horn)

1st day of 6th month: The earliest Bhagavad Gita is from 1492

25th day of the 4th month (Sabbath!): A reminder to all readers that the KBH is traditional Catholic. i.e., the Catholic church's doctrines were apostolic up until the general beginning of (((the enlightenment))) or end of the middle ages. After that point, you have fagmasonry and skype usury generally taking hold, and said skypes returning to many key cities in Europe/Christendom. Another serious turning point was the Rats'-child bank taking over the Vatican bank in 1832, then of course, the final insult, the 1958 assassination of the pope, then of Luciani, resulting in Vatican II. The corruption of our church directly corresponds to White Genocide and Armageddon

22nd day of 4th month: Gnu article below:

Sinaiticus is a Fraud

Bible study is an important part of spiritual life. After chastity and meditation, it is good to bring that inspiration as close as we can to the scriptures - the best we can find, the closest possible to what Yeshuah, Peter and the apostles tried to teach us. No matter how far into clown world we find ourselves, the Bible remains the world's most popular and important book. And no matter how far the canaanites have gone to corrupt these scriptures, the relatively good KJV, which they hate, remains the most trusted. This article will concern the great naked canaanite emperor in the Bible room, the codex on which all their textual corruptions are based, Codex Sinaiticus. What if it was just another jewniversity dogma? [continued...]

16th of month 4: Try our gnu Greek rosary

2nd of month 4: Gnu telegram SCIENCE!! Hate 1.0 channel added. All are welcome to hate swine-enece, the perverted church of Clownworld

Hello my fellow humans

Gnu article on the word "Jew" in the Bible. What are the two terms in two original languages in the real Bible, and what do they mean? Find out!

17th of month 3: The three canaanite stooges of protestantism: the flaming baby fellatio expert, Johann Ruechlin, his nephew, the normie-friendly cabalist Philipp Melanchthon/(((Reuter))), and his twink of 28 years - who did have the the courtesy to give a reach-around, the shabbos goy, Martin Luther. And how about the John "Calvin"/Cohen? Inquiring knights want to know!

Some useful survival info from a man who went through the yugoslav chaos of the 90's

24th of month 1: The story of Father Joseph Gleason's move to Russia. Gleason's dank website (BTW Gleason is also the name of the flat earther who made the map most prized by Uncle Adolf). Moar on the orthodox in Russia.

On "fish love":

"Young man, why are you eating that fish?"

"Because I love fish."

"Oh. You love the fish. That’s why you took it out of the water and killed it and boiled it?"

"Don’t tell me you love the fish. You love yourself, and because the fish tastes good to you, that's why you took it out of the water and killed it and boiled it."

So much of what is called "love" today is actually "fish love". — A young couple "falls in love". A young man and young woman "fall in love". What does that mean? That means that he saw in this woman someone who he felt could provide him with all of his physical and emotional needs, and she saw in this man somebody she felt could provide for her needs. But each person is looking out for their own needs. It’s not love for the other. The other person becomes a vehicle for my gratification.

23rd of month 1: Keep mental discipline, keep out logismoi. Roosh's conversion story. Orthodox prayer guide. Jesus prayer in Greek and Latin: Greek: Κύριε Ἰησοῦ Χριστέ, Υἱέ τοῦ Θεοῦ, ἐλέησόν με τὸν ἁμαρτωλόν (τὴν ἁμαρτωλόν if prayed by a female). Latin: Domine Iesu Christe, Fili Dei, miserere mei, peccatoris. (peccatricis if prayed by a female)

Day 23 of month 11: Czech out another gnu article from Bruder Matty, "On Edjewcation"

8th day of 11th month, 5990: KBH exclusive: the White Israelites Calendar. Superior in simplicity and purity of origin to any other "Enoch", "Yah" or "Qumran" calendar on the internet. See simple, single-image version at right or below

Click to expand / put on desktop. Works for all years

Israelite Calendar Summary

2020-2021 reference calendar here

This is Yahweh's calendar on which our obedience and earthly salvation rests.

27th day of 10th month, 5990: As we've been saying since the cohen-a virus got started: we are headed for armageddon, probably around 2030. Are y'all prepared? Will you be grabbin some popcorn and enjoyin the justice show, or "oy vey"-ing your way to the lake of fire?

Since the above chatroom is practically dead (security requires too stringent conditions), consider the following options for socializing and possibly posse-ing up: the Christogenea chat and the message boards at gamer-uprising. If you feel in line with many or most of the KBH principles ("Bros b4 hoes", "back to the kitchen, biotch", "what are you doing in the oven, cat? You're not a joo"), put "KBH" before your screen name to show solidarity

22nd day of 10th month: We have a new article from Matty, on an old theme: chastity and its importance:

Your soul is receiving energy from the ether all the time. This energy builds up in the lower base chakras. Without proper channelling this crude energy leaks into the conscious mind as compulsion and lust. After a while even a small spark of sin can ignite these psychic fumes into a paroxysm of latent bestial debauchery. Sin will burn you out like a charred wreck until you look like Coomer with fried dopamine receptors along with the vile low-energy vibe of a warped aura. (more...)

27th day of 9th month, 5990 (14.12.2020): Merry Christmas, y'all!

Consider some arguments in favor of Paul. Perhaps much of our previous anti-Paul sentiment was based on certain mistranslations?

What's all this crazy stuff about Elvis, Trump, Kraken/crackin, MIB, Washington, 42, the space needle....?!

1st day of 8th month, 5990: Here is some info and notes I took on the concept that viruses are fictional

6.07.5990 (25.09.2020): Consider the KBH as your next move on the march to clown-world armageddon! In one clean break you can 1) get out of the cities 2) posse-up. Put your name on the list of those who will join the community when a significant number of signatories is reached

We are recruiting founding members of a physical, on-the-ground tribe (whose original virtual founders were: Uncle Jeebers, Brother Catfish and Grits)

20.05.5990: Updated navigation bar to the right for "external links" and "gender". Czech out them gnu linx!

19.05.5990 or 07.09.2020: Is demigod and supreme ruler of academia E. Michael Jones a flat earther? We're at least sure he's a geocentrist (from this brilliant and rare discussion on the sodomite "Isaac Newton"

09.05.5990: Today is sabbath. Celebrating it today is like keeping your God-given beard and not wearing cuckmuzzle/facediaper, i.e. like a symbol of your freedom, independence and decision to be saved. A simple perhaps css, online calendar is in the works

07.05.5990 or 26.07.2020: Enocal beta is closer to 1.0. A calendar we agree with can be downloaded here as a light spreadsheet file

23.07.2020: Enoch calendar summary added to main page. It is necessary for salvation so read it carefully. It is in beta and the articles are being added from the first hyperlink down

Domain transfer is halfway complete, mainly sucessful, so the site is being updated. The KBH will be remaining online until the projected 2030 armageddon year if possible. Get prepared by archiving this site and any/all of its materials before projected tribulation year 2026. Donations, visits and applications for residence are encouraged

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